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Fab Father’s Day Gifts For Every Dad

Published 20th May 2021
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Are you prepared to pamper your dad this Father’s Day? With Sunday, June 20th rapidly approaching, why not ditch the standard box of biccies and a beer this year in favour of a more thoughtful gift instead? Our informative buyer’s guide is chock-full with Father’s Day present ideas that’ll leave a lasting impression on your dad. From the tasty and entertaining to the more practical picks, we explore all kinds of Father’s Day gifts to suit an array of personalities.

What’s the history behind Father’s Day?

history behind Father’s Day

Originally an American celebration that began over 100 years ago in Spokane, Washington, USA, Sonora Smart Dodd was inspired by Mother’s Day to create an annual event to honour fathers, too. The very first Father’s Day in the USA was held on the third Sunday of June in 1910 to publicly honour fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the dad’s overall role in society. Following in the USA’s footsteps, the UK quickly adopted this day of jubilation - the event is now widely celebrated around the globe.

However, some claims suggest that a version of Father’s Day has been celebrated as Saint Joseph's Day across many Catholic countries in Europe since the Middle Ages. Taking place on March 19th each year, this annual event is observed by the Catholic Church, Lutheran Church, and Anglican Churches. As the principal feast day of Saint Joseph, more commonly known as the husband of the Virgin Mary and legal father of Jesus Christ, it’s designed to honour this religious figure and his role in the life of Jesus Christ.

OnBuy’s top ten Father’s Day gifts for every doting dad

dad and son with present

Regardless of how or why you choose to celebrate Father’s Day, picking up the perfect present for your dad is a wonderful way to kick off the day, but is selecting the right gift as easy as it seems? No matter how hectic your life is, setting aside a little bit of time to choose the perfect gift for Father’s Day can make a world of difference to your dad. So, instead of automatically picking up a pack of beer or a box of chocolates, why not put in some thought and opt for a gift that matches his personality?

Below, we explore 10 various Father’s Day presents that are fit for a variety of dads. From adventure-ready kits that’ll delight any outdoorsy dad to premium wireless headphones suitable for fatherly fellas that can’t resist a tempting tune, there’s something for every fantastic father right here. So, if you’re lacking inspiration or need some more Father’s Day present ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Plus, we have a range of creative and caring Father’s Day cards that’ll provide the finishing touch to any thoughtful gifts - you’ll be the favourite child in no time!

For the BBQ King | Outsunny Portable Charcoal Barbecue

Outsunny Portable Charcoal Barbecue

Pros: Portable and compact, heat-resistant up to 400 degrees, ideal for picnics and beach days

Cons: On the more expensive side, only serves around 3-4 people

Delight your dad with this sizzling portable charcoal barbecue that’s perfect for whipping up all kinds of mouth-watering goodies including sausages, kebabs, and the BBQ classic - burgers! Thanks to the convenient, cool-touch handle that’s not only practical but also safe, they can carry this Outsunny creation to the beach with ease. Alternatively, they could also try it out in the park, on a camping trip, or in their own backyard - the options are endless! Regardless of where they choose to use this fantastic BBQ, the compact size makes it perfect for spontaneous, relaxed meals with treasured friends and family members.

However, while the smaller size makes it practical to transport, this limits the size of the grill, meaning it can typically only serve around three to four people. As a result, it’s best reserved for more intimate outdoor evenings. Despite being better suited to smaller social gatherings, it boasts a reassuring heat resistance up to an impressive 400 degrees. Best of all, it’s constructed from sturdy iron which ensures it’s completely hard-wearing and will stand the test of time. To maintain the prime condition, it’s best to store it in a dry, storage area like a shed or a garage once you’ve disposed of any leftover burnt charcoal.

For the musically inclined men | Apple Beats By Dr. Dre Solo3 Wireless Headphones

Apple Beats By Dr. Dre Solo3 Wireless Headphones

Pros: Ergonomic design and cushioning cups, built-in microphone, wireless, 40-hour battery life

Cons: A pricer Father’s Day product, best used with Apple products only

If you’re looking to really treat your fabulous, music-loving father this year, then why not consider opting for this pair of cordless Beats by Dr. Dre headphones? 

Anyone that’s serious about their tunes will adore this pair of wireless headphones that deliver award-winning sound, premium playback, and fine-tuned acoustics using an expert balance of clarity and bass. Plus, even the most inexperienced tech-users will be able to connect their device to the headphones using the straightforward class 1 Bluetooth connection for hassle-free, hands-free audio. Not to mention, they also boast a ‘Fast Fuel’ function, allowing the user to benefit from up to three hours of listening time after just five minutes of charging. Finished with an adjustable fit as well as a bold, streamlined design, any music maven will love popping on these Solo3 headphones.

The only downside is that these impressive wireless headphones are made by Apple and are therefore designed to have the best functionality with their products. So, if you don’t want your dad to miss out on this product’s sought-after features, it’s a good idea to ensure he already owns a compatible Apple iPhone, iPad, or Mac model. Once he’s in possession of a suitable Apple device, he can then enjoy the outstanding 40-hour battery life, comfort-cushioned ear cups, and the handy built-in mic to effortlessly take calls - to name just a few tempting features!

For the outdoorsy dad | Kombat Molle Northern Ireland Patrol Pack - 38L

Kombat Molle Northern Ireland Patrol Pack - 38L

Pros: Ideal for any outdoor activity, huge 38L capacity, inconspicuous camouflage design

Cons: Comes empty - you need to fill it, large capacity can make it heavy to take on long trips

Do you struggle to get your daring dad to spend any extended amount of time indoors? If so, this Kombat Molle Patrol Pack might be just what he needs this Father’s Day! Perfect for anyone that’s fond of camping, hiking, fishing, biking, or practically any other kind of outdoor activity, this durable backpack comes in handy for a variety of adventures. Being made from 1000 denier waterproof cordura, it can be used even in the wet weather to transport his outdoor essentials. It also boasts a generous 38L capacity, so there’s more than enough room for those camping tools or hiking necessities. Not to mention, the camouflage exterior couldn’t be better suited to blending into the wilderness.

If your old man needs some easy-access storage areas, he’ll be able to make use of the two fixed side pockets as well as the two zipper pockets in the lid that provide a secure place to store any car keys, house keys, or mobile phones. To ensure it’s as easy as possible to carry despite the heavy load, it features a padded airflow back to prevent your father from working up too much of a sweat and wider cargo shoulder straps to help spread the weight. Completed by a Velcro front ID panel, he can even add his personal details to the backpack to ensure it’s safe return if it ever becomes lost in the woods!

For the fathers who can’t resist a beach day | SUDOO Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard Kit

SUDOO Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard Kit

Pros: Complete kit comes with everything you need, perfect for portable water sports 

Cons: Paddleboard requires manual inflation, one of our pricier picks

For fathers who love being out on the open water, this stand up paddleboard kit contains everything they require to get them surfing some waves in serious style. That’s right, this SUDOO kit comes complete with an inflatable stand up paddleboard, a paddle, a durable leash, a manual air pump, a storage backpack, three removable travel fins, and even a handy repair kit - just in case the user gets into a spot of bother on the shore! Thanks to the convenient included backpack and inflatable paddleboard, you can be sure that this water sports set will be easy to carry and won’t weigh down your adventurous dad. While the paddleboard does require manual inflation, many users prefer the lightweight design of an inflatable model compared to solid alternatives.

Using pressures of up to 15 PSI, this refreshing white and turquoise paddleboard can be inflated in just 10 minutes. Not to mention, it’s also been thoughtfully designed to ensure it can deflate easily - all your dad will need to do is roll and fold! Even if your father hasn't tried paddleboarding before, this inflatable model features a buffer, a stable linear design, and a square streamline tail for better stability and easy operation, making it ideal for beginners. If you’re looking for the perfect product to really pamper your sun-worshipping dad, then you can’t go wrong with this beach-tastic treat! However, we also have surfboards, skimboards, and bodyboards if a paddleboard isn’t right for your pa.

For the handyman dad | Lumberjack DBS300 300pc Drill Driving Bit Accessory Set

Lumberjack DBS300 300pc Drill Driving Bit Accessory Set

Pros: Can be used for wood, metal, and masonry, generous 300 pieces, attractive price tag

Cons: Needs a suitable cordless drill, may overwhelm or confuse inexperienced DIY-ers

Need some more Father’s Day gift ideas or inspiration for your practical pa? Why not consider this substantial Lumberjack DBS300 300pc Drill Driving Bit Accessory Set? Made all the more attractive by the tempting price tag, this set is the perfect present for any handyman dad looking to indulge in a spot of DIY or home improvement. However, this set is best reserved for fathers who are already in the possession of a compatible cordless drill, so it’s best to check out your dad’s tool box before committing to this practical purchase or a similar product. Indeed, this kit can be used on almost everything from wood and metal to masonry, making it an excellent choice for a variety of jobs both inside your home and out.

With a whopping 300 pieces included in this set, there’s plenty of variety. From screwdriver bits to cupped nail punches and a 58mm magnetic bit holder, your dad won’t be short on his construction options! In addition to this, this Lumberjack kit also contains long-life drill bits that have a HSS titanium coating, ensuring they remain in pristine condition for as long as possible. For even more protection, these drill bits have been carefully sorted and stored in a solid case that not only makes them easy to identify and organise, but also makes sure they can handle all kinds of knocks, scrapes, and accidental drops - bonus!

For the green-fingered guys | Wildlife World For The Love Of Bees Gift Pack

Wildlife World For The Love Of Bees Gift Pack

Pros: Spot on for wildlife-lovers, affordable price tag, comes beautifully packaged ready for gifting

Cons: Bee barn needs to be installed, only suitable if your dad has his own garden

Help your dad to bring back the pollinators to his outdoor space with this lovely For The Love Of Bees gift pack. If he’s passionate about the bees and the birds, he’ll adore this wildlife conservation set as it’s been lovingly created to attract solitary bees as well as other kinds of pollinators and insect species. In particular, it features an adorable-sounding Bee Barn that’s loved by Wildlife World’s fanbase as it offers both shelter and space in various sections for these important little flying insects. Best of all, it’s made from sustainably managed, FSC-certified wood and comes with a recycled second-life plastic frontage that makes it incredibly eco-friendly. Wrapped up in a beautiful gift box, this pack is perfect for anyone that loves watching wildlife bring their backyard to life.

However, this kit requires a little bit of setting up. First and foremost, the Bee Barn needs to be made fit for nesting by introducing some of the included natural nesting hay into the wooden hive’s lower compartment. Typically, bees like to adopt ready-made nests that other animals, like birds, have already been hard at work putting together. Once it’s ready, the nature-loving recipient of this thoughtful gift will need to put it up and maintain it, so it’s ideal for those with plenty of physical mobility and DIY skills - or dads with a handy child that can do it for them! Finished with a pack of flower seeds which will grow into nectar-rich wildflowers for the bees to feed off, your father will be doing his bit to protect and conserve these bright and friendly pollinators.

For the foodie fathers | Stainless Steel Pasta Machine

Stainless Steel Pasta Machine

Pros: Ideal for passionate chefs, affordable, comes with various attachments for different pasta types

Cons: Requires a little bit of cooking know-how, not suitable for impatient fathers

A thoughtful gift for any passionate home cook or budding professional chef, this easy-to-use home pasta machine gives them a chance to make their very own homemade pasta for an authentic taste of Italy. If your dad’s cooking is something to be admired, then this stainless steel creation could be the perfect tool to help him to take his culinary creations to the next level with some irresistible pasta dishes. From spaghetti and linguine to tagliatelle and fettuccine, it comes with various attachments that make creating these different types and thicknesses of delicious pasta effortless. It even includes a table clamp to ensure it remains stable while the user rolls out their beautiful portions of pasta.

However, making pasta can be a lengthy and time-consuming process, so it’s not suitable for cooks that want instant results. Plus, if your dad hasn’t made pasta before, you may want to package this Father’s Day gift up with a suitable cooking book to give them some guidance in the kitchen. Despite this minor hiccup, the stainless steel exterior is easy to clean and maintain for repeated use over the years. Overall, this handy kitchen gadget really is an essential tool for any budding chef that wants to make their own pasta in the comfort of their own home.

For the dads that have everything | The Ultimate Cheese Making Kit

The Ultimate Cheese Making Kit

Pros: Hours of entertainment, perfect for cheese-lovers, a gift everyone can enjoy

Cons: On the expensive side, not ideal for dads who would rather eat the cheese than make it!

Another food-focused product, but with a difference - this pick has an active edge! For the man that has everything, get him something he can do instead! This Ultimate Cheese Making Kit is perfect for dads that are always coming up with cheesy jokes as well as the fellas that can’t resist a scrumptious slice of stilton. Although the price tag is on the higher side, it comes with enough ingredients to make up to 40 batches of delicious cheese (but not all at once!) to keep your pa satisfied for months or even years! Indeed, this kit boasts over a one year shelf life, so the user can savour and spread out their tasty cheese-making experiences.

Ideal for gifting to fathers with only the most refined palettes, there are 10 kinds of cheese in this set just waiting to be whipped up, ranging from the mild to the seriously strong. This includes Mozzarella, Ricotta, Mascarpone, Halloumi, Feta, Scottish Crowdie, Labneh, Goat's Cheese, Queso Blanco, and even Paneer. Topped up with all the ingredients your dad will need for hours of cheese making entertainment, it also comes with three cheese moulds that’ll allow him to make stunning edible centrepieces from his delectable dishes. Though making cheese can be a delicate, difficult, and even time-consuming process, this kit features a helpful recipe book that’ll gently guide any inexperienced cook through their culinary journey.

What about the dad’s that don’t want anything?

happy dads

The difficult dads! If you’ve ever tried to get some gift inspiration directly from your father and you’ve been met with the old ‘I don’t need (or want) anything’ reply, then you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about! For the father’s that don’t want to make a fuss, we suggest opting for a more casual option. This could take the form of creating a cosy homemade meal with some kitchen gadgets to surprise them after work or simply going for a relaxing walk together. Sometimes, spending quality time with your dad can be a better (and more valuable!) gift than anything you could buy!

Alternatively, you could try treating them to something as simple as a gift card, so they can snap up a little something for themselves when it suits them. Many dads love having practical presents and a gift card gives them the freedom to pick up products when they need them. Having covered every kind of dad you could possibly have in our comprehensive gift guide, we hope you’ve found the perfect present to show them just how much you appreciate them this Father’s Day!

Please note: The information in this buyer’s guide is correct at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.

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