A City Dreaming

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A City Dreaming
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M is a drifter with a sharp tongue, few scruples, and limited magical ability, who would prefer drinking artisanal beer to involving himself in the politics of the city. Alas, in the infinite nexus of the universe which is New York, trouble is a hard thing to avoid, and now a rivalry between the city's two queens threatens to make the Big Apple go the way of Atlantis. To stop it, M will have to call in every favor, waste every charm, and blow every spell he's ever acquired - he might even have to get out of bed before noon. Enter a world of wall street wolves, slumming scenesters, desperate artists, drug-induced divinities, pocket steam-punk universes, and hipster zombies. Because the city never sleeps, but is always dreaming.
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Details for A City Dreaming
  • 9781473634251 (EAN)
  • 1473634253 (ISBN-10)
  • 9781473634251 (ISBN)
Detailed Product Information:
Book Details
AuthorDaniel Polansky
PublisherHodder & Stoughton General Division
Book TypeHardback
Release Date06/10/2016
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