Aquarium Decorations & Fish Tank Ornaments

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Fish tank looking a little basic? Add a splash of style (we couldn't resist!), courtesy of OnBuy's collection of aquarium decorations and fish tank ornaments. From classic corals to quirky skulls, discover a huge range of aquarium add-ons that'll bring you one step closer to your dream set-up. Read More >

About Aquarium Decorations & Fish Tank Ornaments

Lets face it, one of the most fun things about having fish is decorating the tank! We've rounded up a fantastic selection of fish tank ornaments and décor that'll help you create an appealing home for your fish, while providing a stunning focal point for your room. 

Whether you're going for a sleek, stylish set-up with nothing but the basics (like a couple of our tasteful aquarium plants!) or you're after a colourful tank filled with curios, our selection of fish tank decorations has you covered. 

If you're dreaming of a pared-back tank that'll let your gorgeous fish take centre stage, you'll love our fake fish tank coral; the muted colours on offer will instantly lift the look without overshadowing your aquatic friends. Why not pair with a smattering of background aquarium plants?

Create a truly out-there look with our collection of novelty fish tank decorations. Doubling up as a hiding spot for your fish when they feel stressed, discover fish tank castles and buildings and an array of the ever-popular fish tank ship ornaments that'll add excitement to the tank.