Overrated Shows On Netflix

The Most Overrated Shows On Netflix

Published 22nd February 2021
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Brits spend an estimated 8 hours and 52 minutes watching Netflix every single week, according to Statista. But how many times have you watched a show that was recommended by literally everyone, only to end up feeling bitterly disappointed and wanting those wasted hours back? 

This got us thinking… which Netflix shows are the most overrated and not worth binge-watching

To find out, we surveyed 3,249 people to identify the top 15 overrated shows on the streaming service, before examining IMDb reviews from each series to reveal the shows described as 'overrated' the most by viewers.

The Results

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What is the most overrated show on Netflix?

1. Ozark

According to our research, the most overrated series of all time is Ozark. The American crime drama has received over 30 Emmy Award nominations, but apparently that isn't enough to change viewers' minds as 39% of reviews described it as ‘overrated’. 

2. Stranger Things

The sci-fi horror series, Stranger Things, claims second place with 36% of reviews on IMDb describing the show as ‘disappointing’ and ‘over-hyped’. In fact, instead of making us hide behind our pillows like a good horror should, it got many of us sobbing into our pillows, according to our Netflix and Feels Index.

3. Money Heist

Coming behind in third place is Money Heist, also known as La Casa de Papel. Despite the Spanish crime drama being the most-watched non-English show worldwide, according to our research, 32% of users still reviewed it as ‘overrated’ on IMDb.

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4. How I Met Your Mother 

How I Met Your Mother claims fourth with 31% of reviews claiming it’s ‘overrated’ on IMDb. With a controversial season 9 finale, it could be the reason why so many viewers were left feeling disappointed at this series finale

5. Black Mirror

Following behind in fifth place is another sci-fi series: Black Mirror. The British series has divided opinions since its debut in 2011 as it covers many controversial topics, leaving the show being described as “over-hyped” by 31.10% of viewers on the platform. 

6. Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation, also known as Parks and Rec, comes in sixth place. The American political satire mockumentary sitcom TV series, created by Greg Daniels and Michael Schur, is branded ‘over-hyped’ in 30% of reviews on IMDb.

7. The Office (US)

Following closely behind in seventh is The Office (US), also created by Greg Daniels and Michael Schur. Although the show is considered one of the best series of all time and “the funniest on the planet”, for some viewers it simply isn't funny enough, with 29% of viewers describing it as ‘overrated’ according to IMDb reviews.

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8. The Crown

In eighth place is the historical drama, The Crown, which shines a spotlight on Queen Elizabeth II's reign. Despite being acclaimed for its sophisticated production and amazing cast, 28% of viewers labelled the show as ‘overrated’ on IMDb, according to our research.

9. Friends

Despite being a big hit in the ‘90s, Friends ranks in ninth. Even though the show is among the TV reunions Brits most want to see, not everyone shares the same feeling as, according to IMDb reviews, 27% of viewers described the show as a 'highly overrated comedy'. 

10. Cobra Kai

Clinching tenth is the martial arts comedy-drama Cobra Kai. Based on the original Karate Kid films, the show doesn't seem to follow the same popularity as the sequels, with 24% of comments on IMDb claiming it’s ‘overrated’. 

11. Community

Community is the 11th most overrated series of all time. Whilst some crew members have expressed interest in doing justice to the “six seasons and a movie” mantra, 21% of IMDb users described the show as 'boring' and 'overrated'.

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12. Peaky Blinders

Our analysis found Peaky Blinders is labelled as ‘overrated’ by 21% of viewers, ranking in 12th place on our list. This comes as a surprise as the show, which follows an urban street gang in Birmingham, won ‘Best Drama Series’ at the BAFTAs and TV Choice Awards. 

13. Breaking Bad

Following closely behind in 13th is Breaking Bad, with 18% of viewers branding this series as ‘overrated’. Despite having little in common apart from being a crime drama, critics constantly compare the two series, hailing Peaky Blinders as the best show since Breaking Bad. Although, according to IMDb reviews, many people disagree with critics! 

14. The Queen’s Gambit 

The Queen's Gambit comes in 14th place - a coming-of-age period drama miniseries, based on Walter Tevis's 1983 novel of the same name, following the story of chess prodigy Beth Harmon. The show became Netflix's most-watched scripted limited series after a record-breaking 62 million people watched the show in the first 28 days of its release. Despite this, the show was described as ‘overrated’ in 16% of IMDb reviews we analysed. 

15. Lucifer

In 15th place is the mystery series, Lucifer, which follows the story of Lucifer (Tom Ellis), a demon, who returns from hell to reside in Los Angeles. Even though many critics praised Ellis’ performance in the series, the show has received mixed reviews since its premiere. Therefore it comes as no surprise that our analysis found that 15% of comments claim the show is ‘overrated’ on IMDb.


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  • Our team at OnBuy surveyed 3,249 people from different nationalities to find the top 15 overrated shows on Netflix.
  • Next, we collected IMDb reviews from each show.
  • A list of 38 words and/or phrases related to ‘overrated’ were collected.
  • The text was analysed by searching for the number of mentions for each of the words in the list. Furthermore, the percentage of reviews with at least one mention from the list and the average number of mentions per review were calculated.
  • Using these findings, it can be assumed that the higher the percentage of reviews with at least one term related to ‘overrated’ is, the more overrated the given show is.

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