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Deliver to: Mainland UK

Standard (Free): Mon 19th - Wed 21st Apr

Sold by: Square Deal Parts

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Here's why you'll love OnBuy

  • We're trusted - with over 28,000 Trustpilot reviews and an 'Excellent' rating
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Codes 5030017066329 (EAN)
Rank #191 Hob, Oven & Cooker Parts & Accessories

This item has an MPN to help people identify it from the many other products in their range. To be precise, it’s GSK6089. Currently sitting at 191 place in our best selling home appliances, Fits bosch neff siemens tecnik main oven cooker ruuber can be explored inside OnBuy’s vast Hob, Oven & Cooker Parts & Accessories category.

Fits bosch neff siemens tecnik main oven cooker ruuber

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Order this handy product from Square Deal Parts, one of our many credible sellers. OnBuy's top seller has listed a a catalogue of 1755 items on OnBuy, and has been given a seller feedback score of 4.5 stars. Listing 1755 various items, this seller's goods can be effortlessly located within OnBuy's Hob, Oven & Cooker Parts & Accessories category. To discover this specific home appliance and an array of other picks, look at OnBuy’s Hob, Oven & Cooker Parts & Accessories department.

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The price is £17.99 to get your hands on this appliance. Why delay? Grab it now to avoid disappointment! This nifty home appliance went live on our platform on 24/09/2020 and has changed its price 5 times. See the price chart for more information. Don't wait! The remaining inventory level of this practical appliance is at 9. You'll be excited to learn that this listing is priced fairly at £17.99. Our team believe this is the case because similar items in the Hob, Oven & Cooker Parts & Accessories section are priced between £2.44 and £1,046.10.

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Price history - lowest £17.99 (13/04/2021)

Product price history A line chart showing the price history for FITS BOSCH NEFF SIEMENS TECNIK MAIN OVEN COOKER RUUBER DOOR SEAL GASKET. £17.99 - 24/09/2020 £17.99 - 03/01/2021 £17.99 - 28/02/2021 £17.99 - 13/04/2021 1/10/2020 1/11/2020 1/12/2020 1/01/2021 1/02/2021 1/03/2021 1/04/2021 £18.00 £17.90 £17.80 £17.70 £17.60 £17.50
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