Oh My Goddess!: v. 2

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Oh My Goddess!: v. 2
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All it took was one wrong number - now struggling student Keiichi Morisato has one more problem in his life: a goddess who has promised to stay with him...forever! With the NIT Motorclub shaking Keiichi down everyday for change and Megumi eating the young couple out of house and home, it's time to get out there and earn some money! From modeling in an all-female art class to test-driving the latest breakneck dirtbikes...how far is Keiichi willing to go to prove himself a man to Belldandy? And to make matters more complicated, the goddess Urd is about to arrive on the scene! One of the most popular manga series of all time, this fun for all-ages title is now available in a new translation in its unflipped, right-to-left reading format.

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  • 1845764862 (ISBN-10)
  • 9781845764869 (ISBN)
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