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Transform your plain models and miniatures into ultra-realistic creations and take your next game session up a level - you'll find everything you need to make fantasy feel like reality right here at OnBuy. Read More >

About Wargames, Tabletop & Miniature Gaming

Whether you prefer to lose yourself in classic wargames, while away the hours with miniature games, or compete against your friends with a tabletop game - we've got the ultimate collection of supplies to help you create the perfect looking model figures and miniatures for your games. Gone are the days of using chits, find everything you need to bring your figures and miniatures to life here; from primers and thinners to paints and modelling putty. 

Set up the ultimate battle with our range of wargame paints. Whether you're looking to replicate an event from the past or create your own, we've got everything you need to make it feel realistic. Create life-like people with our collection of skin colour model paints - and check out our selection of military model paints to create accurate uniforms and vehicles. We've got plenty of paints and supplies for creating realistic looking tanks and planes to finish off your set-up - and camouflage paints to make sure the enemies can't find you! 

And where would a good game be without the scenery and terrain to set the scene? We have a huge range of model scenery paints that'll help you craft everything from bushes to trees, even down to the tiniest details like moss! Browse our selection of model terrain paints to create the perfect landscape - find the colours and textures you'll need to set your games by the seaside, or in forests and mountains. Don't forget to check out our great collection of model paintbrushes to help you paint with precision and get the best results - game on!