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Fish Food

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Replicating the varied diet your fish would enjoy in the wild is key to keeping them healthy, happy and full of life. Showcasing a fabulous menu of fish-friendly foods from an array of bestselling brands, OnBuy's collection is not to be missed. Read More >

About Fish Food

Like any pets, fish need the right diet that’ll ensure that they grow properly and fight off any illnesses or disease. The type of food you choose for your aquatic friends will depend on their species, as not all fish like to eat their food at the same level in the tank. Luckily, OnBuy has a varied selection of fish food for sale - dive in! 

Cold water fish food

Here on OnBuy, you’ll find all the ingredients to ensure you're providing your fish friends with a well-balanced feeding regime. A cold water fish’s diet usually includes:

  • Algae and plants - A great source of fibre, fish will naturally eat algae and nibble bits of plants from the tank
  • Flake food - OnBuy offers a range of cold water fish flake food to provide your pet with an all-important source of protein - vital for healthy growth
  • Frozen food - Find plenty of cold water fish frozen food for added protein, including shrimp, daphnia, worms, and mosquito larvae
  • Pellet food - An effective way to complement a flake food diet, cold water fish pellet food produces little waste, so will not contribute to water pollution

So, whether you choose flakes, pellets or cold water fish food granules, your fish will be happy, healthy and more vibrant than ever, thanks to OnBuy's bestselling collection.

Tropical fish food

OnBuy's range of tropical fish tank food is packed with sea-riously delicious nibbles suited to a variety of species that they're sure to love.

Surface feeding fish with up-turned mouths (think hatchetfish or gouramies) will require tropical fish flakes, whereas the mid-level feeders with forward-facing mouths, like barbs and tetras, will prefer tropical fish food granules that sink slowly, giving them a chance to gobble it up. What about the bottom feeders? They need heavy food that'll whizz straight past the other fish, so opt for tropical fish food tablets - the bigger the better!

Who said you can't spoil your fish? Our collection of tropical fish food treats is packed with goodies to do just that; why not opt for a treat in tablet form that’ll stick to the glass of your aquarium and create a feeding frenzy like no other? May the fastest fish win...

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