Electronic Pets

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Every kid decides they need a pet at some point in their childhood - why not skip the stress and mess with OnBuy's collection of electronic pets? Our virtual, futuristic pet shop is filled with adorable, snuggly creatures just looking for a new home - see if you can resist picking all of them! Read More >

About Electronic Pets

Sometimes it just isn't practical to have a new pet running around the house: satisfy your little one's pleas for an animal with an electronic pet instead. With one of OnBuy's electronic toy pets, your tot will get all the benefits of a real animal - something to love, cuddle, and play with - minus the mess that comes with it! Oh, and the best bit? They'll only eat batteries! 

Our virtual shelves are bursting with enough electronic pet toys to fill a zoo, so your little ones are guaranteed to find one they'll fall in love with. We've got everything from toy pets (think soft, cuddly cats and dogs) to ultra-futuristic robot pets just waiting for your tot to take them home!

If your child has their heart set on the real deal, explore our range of interactive pets - they respond to being touched by making different sounds, making it feel more like a real animal. We've even got interactive dogs and interactive cats that'll respond to their voice for a truly lifelike feel!