Make Your Own Beer Garden

How To Make Your Own Beer Garden At Home

Published 3rd May 2021
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On a day when the sun is sizzling, there’s nothing better than heading down to your local beer garden for an ice-cold beverage with your friends. The beer is flowing, you’re reminiscing about old times, and those good summer vibes are in the air. However, what if we told you that you could do all of this whenever you wanted, all from the comfort of your own home? Interested? Let us tell you more.

As long as you’ve got a garden, some space for tables, chairs and plenty of food and drink - you’re onto a winner! By setting up a beer garden at home, you won’t have to worry about busy pubs and long waiting times for a pint. Plus, you’ll save yourself a load of money while also having the food, drink, and, most importantly, company that you want to be there! Best of all, you can kit out your garden with all manner of lights and accessories and make it perfect for you! So, let’s get started. Sit back, pour a drink, and relax while we guide you through how to make your own garden bar set at home!

Finding the perfect spot

garden furniture on decking

First things first, you’ll need to settle on the right spot in your backyard that you’re going to adapt into your snazzy new beer garden. A level spot that’s as flat as possible is preferable. Here, you’ll have a flush blank canvas to work with and an area that will be perfect for your tables, chairs, and any other outdoor accessories you include to spruce up your homemade beer garden. If you’ve got any areas of gravel, patio, or decking in your garden - perfect! These will provide great spaces to set up your beer garden and you’ll feel just the same as if you were in your local boozer. If your garden is all lawn, don’t worry: use some bricks, stones, or paving slabs to mark out the area you want to use for your beer garden. This will form a nice sturdy base to make sure everything is kept stable, so you won’t have to worry about wobbly chairs!

Before you start to purchase all the things you need for the perfect beer garden, make sure the space you're using is clean and looks smart. For a patio, get a pressure washer and a broom to get it in tip-top condition. While this may seem like an unnecessary chore, it’ll drastically improve the look of your beer garden, creating the perfect space for you and your friends to chill out. For decking, why not spruce it up with a fresh lick of paint and treat the wood with some varnish? This will not only brighten up your decking and get it looking as good as new, but you'll be ensuring the longevity and durability of your decking in the process!

Beer garden furniture essentials

garden furniture

The most important element of a beer garden is the furniture: tables, chairs, cushions, parasols and gazebos are all essentials and will contribute to a fantastic garden bar set. You’ll want to make sure you’ve got plenty of seating space so that everyone has somewhere to sit - a selection of folding chairs and a large garden dining table will be perfect for this. Materials such as steel and iron are both fantastic options for furniture as they’ll withstand any weather conditions. If you’re searching for that rustic look, wooden tables and garden stools are ideal, providing an au naturale vibe that won’t look out of place in any outdoor area. For some added comfort, why not add some cushions to go on the chairs? Plush, padded, and oh-so snug, not only will they make sitting out in the garden comfier than ever, but you can also pick out the perfect colours and styles to suit your taste and space - bonus!  

Of course, as much as we’d love to think the hot, sunny weather will always be with us, there’ll certainly come a moment when the heavens open and the climate becomes all the more chilly. This doesn’t have to mean it’s time to pack up and end the night, though! With some nifty additions to your garden arsenal, you’ll be able to see the night through - whatever the weather. Firstly and, arguably, most crucially, you need to make sure you’ve got a garden parasol or umbrella. There are loads of smart and sleek styles to choose from, as well as a variety of colours to suit the aesthetic that you're aiming for. These will act as a roof if the rain begins to pour down, but can also be used when the sun is beaming down and some shade is welcomed. 

For those chilly nights, there's nothing better than a patio heater to keep you and your company cosy and warm while you’re drinking the night away. These will need to be placed on a flat surface and you’ll want to make sure they’re not close to anything flammable. An outdoor heater would be a shrewd choice to add to your outdoor bar set if you’re someone who likes to stick out the night - even when it’s baltic outside!

Setting the mood

mood lighting for the garden

It’s crucial that you set the right tone for your beer garden. An inviting atmosphere can turn any boring, makeshift bar into an impressive beer garden that’s the envy of all your friends and neighbours. You’ll want to make it feel cosy and welcoming - a space that people will want to stay and chill in all night long! One element that will help to enhance the vibe of your beer garden is lighting. String lights can be placed across the tables, around the poles of your gazebo, or even on the fence in your garden. These will create a warm atmosphere and will also provide much-needed lighting as the darkness moves in. Candles and lanterns are also great lighting options - you can place these in the middle of the table to create a vintage, rustic vibe. 

Music is another vital component to complete the perfect beer garden vibe. Whether it’s some mellow acoustic beats or some hard house music to keep the party rolling, you’ll need some music to further boost the enjoyment. A Bluetooth speaker will be perfect for this - you won’t need to worry about cables and some premium speakers will last all night long on one charge. Plus, anyone can connect and play the music they want! Remember to turn the music down when it gets to the latter part of the evening - the last thing anyone wants is a feud with the nightmare neighbour next door!

Let the drinking commence

beer ice bucket

You should now be set to get to work on creating your very own beer garden from home! There’s nothing better than sitting down with your pals and having a natter over your favourite boozy beverage when the summer evenings roll back in, and what better way to do this than to bring all the comforts of the pub to your very own garden? Plus, you won’t have to join any lengthy waiting lists or worry about booking - bonus! 

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