Easter Egg Hunts For Adults

Extreme Easter Egg Hunts For Adults

Published 12th March 2021
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Sadly, kids are often the only participants when it comes to exciting Easter egg hunts thanks to the traditional pastel-coloured baskets, fluffy chicks, bunny ear headpieces and chocolate eggs, but why should the excitement of hunting and finding a delicious goodie be reserved for little ones only? With just a few tweaks to the standard scavenger setup, you can create an extreme Easter egg hunt worthy of adult entertainment.

If you prefer a peaceful afternoon tea or a spot of relaxing flower arranging, then we suggest looking away from our list of adults-only Easter activities now! Our scintillating selection of Easter egg hunt ideas for adults includes everything from sending yourself flying down a thrilling DIY slip and slide to swapping those coco-coated treats for something a little more boozy and indulgent. Sound like something you’d enjoy? ‘Hop’ right in to discover even more egg-citing ideas to try this Easter! After all, who said kids have to have all the fun?

outdoor easter

When the weather’s on your side, why not take your Easter activities into the great outdoors instead of gorging yourself on sweet delights in front of the TV? Amusing lawn games like Giant Jenga, Boules, and Quoits make a fantastic and active alternative while allowing you to make the most of the sunny springtime weather. To up the ante or introduce an element of chocolate motivation, you could even create a winner’s jackpot filled with chocolate eggs, biscuits, booze and other Easter goodies. 

Another option to get you into the Easter spirit is to incorporate actual eggs into your outdoor games for adults. Regardless of whether you decide to hard boil them and use them for a good old-fashioned egg and spoon race or test out your delicate catching skills with a game of egg toss, these affordable outdoor games are real crowd pleasers and are sure to bring back plenty of nostalgia for adult players.

To finish off your outdoor extravaganza this Easter, we recommend whipping out the BBQ and cooking up an alfresco Easter feast for everyone to sink their teeth into. In comparison to all of our Easter egg hunt ideas for adults, this suggestion is a real winner when it comes to including substantial adult households in this holiday’s child-orientated festivities.

Swap the choc for an alcoholic alternative

swap choc

While chocolate is the most common Easter delicacy for little ones, adults might prefer an alcoholic tipple instead. Snapping up some travel-sized bottles of your favourite alcoholic beverages means they can be easily hidden throughout your home and garden and might even encourage your flatmates or family to take a more vested interest in your adult Easter egg hunt.

Pairing these alcoholic goodies with some drinking games only adds to the excitement if you want to stretch out your Easter Sunday entertainment. Snap up an assortment of chocolate Easter eggs and use them to tempt and reward your household when they become the victors of beer pong, flip cup, or any other kind of adult or drinking game.

Alternatively, if you’re trying to cut out the naughty and highly-calorific treats this year, then there are plenty more edible Easter surprises that you can fuse with your adult Easter egg hunt. Some healthy and mouth-watering treats include nut mixes, fresh fruit, and even dark chocolate which is high in antioxidants and nutrients.

An egg-xcellent idea for a sunny Easter Sunday

sunny easter

Another Easter idea to consider when the weather looks bright and sunny is a thrilling DIY slip and slide. The perfect way to cool off and welcome the warmer April weather into your life, a DIY slip and slide can be easily constructed using nothing more than a generous amount of folded plastic sheeting, landscape anchor pins (to fix it in place), and a healthy dose of baby soap to ensure optimum sliding. 

To inject an element of Easter into this activity, we suggest placing small, soft easter eggs along the track and challenging participants to grab as many as they can as they make their way along the DIY slip and slide. An extreme and fast-moving version of the typical Easter egg scavenger hunt, this high-action alternative should be reserved for adults only.

If you’re having trouble keeping the Easter goodies in place, we suggest timing the sliding participants and seeing who can slip their way to victory in the speediest time instead. So, why not fish out your swimming cossie from your summer wardrobe and challenge your household to an Easter-inspired slide-off?

Have a smashing time with cascarones!


Upgrade your peaceful adult Easter egg hunt into an action-packed adventure by swapping the chocolate treats for hollowed-out chicken eggs filled with confetti or other Easter-inspired goodies (also referred to as cascarones). Similar to piñatas, they’re ideal for breaking open in a frenzy of excitement during an Easter scavenger hunt and are adored by little ones.

To add an adult spin to this annual activity, we suggest supplying each adult participant with a baseball bat and releasing them into the garden, letting them hunt for the eggs while competing with each other to smash the most colourfully-decorated cascarones! With a bat to aid their hunting, you can even position these cascarones higher up in the branches of trees or more unusual places. 

Plus, if you’re keen to bolster excitement amongst the adult attendees, then why not fill your cascarones with more desirable delights like rings, cash and even travel-sized health and beauty bits? Just remember to ensure every item you place inside the egg isn’t easily damaged when the hollowed-out egg is smashed or cracked!

Get imaginative with our egg-hunting tips for adults

 egg-hunting tips for adults

Looking for a trickier interpretation of the child-friendly Easter egg hunt, but still crave the chocolatey reward? A few ideas for ramping up the traditional scavenger hunt includes camouflaging the eggs, setting a time limit to add extra pressure to proceedings, as well as hiding a range of empty eggs that’ll keep you on your toes and prevent any personal bias when hiding the Easter goodies.

To really test the player’s brains, we recommend using hint anagrams and riddles to lead them to the hidden spots of Easter treasure. Not only will this puzzle-solving approach encourage your adult participants to engage their riddle-cracking abilities, but you could even split your party into teams to add a competitive edge to your adult Easter egg hunt.

Finally, if you need to motivate your household with something non-edible, we propose investing in some lottery tickets! Better than cash, lottery tickets introduce extra excitement for lucky participants. Simply fold each one into an empty plastic egg or cascarón to protect them from the elements and hide in the same manner as the chocolate alternatives.

Remember, preparation is key!

prepare for easter

Preparing an adult Easter egg hunt might require a touch more preparation than the kid’s version, depending on just how challenging and elaborate you want to make it. However, this adult adaptation also gives you an abundance of creative leeway, so you can make your hidden goodies as obvious or as difficult as you like!

With this annual Easter celebration being a little different to past years due to lockdown restrictions, it’s more important than ever to prepare your activities ahead of schedule. A wonderful way to bring a household together, these Easter egg hunt ideas for adults shake up the standard springtime occasion by replacing the traditional chocolate egg hunt with more engaging and thrilling alternatives.

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