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How To Choose The Best Fridge Freezer For Your Home

Published 9th July 2021
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Has your current fridge freezer frozen its last fish finger? Or maybe your outdated kitchen is due a complete revamp? Whatever your reason for snapping up a new fridge freezer, we’re here to help you discover the perfect appliance for your home. From freestanding and frost-free models to huge American-style units that can help keep large families fed, we’ve got all your food storage requirements covered!

Before we dive straight into some of the top styles and models, it’s important to consider what the key features are so we can help point you in the right direction. Indeed, if you’re not sure which style of fridge freezer is best for your kitchen, it’s worth considering crucial factors like the energy rating, capacity, and noise level to help guide your decision.

What do I need to look out for in my new fridge freezer?

fridge freezer features

Installation - First and foremost, you’ll need to choose between a freestanding fridge freezer or an integrated option. If you’re looking to replace your current freestanding fridge freezer, you’ll probably want to replace it with something similar that’ll slot into the same space. However, if you’re in the midst of a kitchen or full home renovation and want to achieve a smart finish to your new layout, an integrated fridge freezer might be a more attractive option. Integrated fridge freezers are simply hidden inside a cupboard so they blend into your kitchen décor.

Capacity - When it comes to capacity, picking the perfect fridge freezer requires more thought than simply buying a bigger model to suit a bigger family. You also need to consider your food storage requirements as fridge freezers come with both a chilled compartment and a freezer section. For example, do you need more freezer space for storing pre-made family meals or do you prefer to cook with fresh ingredients every night? 

Energy rating - If you’ve shopped around for a variety of kitchen appliances, you’ll have noticed that they all have an energy rating to highlight how energy efficient it is. These range from A+++ (simply the best!) to G (think energy-guzzling pit that will leave your bills bigger than the fridge itself!). However, it’s worth bearing in mind that a new rating system for 2021 has recently been introduced, meaning some appliances that used to be rated A+ could now be rated as low as E, F, or G. If you’re conscious about your carbon footprint, or even just your bills, opting for a fridge freezer rated A for energy efficiency or above is recommended.

Noise level - Tired of your current fridge freezer’s constant hum? In general, the noise level of these essential kitchen appliances range between 32 to 47 decibels. If a fridge freezer boasts a noise level of 40 dB or lower, then it’s often referred to as a quiet model - creating a level of noise that’s similar to a quiet workspace. If your kitchen is positioned near to your living room or you’re searching for a fridge freezer for a studio flat, then snapping up a more silent fridge freezer is the safer bet and less likely to cause disturbance while you’re trying to chill out.

Now you’ve figured out which aspects of a fridge freezer are important for your family, you can whittle down your options and pay attention to the exterior appearance. With a wide range of finishes to explore, you can choose between bright white, sleek silver, and statement black fridge freezers to complement your kitchen décor. Plus, there are even some bolder, more colourful fridge freezers out there from the likes of Smeg and Swan if you really want to push interior design boundaries.

Which fridge freezer is best for your kitchen?

which fridge freezer

To avoid the tedium of trawling through an endless list of products, we’ve done the hard work for you! We’ve picked out something for everyone from the most practical and popular fridge freezers on OnBuy, whether you’re short on space, cash, or just want something stylish.

The best American-style fridge freezer | Samsung RS3000 RS50N3513SA Silver American Fridge Freezer

samsung rs3000 fridge freezer

Pros: Generous 501L capacity, water/ice dispenser, contemporary silver exterior, built-in wine rack

Cons: Rated F for energy efficiency, on the more expensive side

Like laughter-track sitcoms and Big Macs, American-style fridge freezers have made the trip across the pond and become a British staple thanks to their style and super-sized capacity. Indeed, this impressive fridge freezer boasts a mammoth 501L capacity - enough storage for around 26 bags of shopping! It also comes with the bells and whistles included, like a built-in water and ice dispenser, as well as a convenient wine rack, so you’ll always be ready for weekend guests and when you need to recover from a long and stressful Monday! Completed by a modern metallic graphite exterior, you won’t be able to resist opening up this double-doored delight.

Created by Samsung, it's positively packed with user-friendly tech to make both resetting the ice filter and adjusting the temperature of the refrigerator effortless. Not to mention, it also boasts all-around cooling technology that ensures air is evenly circulated throughout the refrigerator to keep your groceries fresh for longer. The only downside to this sought-after fridge freezer is the premium price tag and the F energy rating. However, as many fridges have a lifespan of around 10 years, you shouldn’t have to splash out for another decade if you do decide to opt for this stunning American-style fridge freezer.

The best integrated fridge freezer | Beko BCSD150 White Integrated 50/50 Fridge Freezer

beko bcsd150 fridge freezer white

Pros: Integrated finish, wine rack, adjustable shelving, equal 50/50 divide, reversible door hinges

Cons: Noise emission class C, freezer requires manual defrosting

Searching for an inconspicuous yet fully functional fridge freezer? Look no further than this Beko 50/50 fridge freezer that can be fully integrated into your kitchen to create a sleek and hidden appearance. Ideal if you plan on revamping your kitchen, this bright white integrated fridge freezer comes complete with a sliding hinge that allows you to connect it to your kitchen units with ease. Plus, the reversible door hinges also give you more freedom when it comes to redesigning your kitchen layout.

Like the Samsung, this model also comes packed with extra features such as a chrome wire wine rack, adjustable shelving, water dispenser, and a heap of useful technology. Alongside the substantial 265L of space (which can accommodate a considerable 14 bags of groceries), you’ll also benefit from the antibacterial protection that comes from a special coating and door seal. However, it’s worth noting that this Beko integrated fridge freezer doesn’t come with frost-fighting technology, so it’ll require regular manual defrosting and maintenance to keep it in great condition.

The best retro fridge freezer | Montpellier Pastel Blue Retro Under-counter Fridge Freezer

retro fridge freezer

Pros: Ideal for singletons, retro style, compact under counter design, bold pastel blue exterior

Cons: Limited storage capacity, very small freezer compartment, F energy efficiency rating

Are you left feeling uninspired by row after row of bland fridge freezers? Why not mix things up and inject some personality into your kitchen with this pastel blue under-counter fridge freezer from Montpellier? Designed to slot neatly under most countertops, the retro style and compact size of this fridge freezer is great for singletons who live in unfurnished single-occupancy properties. After all, under-counter fridges are easier to transport and take up much less space. Plus, they can even be conveniently fitted in bedroom areas in shared households to avoid anyone stealing your midnight snacks! 

However, whether you’ll like this freezer really comes down to your priorities; while it’s incredibly stylish, it’s environmental credentials are not the best. It’s rated just F for energy efficiency and is limited in terms of storage capacity - especially when you take a look at the relatively tiny freezer compartment. That being said, it does come in at the cheaper end of the price range, and is one of the most popular fridge freezers amongst OnBuy customers.

The best frost-free fridge freezer | Hisense RB327N4WB1 Black 50/50 Frost-Free Fridge Freezer

hisense fridge freezer black

Pros: Equal 50/50 split, built-in water dispenser, affordable price, 251L capacity, frost-free

Cons: Black exterior may make modest kitchens appear even smaller, energy efficiency rating F

This freestanding fridge freezer boasts excellent frost-free technology to give you more time to enjoy cooking in your kitchen, rather than carving out the ice! By circulating cold air throughout the compartment with its ‘Total No Frost’ technology, pesky ice build-up is stopped in its tracks. This affordable freestanding creation from Hisense also features an equal 50/50 split, so you needn’t favour one compartment over the other.

Fit for small families and shared households alike, it has an overall capacity of 251L, as well as a built-in and easy to use non-plumbed water dispenser. Finished with handy reversible doors, it can be easily adjusted to suit the layout and dimensions of your kitchen. However, it has been given an F energy efficiency rating and a relatively uninspiring plain black exterior which may encourage you to opt for something a little more colourful - or turn to the fridge magnets to make it look unique!

The best budget fridge freezer | Fridgemaster MTM48120F White 80/20 Fridge Freezer

fridgemaster mtm white fridge freezer

Pros: Fantastic affordable price tag, adjustable shelves

Cons: Limited 120L capacity, requires manual defrosting, 80/20 split in favour of refrigerator

Although not as well-known as the likes of Beko, LG, and Samsung, Fridgemaster still delivers quality fridge freezers at incredibly affordable prices. While they may not come with all the bells and whistles that more high-tech models boast, they’re great for couples kitting out their first home together on a budget. However, it’s split 80/20 in favour of the refrigerator and there’s only 120L overall, so shopping little and often may be the way forward.

It also requires regular manual defrosting, so it’s worth considering how much time and energy you can dedicate to keeping your fridge freezer in prime condition. Despite the limited storage capacity and the lack of frost protection, it does offer plenty of food storage flexibility thanks to the adjustable shelving that lets you alter your fridge layout to suit your personal preferences. Plus, the generous fridge section is sought-after by many households that like to host parties and big family gatherings - as it ensures every drink is refreshingly chilled and ready for your guests!

Searching for more kitchen storage inspiration?

kitchen storage

So now you’ve got an idea what you need in a new fridge freezer, and some great models to help you make up your mind, it’s time to load up on that fresh fruit and veg (or more like cans and cartons of ice cream!). However, if you did want to do a bit more digging, we’ve got many more great fridge freezers for you to discover right here at OnBuy.

In addition, we also boast a substantial selection of wine fridges, mini fridges, refrigerators, and freezers to ensure there’s always a suitable place to store your chilled or frozen goodies. Whichever cooling appliance is right for your kitchen, you can be sure we have it! From fridge freezers that are chock-full of tech to compact under-counter fridge freezers that fit into the smallest of spaces, you won’t be short on options.

So, if your fridge freezer is struggling to keep its cool, take the stress out of finding a new one and take a look at our great range!

The information in this buyer’s guide is correct at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.

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