Saflax Gift Set - Giant Bat Flower White - Tacca Nevia White - 10 Seeds - with Gift Box, Card, Label and Potting Substrate

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  • The biggest ?Batman-Flower? from the rainforest in Nepal
  • Fresh seeds from recent harvest
  • 10 seeds per packet
  • With detailed instructions for successful potting
  • The Bat Flower has its natural habitat in the tropical and subtropical South East Asia. There, it grows in forests, vall


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SAFLAX Gift Set - Giant Bat Flower White - Tacca nevia white - 10 seeds - With gift box, card, label and potting substrate

The biggest ?Batman-Flower? from the rainforest in Nepal

Mail a growing gift to a friend. Coming with the seeds you chose, a little box (17 x 12 x 2 cm) ready to mail, sticker to label the box, greeting card for your personal notes and germfree and permeable potting substrate based on coconut fiber (dried block) in a stand-up bag. This way your friend will be ready to start right away when your gift arrives.

The Tacca nevia from the rainforest in Nepal tops all other Tacca-species in size and pomp of its bat-like flowers and the long beard hair-like filaments. The perennial Bat Flower is also known as Devil or Demon Flower. The plant grows spathaceous bracts with up to 40 cm long beard hairs that make it look like a bat. The blossoms are seated in the middle of the bracts on stalks with different length. Every plant can produce up to three odourless flowers that bloom for a couple of weeks.

Natural Location: The Bat Flower has its natural habitat in the tropical and subtropical South East Asia. There, it grows in forests, valleys and alongside riverbeds in heights of 200 to 1300 meters. However, the species Tacca nevia only grows in Nepal.

Cultivation: Seed propagation indoors is possible throughout the year. To increase the germinability, you can place the seeds for about 24 hours in warm water for priming. Then, spread the seeds onto moist potting compost, put just a little compost earth on top and cover the seed container with clear film to prevent the earth from drying out. Don't forget to make some holes in the clear film and take it every second or third day completely off for about 2 hours. That way you avoid mold formation on your potting compost. Place the seed container somewhere bright and warm with a temperature around 25° Celsius and keep the earth moist, but not wet. It can take up to three months until germination.

Place: Even though the Giant Bat Flower is a tropical plant, it prefers a half-shaded place with less draught, but high temperatures since its natural habitat is the rainforest. During summer it can also be kept outdoors in wind-protected, warm and half-shaded spot. Initially the plant grows rather slow.

Care: For cultivating a Bat Flower, you can use ordinary flower soil mixed with some peat or garden mould for a better water storage. Don't plant too deep, a small part of the root should always remain above ground. The Giant Bat Flower grows at all temperatures above 17° Celsius. Since it is used to high humidity in its natural habitat, you should spray the plant regularly with lime-deficient water. The Tacca nevia also needs plenty of water. Since your plant is rather sensitive to waterlogging, you should probably create a drainage layer at the bottom of the pot with expanded clay, and avoid excess water standing in the saucer. You may also slightly water the leaf axils to stimulate the flower formation. During the growth period you should also give fertilizer for tub plants every two weeks. After blossoming you may cut the inflorescences. Matured plants can be multiplied through rhizome cuttings in spring.

During Winter: The Giant Bat Flower needs a minimum temperature of 15° Celsius for hibernation. Water the plant only modest, so that the roots are not drying out. In case it is kept too dry, it will still sprout from the rhizomes next spring.

Bonsai ability: No

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