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Baby Imprint Kits & Baby Casting Kits

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What could be a more precious gift than an imprint or casting kit? Your tot may be tiny now, but before you know it they'll be all grown up - these imprint and casting kits allow you to remember just how tiny they were! Read More >
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About Baby Imprint Kits & Baby Casting Kits

If you're a new parent, you'll undoubtedly want to preserve every precious moment you've shared with your bundle of joy - browse our range of baby imprint and casting kits for a unique and clever way to savour this moment in time. 

In our range you'll find delightful baby imprint kits that let you hold onto your tiny tot even after they've grown up; whether you choose ink or clay, imprinting kits are simple to do and will last a lifetime. Why not capture your little one's hand or foot at several different ages, so you can marvel at how quickly they grew - or go all out and choose a kit you can decorate so you can display the print as a quirky part of your decor? 

You'll also find a range of baby casting kits, perfect for those of you who want something a little more eye-catching - either for a memorable memento or as something to pop on your mantelpiece. Casting kits are a brilliant and easy way to make a keepsake for yourself or your baby that you'll love looking at in years to come. Casts of your little one's hand or foot would also make a great present for someone in the family, or you could give a kit as a unique baby shower gift.