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Stumped For Summer Staycation Ideas? Give Garden Glamping A Go!

Published 8th June 2021
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The past year’s lockdowns have spawned a plethora of new and exciting cultural phenomenons, including the revival of the UK summer staycation. With the gloomy news of festival cancellations, holiday restrictions, and limits on social contact continually filling our feeds, it seemed as though 2021’s sunny season was set to be a disaster… until the household ‘retreat’ returned! 

According to countless reports, interest in domestic travel spiked in May 2020, as increased numbers of holiday-hungry punters chose to vacay exclusively in Britain. Surprising? We think not! In fact, many had started to enjoy these home-based breaks before the pandemic even arose.

Here at OnBuy, we want to celebrate the staycation surge and advocate the good-time vibes of a glorious glamping experience from the comfort of your very own garden. Having recently exploded in popularity, this al fresco activity is a fabulous way to make the most of your outdoor space and leisure time… and it’s not very hard to see why! 

Fancy a candlelit bath? Your tub and household comforts are but a short walk away. Keen to quaff a few drinks without the pressure of driving? Well then, bring on the bevs! Whether you tend to crave the little luxuries when far away from home, or simply take pleasure from sleeping under the stars, a backyard bivouac could be the answer, and we’d love to tell you how to create one. Read on to discover our greatest glamping secrets, and enhance your summer break for the better!

The gains of garden glamping

garden camping

Staycations are a fantastic way to step back from the craziness of your everyday routine - without the stress and hassle of long and anxiety-inducing holidays! We know, we know, summer vacays are supposed to be relaxing, but is there really anything worse than the horror of delayed flights, misplaced passports, and *gasp* lost luggage?! Often, it’s the little things that make our trips tremendous, and they’re really not that difficult to achieve when you set your mind to ‘boutique’ mode. Fancy leaving a discreet chocolate mint on your freshly laundered pillowcase? Go for it. You may as well be in the Bahamas!

Garden camping is a superb solution to the lockdown blues, and carries a number of benefits when it comes to budget and convenience. Number one: it’ll save you a heap load of cash. Instead of booking a pricey gateway where travel, hotel, and food costs will have to be accounted for, glamping can be enjoyed from the comfort of your humble abode… without gratuity charges (result!). Number two: there’ll be no overpacking, or worse, underpacking bags. When you’re making the most of your backyard, you won’t need to fill a bunch of hefty suitcases with fancy outfits, sunscreen, and accessories - they’re all right there, ready and waiting for you! If you want to eat an extravagant meal in your pyjamas - with no hassle about the expensive or exclusive dress code - do it! Sweatpants all weekend? Sign us up please! Forget the 5am wake up calls and inevitable airport journey traffic jams… staycations are the future, and certainly a fab way to delight in the domestic.

Arranging accommodation

garden tent

Before you set up your epic garden glamping extravaganza, you’ll first need to think about the necessities; most important being some form of shelter. After all, the fickle British weather is sure to keep you on your toes! Teepees are perhaps the most appropriate option for this purpose, as they simply scream ‘night under the stars in style’. The halfway mark between a standard shelter and traditional glamping yurt or pod, they’re incredibly spacious, comfortable, and airy, which is ideal for bigger families or larger groups of friends. With their highly commodious capacity and pointed roof design, you’re sure to have plenty of room for all your plush bedding and accessories, without the fear of overcrowding.

Thinking of extending your sleeping area even further? Why not invest in a multi-purpose canopy, to shield you from the elements while you’re staring at the stars? Or, if you’re looking to create the premium experience, minus the high-end price tag, how about a spot of domestic DIY? When the crafting mood strikes you, try building your very own long-lasting structure from new or recycled wood. Immensely fun to conceive and construct, it can be made to suit your individual needs and tastes, with a range of exciting extras for every al fresco event and occasion. Snug hideaway? Sure! Expansive cabin? Go for it!

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to keep things simple and pocket-friendly, any standard waterproof tent will do. So long as it’s a decent size, you’ll truly be able to channel the glamping vibe with just a few embellishments and other decorations and enhancements. If space is somewhat limited, try pitching a gazebo over your encampment, to act as a covered porch area or separate dining area. Garden chairs, tables, and cushions can make wonderful additions to your open-air restaurant, while cloths, candles, and bunting add an element to je ne sais quoi to the setup. Take the seating spot even further by appending a mini drinks bar or snack station for that extra splash of pizzazz, alongside a handmade menu or carte du jour of all the available treats.

En-light-en me…

tent light

For the true glamping experience, you’ll want to adorn your tent, and what better way to enliven your canvas than with some outdoor fairy lights? Solar-powered and consistently eco-friendly, these gorgeous illuminations can make a great deal of difference when it comes to opulent aesthetics and cosy, visually-appealing artistry. If you’re thinking of including something slightly more unique, lanterns, tiki torches, and oil lamps can be stunning alternatives, and don’t have to cost the earth, either. Elegantly striking and easily adaptable to a range of spaces and styles, they’re the al fresco accessories you didn’t know you needed!

For a natural glow, it may also be worth considering fire pits and chimineas, as organic substitutes of string lights. As well as providing warmth on cooler nights, they simultaneously provide the perfect base for campfire cuisine, including mouth-watering highlights like toasted marshmallows, popcorn, and s’mores. To prepare the latter (an American classic), place a slab of your favourite chocolate on a biscuit or cookie (Rich Tea and Digestives work especially well), add a gooey and golden toasted marshmallow, and another biscuit on top. Wrap your sandwich of loveliness in tin foil and place it by the fire, to allow the chocolate to melt, then enjoy the chewy goodness of this delectable delicacy. Trust us on this one… we promise you won’t regret it!

Fabulous fittings

camping furniture decor

Now for the fun bit! To make camping in the garden even more exciting and special, you shouldn’t be afraid to go crazy with the décor… it’s not like you’ll have to pack it all up to bring home again, after all! To start, let’s talk bedding. To make your sleeping arrangements as cosy as humanly possible, consider purchasing a double blow-up mattress, lavish sheets, blankets, duvets, heaps of pillows and, should you need some extra warmth, a thicker sleeping bag or handy portable heater. For daytime snoozing, a hammock is an essential napping accessory. 

Next, throw down a rug for added luxury and a small bedside table or cupboard for personal effects and paraphernalia. The aim is to make your cabin an absolute den of zen, to be enjoyed throughout the day and unpredictable weather changes. Despite the inevitable rain and cooler temperatures, you’ll want to feel super cosy and comfortable, so never hold back on homely and inviting soft furnishings! To add a touch of home (regardless of your location!), fresh flowers, mirrors, and art prints can really help to enhance the area and bounce natural light around your smaller space. 

Where you may have previously used a groundsheet, consider a fluffy sheepskin runner for this venture. Used to using awkward and lumpy cushions that’ll sooner give you a cricked neck than a restful and peaceful night’s sleep? Well then, it’s time to introduce an upgrade. Whatever your associations with camping, there certainly don’t have to be any muddy floors or damp, chilly feelings when it comes to garden glamping. We’re warning you though... you may not want to leave!

Staycation in style

children in tent

We hope that this blog has encouraged you to take advantage of your outdoor space this summer and, most importantly, has inspired you to give garden glamping a go! As with all vacations, planning is the key to success. But, instead of packing your suitcase, now’s the time to upgrade your garden gear! From camping essentials to outdoor entertainment, grills to garden furniture, our outdoor living category is packed with a vast selection of staycation supplies to help you enjoy the ultimate holibobs from home!

Should you require more advice on how to take your camping experience from drab to undeniably fab, why not explore our extensive blog and buyer’s guide resources? Packed full of useful information on fabulous al fresco activities and accessories that are sure to enhance your 2021 staycation, they’re the helpful, user-friendly handbooks you didn’t know you needed. Stumped for lawn game ideas that’ll entertain the whole family? Look no further than this manual. In need of some tips to take your grilling game to the next level? We’ve got everything you need to know right here

All that’s left to say is… what are you waiting for? Your tranquil trip could be just around the corner… literally!

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