Weed & Pest Control

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No matter if you're being overrun by a swarm of problem plants or an army of pesky critters, OnBuy's weed and pest control shop has all you need to take back your patch. Dig in and discover smart solutions to all the most common gardening gripes - thank us later! Read More >

About Weed & Pest Control

There's nothing more stressful than pouring time and energy into your great outdoors only to have a pesky plant or rogue critter turf up and spoil it - but there's no need to fret: OnBuy's weed and pest control shop is here to help!

Whether you're the proud owner of a compact vegetable patch or a lawn layered with a whole greenhouse-worth of goodies, our virtual shelves are simply brimming with weed and pest control solutions to suit all spaces, gardening styles and budgets.

And with everything from natural weed and pest control (not forgetting the organic weed and pest control!) to heavy-duty weed and pest control on offer, you'll find everything you need to win the war on unwanted guests here. And relax...