Spooky season is finally here, and it’s time to terrify! 

Here at OnBuy, our hallowed halls are full of petrifying products – from hair-raising hangings to spooky scarecrows and all things eerie in between – and we’ve picked out five of the most frightening for this spine-chilling selection.

Take a look… if you dare... and transform your suburban sanctuary into a haunted house that nightmares are made of!

Haunting Halloween decorations for a fright you’ll never forget

scary halloween decorations

Ready to let the ‘fear-fest’ begin? Take a tour of our most terrifying decorations below and check out our Halloween collection for more haunting must-haves!

 Enter at your own risk...

Crawling Zombie Animatronic

zombie baby

We all know that babies bring sleepless nights… but none quite like this creepy, crawling zombie! At first glance, this baby looks truly terrifying as a prop in its own right, but walk in front of it, and the motion sensor will activate, sending the zombie into a blood-thirsty frenzy! 

As soon as it senses movement, its eyes will glow a sinister shade of red, it’ll let out a spine-chilling scream, and it’ll burst into action, crawling towards its unsuspecting victim! Hilariously horrifying, this animatronic is sure to strike fear in the hearts of your guests this Halloween. 

3pc Sound-Activated Light-Up Witches - 170cm

Sound activated witches

Terrify Trick or Treaters with a welcome they’ll never forget thanks to this set of sinister sorceresses! With light-up, faceless heads and a sound-activated sensor that unleashes spine-chilling screams, these wicked witches are sure to petrify unexpected passers-by.

Coming in a set of three and joined by the hand in a display of blood-curdling black magic, these harrowing hags are the perfect addition to any haunted house or ghoulish garden.

Hanging Ghostface Scarecrow

ghostface scarecrow

Strike terror in your neighbours this Halloween with this seriously spooky scarecrow! Designed to look as if it’s floating above your fence and lightweight enough to move freely in the breeze, this cloaked, fright-masked maniac is sure to terrify all those who set their eyes on it.

Inspired by the hit horror franchise, ‘Scream’, this spine-chilling scarecrow will bring back the 90s’ nostalgia that nightmares are made of. Listen out for the petrified screams as your neighbours catch a glimpse of the ghoul haunting your garden!

Halloween Window Projector

halloween window projector

Send shivers down the spines of all those who pass by your haunted house this Halloween with this petrifying projector! Packed with six different Halloween ‘movies’, including zombie invasion scenes and ghastly ghosts, and a built-in audio jack to connect to external speakers, your hallowed halls will come alive with paranormal activity like never before. 

To bring this eerie exhibit to life, simply adjust the external tripod and window screen to fit the size and orientation of your window, choose your spooky scene, and let the horror show begin!

Hanging Ghost Corpse – 3.8m

hanging ghost corpse decoration

Spark fear far and wide with this harrowing hanging ghost corpse! With a truly terrifying, skull-like face, a veil that’s reminiscent of the ghoulish Grim Reaper, and a design that’s made to look as if it’s floating in mid-air, this decoration is sure to transform your home into the ultimate haunted house this Halloween. 

To up the fear factor, we recommend hanging this creepy corpse from your window outside. As the wind blows, the lightweight veil will move with it, making for a seriously scary display! Alternatively, you can hang it from your bannister, the ceiling, or even behind a door for a fright your guests will never forget!!

Looking for more tricks and treats?

halloween treats

Whether you’re hosting a fright night for adults or a spook-tacular celebration for kids, we’ve got all the props and accessories you need for the ultimate party this Halloween! Explore our dungeon of devilish decorations now and get ready for a fang-tastic time!

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