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Installing an electric fireplace is easy - and here’s how to do it!

Published 4th November 2022
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Did you know, on average, it costs a whopping £700 to get someone to install an electric fireplace for you? In fact, Checkatrade says it could even cost as much as £1,000! But do you really need to fork out all that money?... (Spoiler: You don’t!)

Installing an electric fireplace is easier than you’d think, and we’ve got all the steps you need to do it yourself. From wall-mounted to inset electric fireplaces, freestanding to portable, whichever one you’ve gone for, here’s everything you need to know to set yours up in minutes!

Collection of hand tools

What tools will I need?

There's nothing more frustrating than getting ready to assemble then realising you don't have the right allen key size or screwdriver! Make sure you're ready to hit the ground running with these tools:

Top tip: Before getting started, quickly plug in your electric fireplace to make sure it’s working properly.

wall mounted electric fireplace

How to install a wall-mounted fireplace

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces do exactly what they say on the tin - they sit on the wall, maximising floor space underneath. They’re a stylish option that adds instant oomph to any room, and while they take a little more effort to install, you don’t need to be a DIY whizz to get the job done!

  • Place the mounting bracket against the wall and mark the holes with a pencil. Use a level to ensure the holes are aligned.
  • Drill the holes, then screw in the mounting bracket.
  • Hang the fireplace on the mounts and check it's securely held.
  • If the fuel bed isn't already installed, remove the front glass panel and add it in, then replace the cover.
  • Plug in the fireplace to the nearest socket and enjoy your new fire (make sure the cable is hanging away from the heat - cable clips can help).
An inset fireplace

How to install an inset electric fireplace

Inset electric fireplaces slot into an existing hearth, giving it a whole new lease of life! They give you the same vibes of the real thing (minus all the mess!) and make the most of your unused space. Plus, they only take a bit of light DIY to install!

Top tip: You might need to get an electrician to install a power outlet if you don't have one close by.

  • Put a cover plate on your fireplace, then close and seal the damper to prevent loss of heat.
  • Check for a nearby power socket. If you don’t have one, it’s a good idea to call an electrician to get this sorted for you.
  • Slide in the electric fireplace and secure it with the attached brackets.
  • Attach the trim or frame that came with your fireplace.
  • Sit back and enjoy!
Small freestanding electric fires

How to install a freestanding or portable electric fire

These are the easiest electric fires to install because you basically don't need to do anything, except put them in the right place! This makes them ideal if you don't want to do any DIY, or if you're renting and can’t make any permanent alterations to your property.

To install a freestanding electric fire:

  • Find the perfect spot! Look for a flat, level surface, close to an existing power socket and well away from any high-pile carpets, rugs or moisture.
  • Attach the base (and any other additions, if yours comes with them).
  • Plug it in, and you’re good to go!

To install a portable electric fire:

  • Follow the exact same instructions as a freestanding fireplace - the only difference with portable is that they’re lighter, smaller and easier to move around!

Looking for a new electric fireplace?

Before you buy, check out our guide on everything you need to know about electric fireplaces. Finding the best fireplace for your home has never been easier!

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