The virtual reality trend is here to stay, with the global VR gaming market expected to be worth $23 billion by 2020.

With the ability to connect people across continents in exciting, immersive experiences, VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality - adding digital elements to a live view, often by the camera on a smartphone; just think Pokemon Go!) are set to be our new reality in the near future.

Currently focusing on sight and sound, the immersive virtual reality experience could soon include touch, smell, and even taste; at last year's Tokyo Game Show, the VAQSO VR - the world's smallest scent-enabling device that can be attached to any VR headset - was unveiled. Impressive!

Virtual reality might look like something from the space age, but it's actually been around for decades.

VR can be traced back to the 1860s, when examples included illusory paintings and theatrical performances. The world's first flight simulator for novice pilots was developed by Edwin Link in the 1920s, and interactive theatre experience The Sensorama was invented in 1957 and patented in 1962.

In 1968, Ivan Sutherland created the Ultimate Display, a head-mounted display attached to a computer that enabled the wearer to enter a virtual world. Today, the installed base of VR headsets is around seven million, set to grow to 37 million by 2020.

Person wearing a VR headset

OnBuy has seen demand for VR games and kit grow as more and more people clamour to experience the virtual world.

Cas Paton, OnBuy's Managing Director, says: "Virtual reality is a vivid, personalised experience that opens up a whole new world to gamers, and connects people across the globe.

"With the rise in popularity of electronics and technology, we expect the demand for VR games to grow throughout 2018, and we're keen to embrace this rapidly-growing trend with a range of products that appeal to the VR market."

"Virtual reality is a vivid, personalised experience that opens up a whole new world to gamers, and connects people across the globe."

Cas Paton, Managing Director, OnBuy

Our four favourite VR products available on OnBuy are:

Stealth VR

1. Stealth VR Pocket Virtual Reality Viewer

A simple, effective VR experience you can take anywhere. Compatible with all smartphones, the viewer has large lenses with side blinkers to block out light.

Eagle Flight PS VR

2. Eagle Flight PS VR

Take a flight through the skies above Paris with the sound of the wind in your ears as you soar past magnificent landmarks. Hone your piloting skills in single player missions, and explore the city to find hidden collectibles in multiplayer.

Samsung Gear VR Oculus

3. Samsung Gear VR Oculus (2017) with controller

Released alongside the Samsung S8 and S8+, this newer design and controller provides a better experience.

PS4 VR Headset

4. Sony PlayStation VR Headset PS4

From the moment you slip on PlayStation VR, you'll be at the centre of the action, living every detail of extraordinary new worlds.

Vieco Coloured VR Headset

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