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The Best PC Gaming Chairs For 2021

Published 6th April 2021
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Calling all gaming fanatics - it’s time to take your eyes off the latest tech and focus on the real component that can help you level up online… your chair! Yes, forget graphics cards, processors and monitors for a moment, this is the ultimate piece of gaming gear you really weren’t expecting. 

Nowadays, with many studies linking back problems to hours of permanent sitting, it has never been more important for serious gamers to invest in an ergonomic pew (this blog shows you how gaming chairs can help stop back pain). After all, if you’re likely to stay seated for longer periods of time, not just any standard office chair will do. 

Though they may look expensive, you certainly won’t need to spend a fortune on this accessory, especially if you’ve already spent money on a headset, gaming PC and keyboard. In this helpful guide, we’ll explore some of the best PC gaming chairs for 2021, and reflect on what makes them unique to other similar products on offer. 

Whether you’re looking for a gift or shopping for yourself, we’ve whittled down our top six most valuable chairs to suit every player and budget, so you’ll never have to worry about comfort or poor performance again. Read on to discover their benefits and prepare to take your gaming to the next level!

What makes gaming chairs unique?

gaming chairs unique

At first glance, gaming chairs don’t look all that different from their office and dining alternatives. They’re typically pretty large, with armrests and swivelling castors that allow you to spin and roll freely. They also tend to be accommodating, with added backrests and lumbar cushioning for extra support of the head and neck. 

At first glance, they may seem similar to an executive office chair, but there are four main ways in which they differ.

Colour: The design and style of gaming chairs are often very eye-catching. Where most office substitutes exhibit dark and understated tones with traditional seat designs, gaming options are usually available in a wealth of vibrant colours, with unusual patterns, shapes and themes printed all over the material and structure. In other words, even if the chair itself is mostly plain, there are likely to be plenty of striking accents to make it stand out. Some are even branded with superhero or e-sports-based motifs, which can really make a statement wherever your gaming station may be. 

Adjustability: Gaming chairs are often very adaptable pieces of furniture. Most models feature changeable height and tilt options, as well as armrest adjustments that can pivot, slide, and easily slip up and down. Some even contain cupholders, a nod to their racing car simulator inspiration.

Recline: Unlike office chairs, which generally have limited flexibility, gaming chairs can often fully recline with the pull of a simple lever. This can be a super handy attribute if you’re a fan of mid-session naps or prefer to feel more grounded when immersed in the virtual world. 

Price: All these convenient characteristics make for an extremely comfortable and versatile pew, which can be used for more than just gaming purposes around your home. Unfortunately however, they also warrant a heftier price tag, with some higher-end models costing as much as £700! Of course, if you're going to spend a long time in your chair, it’s worth investing in a good one - your back will certainly thank you, even if your bank balance won’t!

What should I consider before buying a PC gaming chair?

what to consider

Ultimately, personal preference plays a massive part in choosing your gaming companion. As we’ve seen above, they usually stick to a strict set of principles in terms of structure, design and functionality, so can easily blend into one when it comes to online browsing. 

If your search has felt like a minefield so far, we’re here to help. Below is a list of some common features a PC gaming chair might showcase to help you establish which qualities are most important to you. Determine which attributes are best suited to your needs, and we can take it from there.

System Compatibility: Before considering anything else, it’s worth ensuring that your chair is compatible with your gaming system (or systems) of choice. While most can connect to multiple platforms and adapt to various methods of gaming (whether on Xbox, PC, or PlayStation), some are very limited in terms of functionality. For instance, a specially designed racer chair may not be best suited to computer games, and vice versa. 

Size: This is a big one (no pun intended!). You’ll want to make sure that any purchase can comfortably fit in your gaming space, especially if high armrests are a no-go for your lower or narrower desk. Similarly, most chairs come with height and weight requirements (much like the rides at a theme park), so be sure to double-check these before making your final decision. 

Comfort: If your gaming tends to involve hours of sitting, you should make sure that your chair has ergonomic features to help keep you comfortable. These may include pressurised lumbar supports, mesh sliding, adjustable neck rests, and the ability to tilt backwards. Not only will these additions make your gaming experience more enjoyable, they’ll also prevent future injury and spinal pain.

Bonus Features: Depending on the parameters of your preferred games, it might be worth considering the extra features that can truly give you the edge online. Some gaming chairs come with Bluetooth inputs, surround sound, and even vibration capabilities, all of which can be great for the more action-packed and immersive computer games. 

Material: Gaming chairs should be made of sturdy and robust materials, ensuring their longevity and durability for the future. They are usually constructed from either leather or fabric, both of which have several benefits. PU leather (or faux leather) chairs are perfect for players who like to snack, as it’s unlikely the frame will stain. It’s an incredibly hard-wearing and breathable material that can truly last for decades, so you won’t have to worry about investing a new one a few years down the line. Fabric chairs, on the other hand, are far more likely to come in a variety of colours, so can be a better choice for the more style-minded gamers among you.

Are computer gaming chairs worth investing in?

invest in a PC chair

Unlike office chairs, which can be scored for a far cheaper price, high-quality gaming chairs tend to cost that little bit more. As a result, the real question on every devoted player’s lips is whether or not they’re worth the heftier charge. Ultimately, this depends on how much time you choose to spend with your consoles, and whether the extra cushioned support is important to you.

Good gaming chairs come with a variety of practical additions as standard, from footrests, to bold designs, to massagers, so it’s vital to determine which luxuries you’d like before making the all-important decision. They have been proven to reduce fatigue and facilitate better gameplay in the long-run, so if you’re desperate to find that edge over your friends, these chairs are definitely worth considering… or window shopping for, at the very least!

Why not check out our post on what makes gaming chairs worth buying?

OnBuy’s top six PC gaming chairs for 2021

OnBuy’s top six PC chairs

Now that we’ve established the basics, let’s delve straight into OnBuy’s top selection of this year’s best and brightest PC gaming chairs. Having decided which features are most important to you and your gaming experience, explore the options below to help you level up this lockdown.

The fully adjustable recliner | Bigzzia Computer Desk Office Chair

 Bigzzia Computer Desk Office Chair

Pros: Fully adjustable armrests, headrest and supports, thickened frame adds to the comfort and cosiness of the chair, available in a range of colours and styles

Cons: Can appear quite heavy and bulky in smaller rooms or spaces, self-assembly required

This Bigzzia gaming chair would make the perfect gaming companion. Built to last, its fully adjustable frame makes it a versatile and adaptable choice for all your online needs, with a fully reclining 90-135 degree range. Crucially, the armrests are also contoured and thickly padded, meaning you won’t have to worry about sore arms after long periods of sitting with a controller. The additional neck and lumbar pillows – artfully embroidered with the brand’s well-established name – only add to the chair’s high-end appeal and comfort factor.

Unlike many of its competitors, the Bigzzia also features a bucket seat design, which harks back to the aesthetics of a plush, swanky racing car. It is crafted from a thick, high-density shaping foam, ideal for those who prefer to feel stable when immersed in active or high-intensity games.

The high back and fixed headrest are constructed from a thickened frame, and the durable star base (featuring solid rolling casters) is certainly handy for moving over a range of floor surfaces. Perhaps the most unique element of this chair, though, is the sheer diversity of its design and colours – there really is something to suit everyone. From black and red, to black and blue, to pink and white, the Bigzzia could blend with any household interior, without imposing on your space.

On the flip side however, it does occupy quite a large width, which may present a problem if your PC desk is rather narrow.

For flexibility and freedom | Nitro Racing Gaming Chair

Nitro Racing Gaming Chair

Pros: Incredibly lightweight design with a range of adjustable features, gas lift mechanism 

Cons: Less padding on the seat may lead to discomfort, armrests aren’t cushioned or adjustable

The Nitro Racing Gaming Chair certainly delivers in terms of flexibility and freedom of choice. Able to fully recline (to a maximum of 170 degrees), it offers you the benefit of choice with a wealth of dual-colour materials too. From red and black, to white and black, to green and black, it’s the versatile and style-conscious chair you’ve been looking for. This adaptability is further continued in the adjustable neck and back cushion heights, as well as the elevation of the seat itself. 

Constructed on the foundations of a 360 degree swivel base, the frame is made from high-quality PU faux leather, with extra superior padding for added comfort. This material requires very little maintenance, is breathable, and allergy-resistant, ideal for those who love a bit of gaming grub. Yes, gone are the days of stained and snack-infested chairs… the Nitro is in town! The cosy head and lumbar pillows really heighten its overall luxuriousness, providing unbeatable ergonomic support that specifically targets lower spine and neck discomfort.

The unmatched back height and gas lift mechanism further encourage better posture as the quiet rolling wheels allow you to move freely around your space, no matter what the floor type. From carpet, to laminate, to tile, the Nitro effortlessly glides across all surfaces without any stick or unevenness. Its unbelievably lightweight design also means it can be easily transported around your home.

Unfortunately however, for those who often make use of their armrests, this may not be the most appropriate option. Compared to its rivals, the Nitro is fairly limited on the armrest-padding front, so doesn’t offer the same level of upper limb protection as other examples on this list.

The adaptable all-rounder | X-Rocker Alpha Gaming Chair

X Rocker Alpha Gaming Chair

Pros: Benefits from the famed and reliable X-Rocker brand name, artfully embossed neck and lumbar support pillows for added luxury and opulence

Cons: Cheap-looking plastic armrests, may prove too large for smaller rooms

From the industry-leading experts at X-Rocker, the Alpha chair is among the best of sleek and sophisticated gaming pews. Mounted on premium-quality casters with swivel and lock mechanisms, it’s perfect for PC gaming, with a narrow bucket-seat design that can fit easily under a number of desks or computer tables. 

With a weight of only 20kg (far lighter than many other X-Rocker models on the market), it can be seamlessly and smoothly rolled around your home, whenever (and wherever) the gaming buzz may hit you. The steel frame and leather-effect material is sturdy, durable, and comfortable – perfect for hours of virtual delight and excitement. Like several of its competitors, the textile shell is breathable and conveniently easy to wipe down, a huge bonus if gaming tends to leave you hot under the collar!

The artfully embossed head and lumbar cushions only add to the luxuriousness of this chair, and expertly reflect the brand’s lengthy and trusted history. What’s more, the seat has an adjustable height range of 44-52cm, a massive advantage for those who like to experience several levels of gameplay (again, no pun intended!).

Perhaps the only detrimental characteristic is the cheap-looking hard plastic armrests, which may cause discomfort after extended periods of time. It may also appear heavy, cumbersome and imposing in smaller rooms or office spaces, as the 102cm depth is fairly large for a gaming chair.

The best for comfort and colour | WestWood Heated Massage Chair

WestWood Heated Massage Chair

Pros: Extensively padded with high-density foam for extra comfort, unique multi-function vibration massage capabilities

Cons: Bright colour design may not be to everyone’s taste, assembly required

Looking to the list of features above, there’s not much that the WestWood Heated Massage Chair doesn’t deliver on in comparison with its opponents. Perhaps the most comfortable of all the gaming chairs shown here, it showcases a number of added benefits in appearance and opulence combined.

Allowing gamers to change their style on the fly, the WestWood is unique in its colour versatility and adaptability. The added multi-function vibration feature, conveniently controlled via remote, is certainly distinctive and handy, especially for those with specific neck and back pain. The modern design, as well as the sumptuous thickly padded seat (at the depth of a whopping 9cm!), only add to the luxuriousness of this chair, with a supplementary heat pad at the waist of the backrest, for extra spinal support and care.

Able to recline to a degree of 135 degrees, the variety of adjustments are astonishing. Alongside this feature, the WestWood also includes a 360 degree swivel, tilt lock mechanism, and upright locking position, ideal for those who like to be fairly mobile when gaming. The five nylon casters are also extremely durable and blend attractively with the other shades on the chair. 

The only disadvantage we can spot is the presence of bright, striking colours, which may be off-putting if you tend to prefer understated or discreet office furniture.

Play away…

girl playing on PC

We hope that this guide has helped to enlighten you on the features and benefits of the best PC gaming chairs available. If you’re looking for even more inspiration, or perhaps a pew with different advantages, check out OnBuy’s selection of the comfiest gaming chairs on offer, or even the most affordable. With alternatives starting at just £50, there really is reason to invest!

Alternatively, if you’re new to the wonderful world of gaming enhancements, why not take a look at our ultimate guide to gaming chairs? Packed with all the information you need to know before investing in one of these premium pews, as well as a few choice picks from each of the top gaming chair styles, this is the perfect resource for beginners. Still not convinced? Check out some of the reasons why we think buying a gaming chair is worth it

3.. 2… 1… Press start!

Please note: the information in this buyer’s guide is correct at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.

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