Things To Do With Your Family This May Bank Holiday

Fun Things To Do With Your Family This May Bank Holiday

Published 16th April 2021
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Struggling to make exciting and engaging family-friendly plans to celebrate the upcoming bank holiday together? We’ve got your bank holiday fun covered with our unbeatable selection of first-rate family games, activities and outdoor endeavours that’ll get every member of your household on their feet and feeling fantastic. So, which day should you pencil a thrilling family outing or indoor event into your diary?

A brilliant way to kick off the month, this Early May Bank Holiday takes place on Monday, May 3rd, and is sure to give you a welcomed and hard-earned break before we enter the summer season. From exploring natural beauty spots to marvelling at some movie magic, our top five family activities for this May bank holiday cater to every age range and interest. An easy way to gather some sought-after inspiration in preparation for this long family weekend, we highly recommend parents, guardians and babysitters alike to carry on reading!

Reconnect with mother nature!

walking with family

If your little ones have had more than their fair share of screen time following the lockdown-led ‘stay at home’ rules, it might be time to get them up and enjoying the great outdoors. Regardless of whether you live in the countryside or the city, there’s plenty of green spots to explore, including parks, rivers, canals and even community gardens. You could even pick up some nature books, pots and fishing nets to help you investigate nearby ponds and educate children about any aquatic life that they might stumble across - just remember to put any critters back where you found them!

Plus, particularly young members of the family could even hitch a ride to your local park or nature reserve with an older relative using a portable bicycle child seat. Simply pack a bag filled with bottles of water, sandwiches and (of course) tasty treats, and you could spend the whole day reconnecting with mother nature. As a free outdoor activity that the whole family can get involved in (including any canine companions!), this fun family outing leaves plenty of cash for a few cooling ice creams at the end of your outdoor adventure, bike ride or sun-soaked springtime walk.

Find a family-friendly film

family-friendly film

Based on the assumption that we continue down the Government’s suggested roadmap out of lockdown, drive-in cinemas should be up and running ready for this marvellous May bank holiday. A great excuse to get out the house and expose the kids to some classic films, all you need to do is pack plenty of popcorn and throw on some comfy clothing! Alternatively, if there are no drive-in cinemas nearby or your local venue isn’t running any child-appropriate movies, why not consider creating your very own outdoor cinema at home?

Many households have leapt at the chance to drastically improve their garden during lockdown, so why not go that one step further and transform it into a fully-functioning outdoor cinema? A magical way to enchant little ones and bring the whole family together, a huge range of powerful and high-quality projectors as well as projector screens in all kinds of sizes can be snapped up to suit the dimensions of your garden and deliver an astounding image. Simply select your family’s favourite film, lay out plenty of pillows and blankets to fend off any lingering springtime chill, and let the movie stars take over the screen!

Release your wild side with a trip to the zoo!


With hundreds of zoos across the country ready and waiting to open their doors to the public once again, there’s no better time to show your support for any struggling wildlife sanctuaries than by paying them a visit this May bank holiday weekend. After all, who doesn’t like a trip to the zoo? Both educational and exciting, this family outing is engaging for all generations, fills up an entire day with activity and is a brilliant way to help zoos through this tough period of inactivity. Regardless of whether the nearest wildlife park to your home is bursting with exotic animals or regional wildlife, it’s the perfect opportunity to get some fresh air and nurture a passion for protecting animals in children.

Can’t get to your nearest zoo? Don’t worry, there’s an endless number of ways that you can encourage local wildlife to come to your door instead. From picking up a freestanding bird feeder to installing an insect hotel onto the side of your home, these small additions can transform your backyard into an exciting haven for all kinds of local wildlife. Not to mention, you can even throw on your gardening gloves and plant some animal-attracting trees or shrubs (such as wild cherry trees or dogwood) to make your outdoor space more welcoming. Alternatively, you could really push out the boat by creating a pond or bird bath that can be used by any wandering wildlife as a source of hydration, a cool spot to clean themselves or an area where amphibians can breed.

Pack up and pitch a tent for a weekend of camping

family camping

Following the easing of lockdown restrictions, some self-contained camping sites are also set to return to the UK holiday scene, so why not give yourself and your family a real break with a long weekend away exploring the outdoors? A wonderful way to spend quality time together, a camping trip requires nothing more than a suitable tent, plenty of warm clothing, a sleeping bag for every camper and an abundance of tasty supplies to keep the whole family fed and watered. Plus, if the weather holds out, you could even whip up a feast of irresistible chargrilled food using a portable barbecue - the ultimate camping tool for effortless (and utterly delicious!) outdoor cooking.

However, if you’d like to have the same outdoor experience without the hassle of packing camping supplies, finding a working toilet or travelling to a dedicated camping site, then locating a suitable spot in your garden to pitch your tent is a great idea. Ideal for any older or less mobile relatives who may not want to or be able to sleep comfortably in a tent, this home camping alternative gives them the opportunity to toast a few marshmallows without compromising on their sleeping arrangements. Complete your cosy camping environment with a few fairy lights, several fluffy blankets to keep out the chill and a couple of board games to keep any little ones entertained all evening!

Hold your very own backyard sports day!

sports with family

Make the most of the sunnier weather and spend some treasured family time in the fresh air by setting up a private sports day in your very own garden! With plenty of family outdoor activities to get stuck into, you can choose from tennis, rounders and so many more beloved sports to encourage your family to get physical. While many of these garden activities and family games can be easily picked up either online or in-store, if you have children, you probably already own an array of sporting equipment that you can easily incorporate into your family sports day. Other useful additions include football dribbling cones to use as markers, a whistle to keep order amongst the fun-filled chaos, and plenty of spoons and hard-boiled eggs for those traditional eggs and spoon races.

To make it extra special, we suggest picking up some plastic medals or winner stickers to entice your kids to put in the effort and step away from their digital devices! While tablets and gaming consoles are increasingly popular among children, hosting a family-friendly sports day event with either your own family or inviting another household to take part too (lockdown rules permitting), is a brilliant way to get them active and outside. Throw in a few sandwiches, ice creams and plenty of water, and you’re sure to have happy participants all round - regardless of who wins the most races! Sports days also encourage healthy competition, teamwork, and physical activity, so it’s the perfect way to teach any budding little sportspeople some important life skills.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail


As the old saying goes, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” - and that’s certainly true when it comes to keeping little ones entertained over the long bank holiday weekend! Failing to plan in advance can land you in all sorts of trouble, regardless of whether you’re heading to a venue that’s further afield or setting up a family-friendly event at your own home. So, before you head out on your family outing or gather your family in the garden, we suggest double-checking everything you need.

For at-home activities this May bank holiday, we recommend stocking up on drinks to delight every member of your family. If you’re going to be spending more time outdoors or being physically active, keeping yourself and your family hydrated is particularly important as you start to spend more time under the springtime sun.

If your family wants to take a trip to the zoo or a nearby campsite, you’ll need to consider the amount of time and preparation needed before you even leave home - especially if you have younger children that require regular nappy changes and plenty of entertainment while you’re on your way to your chosen destination. By ensuring you’ve packed everything you and your little ones could need, you can focus on the bank holiday fun instead of worrying about zoo opening times, campsite facilities and other details that can make your long weekend more tiring than terrific.

No matter which of our fun family activities you decide to participate in this May bank holiday, it’s important to embrace the excitement to make it a memorable experience for everyone!

Please note: the information in this blog is correct at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.

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