A selection of garden hand tools

Help make your garden grow with these essential hand tools

Published 23rd January 2023
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A glorious garden doesn't look after itself and if you're keen to get green fingers, a good collection of garden tools is essential. But what exactly do you need to keep your flower beds blooming? Well, keep on reading our buying guide and we'll walk you through the handy tools you need ready for spring and summer!

Essential garden tools

If you're a beginner when it comes to helping a garden grow or perhaps you've just got your first allotment, there are a few basics that it's worth always having to hand.

Garden forks and spades

A garden spade is a must - these tools are essential for digging and turning soil, as well as planting and transplanting. It's going to get quite a lot of use, so make sure you pick one with a comfortable grip and sturdy design.

Is the job about shifting soil or digging into tough ground? A square-shaped blade is the better choice for shifting, while a pointed blade gives you more force to get through tough ground.

Garden trowels

Where a spade is great in the garden, a garden trowel is perfect for planting in flowerbeds. Whether you're planting bulbs or transplanting small plants, you won't get very far without a garden trowel. Similar to a spade, look for a sharp blade that can easily dig small holes and a comfortable handle that will reduce strain and pressure.

Garden secateurs

It's easy for bushes, plants, and hedges to become unruly - that's where a good set of secateurs comes in. Their nimble blades make it easy to be precise with cuts and keep your garden healthy and well-maintained.

Saving money upfront with a cheaper set of secateurs can be appealing in the short term, but you need to be sure they're good quality. You put a lot of pressure through the blade, and if they're not great, you'll quickly get frustrated at how hard it is to cut with them or end up buying a new set sooner than you'd hoped.

Garden brooms

It's easy to overlook garden brooms, but they're a brilliantly handy tool to have around the garden. Thanks to the stiff bristles, they make light work of stray gravel, dirt, leaves and other debris on paths and patios. As it nears autumn, garden rakes are equally handy when it comes to keeping pristine lawns.

Garden hand tools for specific jobs

While those are the essential garden tools everyone should have to hand, there are also lots of tools that will help to improve your small slice of nature. While you can get away without them, you certainly appreciate how much easier they make gardening!

Weed pickers

As the name suggests, weed pickers make clearing out pesky garden intruders that bit easier. Rather than just digging them out, using weed killers, or devices like weed burners, weed pickers have a claw-like mechanism to grasp and pull out weeds.

They're an easy and precise way to remove weeds, as opposed to using a chemical herbicide that can harm surrounding plants.

Bulb planters

Another way to make a garden task easier, a bulb planter does most of the work for you. It precisely digs the hole and then inserts the bulb. If have lots of bulbs to plant in a flower bed, it's much easier than digging holes by hand.

Lawn edgers

You'd be surprised at how much difference a well-manicured lawn can make to your garden. Lawn edgers help by creating a clean, defined edge between a lawn and a garden bed, path, or driveway. It helps to make your garden look clean and well-maintained, and it gives a neat and crisp look to the edges.

Make your garden grow with these hand tools

You'll be well on your way to the garden of your dreams with this selection of convenient garden hand tools. We'd recommend checking out the essential tools first and then kit out your armoury with special tools to make every garden maintenance job that bit easier.

If you're starting completely from scratch, it would be worth shopping for garden hand tool sets, which include many of the hand tools you'll need to get into gardening.

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