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Pallet perfection: How to style & care for garden pallet furniture

Published 19th January 2023
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Garden pallet furniture has never been more popular, thanks to its relaxed, easy going look mixed with a rough and ready eco-conscious feel. But since they're made from recycled or upcycled pallets they often need a little TLC to look their best - and this blog will show you how to do it! We'll give you advice on how to paint and care for outdoor wood furniture as well as give you some advice on how to beautify and accessorise your new pallets. Let's get started!

How to paint your garden pallet furniture

First, let's talk about painting your garden furniture. The key to a successful paint job is to properly prepare the surface of the wood. Start by cleaning the pallet wood thoroughly, which you can do with a pressure washer or good old fashioned elbow grease with a cleaning cloth or sponge and hot water and then leaving the pallet to dry.

Next, if the pallets already have paint on them, use a paint scraper and then sand paper to remove as much of the coat as possible. Once the wood is clean and dry, you can begin to apply your own coats. If you bought untreated or 'bare' wood pallets, you'll need to apply a wood preserver to prevent rot and insect infestation.

Once the preserver is dry, you can apply some paint. If you want to save time, look for paints that are advertised as 'primer in one' or 'one coat'. This means they can be applied straight to the wood. Otherwise, you'll need a paint primer that's close to the shade of paint you've taken, which you should coat on with a paint brush and allow to dry according to the instructions before applying any paint.

When choosing the paint itself, you should definitely pick special exterior wood paints. Not only will they contain ingredients that protect them from bad weather, they'll also bind properly to the wood so that their colour will stick properly. Some popular brands of outdoor paint include Dulux, Hammerite, Johnstone's and Ronseal.

How to accessorise your garden pallet furniture

Once you've painted your pallet furniture, it's time to add accessories! The possibilities for this are practically endless. Popular choices include garden scatter pillows and blankets to add some style and comfort to your new furniture. Bare pallets can be quite uncomfortable for lots of people, so to add extra padding you can buy outdoor cushion pads, which are like large and thick cushions specially designed for making outdoor furniture more comfortable.

Another practical accessory is a garden parasol to protect you and your guests from the sun. You can set it up by using an electric drill with a flat wood drill bit to make a smooth, circular hole in the middle of your pallet table. Simply place the pallet table over the parasol base, thread the parasol pole through the hole and slot it into the base - it's as simple as that. Make sure to measure the pole's diameter before you start drilling, though! For even more protection you place your pallet seating underneath a gazebo, which offers more cover from the rain as well as the sun.

If you want to use your garden furniture in the evenings or on cold days, you'll need a source of heat to stop everyone getting chilly. A fire pit is the best choice, since it will keep the rustic aesthetic, although the right stone fronted or cast iron chiminea is a close second. If you do choose a fire pit, you'll want a fire pit screen so you can enjoy the fire safely and some firewood racks to store your fuel (which can be a stylish addition in itself). Make sure you buy things like pokers and other fireplace tools to keep the fire burning, as well.

But accessories are for style as well! If you want to add extra pop to your new garden furniture, grow colourful flowers in equally vibrant flower pots and set them down nearby. You can also use the right outdoor lighting to great effect. Lanterns on pallet tables are the perfect accessory for an outdoor meal. Alternatively, if you set your pallet furniture against the back of a trellis, you can wind colourful string lights through that trellis to create a nostalgic, comforting effect.

How to maintain your garden furniture

Finally, let's find out how to maintain your new pallet furniture so it continues to look its best. Keeping your pallet furniture clean is most important. Just like when preparing new wood for painting, you can use a combination of a power washer and washing by hand with warm soapy water to remove surface dirt from the wood surfaces.

If you've bought outdoor furniture cushions, remove the outer layer and check the care label. Most modern ones are machine washable, but you might have to wash them by hand with warm, soapy water. Wait until the covers are completely dry before putting the cushions back inside.

Once the wood is dry, you can apply your wood care products. If you've painted your furniture, you might need to give it a fresh coat if it's looking tired, worn or scratched. Otherwise, you can use a combination of wood oil, wood wax, wood dye and outdoor varnish to protect your furniture. It's best to do this every one or two years, although you should always follow the manufacturer's instructions. For extra protection, buy a set of outdoor furniture covers to keep them dry all year round.

In conclusion, customising and maintaining garden pallet furniture is a great way to transform any outdoor space into something special. By following our tips above on how to paint garden furniture, maintain it properly with outdoor care products, and accessorise with decorations like cushions and lanterns, you can easily create a unique look that will last through many seasons!

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