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Simple Yet Spectacular Home Renovation Hacks That Won't Break The Bank

Published 7th July 2021
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Feel like your home is in need of some Summer Lovin’  but don’t want to put in a huge amount of elbow Grease? Cheesy puns aside, we’ve all spent a lot of time indoors in recent months and would all probably welcome a chance to freshen up our homes! Thankfully, we’ve got some super easy home renovation ideas that won’t take a lot of effort to implement and will be kind on your bank balance.

It can be as easy as a new decorative ornament that casts the room in a new light, metaphorically, or a new lamp to cast the room in a new light, literally! You could also try upcycling furniture, introducing a bedroom feature wall, or even add a lick of paint to give your home a new look. Whatever needs sprucing up, we’ve got you everything you’ll need to feel fantastic about your furnishings, so let head straight into our home renovations hacks!

In with the old…

vintage decorations

A lot of new homes are often given a clean and modern décor - especially if you’re part of the ever-growing number of people renting. Adding a statement piece of vintage decoration can be a simple method of bringing character into a room in a unique way. There’s an infinite number of options here, and if you stick to a colour palette, you can easily add a bit of flair without much expense. We particularly love this Vintage Black French Wall Clock from Something Different.

If you want to save a bit of money and help save the planet, you could always consider upcycling furniture. It’s budget-friendly, saves a trip down the tip, and means you can make your mark on a pre-loved piece of furniture in the process. If you’re feeling creative, take a look at our craft equipment and have at it!

However, upcycling has become so popular that it’s become more than a pastime - you can now buy the finished product on OnBuy from sellers like Verty Furniture. If you want more ideas on upcycling furniture, take a look at this video showing how you can easily turn a bog-standard set of drawers into something spectacular.

Fake it ‘til you make it

classy wallpaper

Always adored the Manhattan loft-style bare brick walls that appear on American TV shows? First, who can really afford that? And second, it just seems impractical - think about how much you’d have to spend on heating to keep that place warm! Fortunately, there’s a range of wallpaper options that can give you that look without the cost.

Looking to replicate that charming library chic but simply don’t have the space for a cumbersome bookshelf or the additional funds to fill it out with a mass of literary classics? Bookshelf wallpapers like this will make a show-stopping feature wall in your bedroom, living room, or study, creating an eye-catching illusion that offers all the benefits of owning your own library without ever encroaching on your precious floor space. 

Of course, feature walls - also known as accent walls - can be as simple as introducing a bold new colour. If you wanted to be a bit adventurous, you could even turn your hand to some simple DIY, like hanging up some photo frames or wall decorations to support your theme. Whatever you choose, feature walls are a great way to leave a mark on your home and freshen up your look without renovating the entire house!

LED us show you some easy home improvements

purple led lighting

Turning to LED lighting has got to be one of our easiest and most effective home renovation ideas; they can be used in an infinite variety of ways to suit the mood and create character at the flick of a switch. Options include colourful LED bulbs that simply replace your regular lights, or LED strips that can highlight features and areas of your home in a warming glow.

The latter can easily be installed around furniture, cabinets, or electricals. They typically come with a sticky side that makes installation a breeze, and their malleable design makes them fabulously flexible. Can’t wait for a magical movie night? A dark blue will set an atmospheric mood to help feel entirely absorbed in the action. Want a more relaxed vibe? Try a pale yellow or violet to set the mood. The options are endless, as this video shows.

And you’re not just limited to the lounge. Why not add a touch of class and make your home feel like a hotel by adding coloured lighting to the bathroom and bedroom? This works especially well around mirrors, underneath cabinets, or around the base of your bed. No need to worry about your electric bills either, as LEDs are an amazingly energy efficient way of lighting your home.

Fabric is your friend

cushions on yellow sofa

Another easy way to improve your home is to freshen up your furniture with bold throws and scatter cushions. These accessories are a much cheaper way of turning a bland sofa that you can’t afford to replace into something much more exciting, stylish, and even more comfortable! 

Soft furnishings offer a flexible way to spruce up your space, and can make a huge impact with very little effort. You could create a cohesive look by running an accent colour through your cushions and ornaments, brighten up a dark space with light or vibrant throws, or even change the design by seasons (think burnt orange for autumn, red and gold for winter, pastels for spring, and bold colours for summer). Oh, and don’t be afraid of combining complementary patterns and textures together, either! Maximalism is back with a bang this year, and we can’t get enough of graphic prints, florals, and patterns.

Looking for something with a little more personality? Show off your passions with pride and choose designs from your favourite TV or film franchises. If you want to bring a little piece of Westeros into your home, Game of Thrones cushions are perfect for you, whether you consider yourself to be a true Targaryan or your allegiances belong to House Lannister. If that’s not your thing, you can find other cult classics like Star Wars, Harry Potter, and DC Comics right here at OnBuy - the possibilities are truly endless!

It’s time to make your mark!

couple making changes to home decor

Now you’ve got some home improvement ideas to help freshen up your interior, it’s time to get to work! The beauty of many of these ideas is that they’re as simple as ordering, unboxing, and placing in your chosen room. Yes, it’s really that simple to spruce up your space!

And while those creative juices are flowing, why not get some inspiration for improving your garden, too? We’ve taken a look at the current trends to help you get your home ready for summer guests, like creating a backyard beer garden and getting ready for some garden glamping, as well as making sure your home is secure with the latest technology from OnBuy.

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at our range of home improvement options today!

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