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Fish Tank Plants

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Not only are plants a fabulous way to give your fish tank a splash of style, they help your aquatic friends to feel more at home, providing a safe space for when they need it most. OnBuy’s collection offers a plethora of unique options that are bound to leave you spoilt for choice - be-leaf us! Read More >
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About Fish Tank Plants

Aquarium plants enhance the look of your tank, adding colour, style and life. Live aquarium plants also act as a natural filtration tool, by absorbing nutrients that are toxic to fish - therefore creating a cleaner, healthier environment for your fish.

OnBuy offers a variety of foreground aquarium plants that’ll get your fish tank off to a wonderful start. Many foreground plants will form a carpet and cover your substrate - but do make sure they get enough circulation, light and CO2 to thrive.

We also have a great range of mid-ground aquarium plants; these are suitable for placing around rocks and wood because they grow to a height that isn't too dominating. Traditionally mid-ground plants are not fast growers, although some species may surprise you if given the right conditions!

Finally, our selection of background aquarium plants are great at filling larger sections at the back of your tank. They also come in handy when covering ugly pieces of equipment such as heaters or filters.

OnBuy’s collection also offers a range of artificial aquarium plants in an array of shapes, sizes and colours. Paired with coloured aquarium gravel and the right LED lighting, these will lend your fish tank a seriously stylish finish - without the fuss of having to cut and maintain them!