Extremely functional, practical and efficient, the humble chest of drawers is an important addition to any bedroom and boudoir. A focal piece of furniture that helps to establish your home’s interior décor, style and ambiance, a dresser can really make a difference when it comes to space-saving requirements, and we’d love to tell you why. Though often an afterthought, with beds, wardrobes and wall art tending to take centre stage, bureaus are regrettably forgotten as the true fine-looking fitting that will revolutionise and transform your household.

Tallboys are a great place to start. Slim, narrow, and… yes, you’ve guessed it, tall, these most streamlined of storage solutions are perfect for clearing clutter on a budget, while never encroaching on your floor space. With heights that far surpass their depths and widths combined, you’ll never have to worry about limited locality again.

Here at OnBuy, we’d love to introduce you to a plethora of these slim and slender specimens, all packed full (no pun intended!) of their own handy benefits and advantages. In this useful guide, we’ll take you through some helpful information on how to choose your tallboy, and how it can best maximise your space at home. Sit back, relax and prepare to discover your next streamlined storage solution.

What is a tallboy chest of drawers?

what is a tallboy

First of all, let’s talk definitions. According to the dictionary, a tallboy is (unsurprisingly) ‘a tall chest of drawers typically mounted on legs, and separated by two dividing sections’. Simple, right? A skinnier version of their standard, wider counterparts, these units are commonly used to house smaller items of clothing, from socks and lingerie to t-shirts and lightweight summer shorts. If you often find it difficult to fit all your hosiery and undergarments into one disorganised dresser drawer, a tallboy chest can be the solution you’ve been looking for, helping you to categorise all your odds and ends into separate, deeper compartments. It really is one for the clutter clearers among you! 

Unlike gentlemen’s chests, media chests, and bachelor’s chests, tallboys are high, long and narrow, ideal for being inconspicuously tucked away into thin or tapering corners. 

Who knew there was so much choice?!

What should I consider before buying a chest of drawers?

drawer storage

Though tallboys are unbeatable when it comes to saving space, there are plenty of other factors and extras to consider before the buying begins. Check out our list below to help you decide which features are most important to you and your home.

  • Storage: Once you know how much room you’re working with, determine the amount of storage space you need. Tallboys come in a wide range of different styles and sizes, so be sure to double-check the dimensions before diving in with your purchase. Think about whether you’ll need to stow just a few wardrobe essentials, or whether you’ll need far deeper drawers to keep everything from bedding and blankets to handbags. 
  • Height: Surprisingly, heights for tallboys vary greatly, especially when modular pieces allow for more than one section to be stacked. The two things to bear in mind here are comfort and ease of accessibility. Make sure you’ll be able to reach everything in your dresser when putting things away and taking items out.
  • Accents: From handles and knobs to mirrors and grips, there are so many finishing touches to a chest that can truly make all the difference in your bedroom. Basic round metal knobs, long bars, rope pulls, and hidden handles are just some of the ways your drawers can be opened (and that’s just the pulley system!). Consider matching your pieces to existing hardware for a clean and unified look, or even mix and match to create your own unique style. 
  • Drawers: The number of drawers your bureau needs is only limited by how much you want to store. For smaller articles, opt for a miniature tallboy. For larger, more bulky items, go for something far grander, wider and thicker.

Material and style: where do I start?!

chest of drawers

From wood to metal, plastic, laminates and just about everything in between, the choice of dresser materials and textiles is just about endless. This is great news if you want to maintain one fluid design throughout your home and space, but also fab if distinctive, individual pieces of furniture are your interior preference. 

Unlike bathrooms, kitchens or hallways, bedrooms don’t usually have any special environmental conditions or an especially high level of traffic, so you can definitely let your style run wild when it comes to choosing chests. Ultimately, they have many uses, so harder-wearing models made of wood and metal will stand up to constant opening and closing better than MDF and melamine alternatives.

OnBuy’s top six tallboy chest of drawers

onbuy chest of drawers

Now that we’ve established the basics, let’s delve straight into OnBuy’s selection of the top six tallboy chests on offer. All abundant with their own set of benefits, advantages and rewards, it’s certainly worth taking the plunge and purchasing your future boudoir bedmate today!

For country farmhouse chic | Corona Narrow Chest of Drawers

corona chest of drawers

Pros: Has a clean and minimalist look, constructed from solid pine

Cons: Narrower drawers may not offer sufficient storage space, flat packed for home assembly

Dimensions: H95 x W48 x D35cm

This tall chest of drawers is perfect for any home rocking the country farmhouse vibe. Crafted entirely from distressed waxed pine, the Corona is charismatic, classy and chic, giving any room that stylish supplement of stardom. With five deep, wide, robust and sturdy drawers at your disposal, you can coordinate all your clothing with ease. Each one includes a decorative moulded front which glides effortlessly along smooth wooden runners, with drawer stops at the end to prevent them from over-extension. The cabinet’s frame is solid pine, with strong plywood used only for hidden surfaces such as the back and the base. 

Designed to complement your existing home style (however contemporary or vintage it may be), without compromising on quality, this chest features corresponding black fittings with decorative studs that enhance the exclusivity of its shape. In the same vein, every piece is genuinely unique: the solid wood structure means that grains, specks and grooves are different on every surface. 

The Corona comes flat-packed for home assembly, which may cause issues for those living in flats (where transportation and construction might be more of a challenge). Due to its solid composition, it also stands at a hefty weight of almost 16kg, again a factor worth considering if carrying or moving regularly is necessary. In addition, the drawers are slightly smaller than others shown on this list, so may not be able to store larger or more cumbersome items.

For retro vintage vibes | Geometric Four-Drawer Tallboy

geometric chest of drawers

Pros: Crafted from 100% solid mango wood, unique Nordic-style legs

Cons: Smaller size means limited storage space, geometric print may not be to everyone’s taste

Size: H90 x W45 x D38cm

If retro vintage vibes are your bag, this 4-drawer geometric tallboy is certainly the bureau for you. Crafted from 100% solid mango wood and finished in a fine oak coating, it’s the beautiful, convenient, striking and irreplaceable dresser you didn’t know you needed!

The main features, the two screen printed drawer fronts and four Nordic-style legs only add to its rustic aesthetic and charm, giving this tallboy that extra dimension and character. Standing at a relatively smaller height of 90cm, compared to its competitors, it would be perfectly placed in any attic rooms with lower ceilings, or those with limited floor space.

On the negative front, this chest comes out at a much higher price point than many of its alternatives, and its slighter overall size means that items like bedding, duvets, and blankets may not fit in the smaller compartment drawers. The geometric print, though distinctive and unique, might not be to everyone’s taste, especially if your décor follows a minimalist and simple design.

For a modern and understated look | Narvik Chest of Drawers

narvik chest of drawers

Pros: Five spacious large and deep drawers as standard, range of colours available

Cons: Melamine coating not suitable for those who desire real wood, no handle style may not be for everyone

Size: H121 x W60 x D40cm

This tall, narrow chest of drawers would make an attractive addition to any sanctuary or storage space. A modern and elegant bureau, the Narvik is polished with a high gloss contemporary finish, with sleek handleless drawers that really complete the look. Five 12cm-deep sections provide ample space for all your linen and tidying needs, without appearing clunky or cumbersome in your home. 

Like many tallboy models, the Narvik is crafted from strong and durable premium MDF (multiple density particleboard), which is available in a choice of five glossy lacquer and matte wooden colour options: rustic oak, Sonoma oak, matte grey, matte white, or gloss white. 

Regrettably, its simple style and design isn’t suitable for every design scheme and décor, and can tend to look unimpressive in elaborate or decorative rooms. This obviously isn’t an issue if the chest is to be discreetly hidden, but it’s certainly worth considering if matching furnishings are your idea of heaven. Its 121cm height may also present a problem if space is a concern.

To lighten and brighten rooms | Sonoma Oak Seven-Drawer Narrow Chest

sonoma chest of drawers

Pros: Laminated board resistant to scratches and damage, tall structure can be easily tucked away

Cons: Self-assembly required, non-solid oak may look cheaper and inferior

Size: H112 x W50 x D35cm

This oak chest of drawers is perhaps the best example of a space-saving storage solution. Not only is it narrow and tall, standing at a height of 114cm, it also features seven (yes, seven!) handy drawers – perfect for clearing all your bedroom clutter without compromising on space. At a depth of only 34cm, it’s the convenient piece of furniture you’ve been looking for.

Perfect for bedrooms and living areas alike, this Sonoma oak chest is of extremely high-quality and craftsmanship, featuring beautifully modern drawer fronts that easily glide across smooth metal runners. The gorgeous silver handles are seamless and sleek, effortlessly harmonising with the lighter wood aesthetic. Best of all, the laminated board is incredibly easy to clean (ideal for the minor spillages and heat damage), and is resistant to damage, scratches, moisture and high temperatures.

On the downside, the oak-grained melamine material may seem cheaper compared to some of the other solid wood models on this list. The Sonoma also requires self-assembly, which could be a cause for concern if space or time is limited.

For lavish opulence and class | Charles Bentley Mirrored Glass Tallboy

Charles chest of drawers

Pros: Chic and sophisticated design, matching console and bedside tables available

Cons: Over-tightening of handles may cause cracking, mirrored glass frontage is incredibly fragile

Size: H100 x W40 x D30cm

This tall, slim chest of drawers screams luxury and sumptuousness throughout. With a contemporary design, 5-drawer capacity and chrome-effect handles, it really delivers on the visual and convenient fronts combined, becoming the chic and sophisticated tallboy that only dreams are made of!

It’s top-quality 4mm bevelled glass exterior is lavish and opulent, and the matching console and bedside tables would make those perfect finishing touches to your boujee boudoir. Further benefiting from the Charles Bentley name, which itself has been established since 1860, you’re sure to find plush and superior characteristics in their higher-end furniture (this dresser included). 

On a slightly more negative note, however, the handles on this tallboy require self-assembly, which may cause issues for the more heavy-handed among you. Owing to its fragile mirror-lined exterior, over-tightening of these fixtures may cause cracking and damage, so be sure to exercise caution when screwing or securing them in. This downside continues in the everyday use of the Charles Bentley, as the delicate material can be easily smashed, fractured or splintered. Be aware of this when placing heavier items on top, or moving the tallboy around, and watch out for unattractive finger marks too – they’re a nightmare to wipe down!

For a darker interior aesthetic | Charles Bentley Loxley Chest of Drawers

dark tallboy drawers

Pros: Matching models available, eye-catching statement piece of furniture

Cons: Black painted finish may not be to everyone’s taste, more expensive than its competitors 

Dimensions: H100 x W50 x D38cm

The Charles Bentley Loxley is slick and streamlined, the perfect addition to homes of darker interior décors and furniture. Like it’s mirrored cousin, this chest of drawers comes with a range of matching models to complete the unified look in your bedroom. As statement pieces of unusual and exclusive renown, they’re sure to turn your home into the sumptuous palace you’ve always wanted. 

With its smooth black colours, prominent gold handles and fir wood top, this tallboy is quirky, classy, and cool. Coming in at a weight of 19kg, it’s sturdy, durable and strong, and incredibly easy to clean should any unwanted stains or imperfections arise. With a 5-drawer capacity, there’s space going spare to store all your unsightly clutter. What more could anyone ask for?

Unfortunately, the Loxley is far more expensive than many of its contenders, and may seem a bit steep if you’re not completely set on the darker exterior colour. It is also constructed from MDF, so may not be the best choice if you prefer natural, wood-finished furniture.

Closing the drawer on tallboys

closing drawers

We hope you’ve enjoyed this foray into the world of furniture, and have been enlightened on the best space-saving bureaus our website has to offer. If you require more information on how to choose the perfect chest of drawers for your home, or want to explore other examples of dressers and accessories available, why not browse our blog and buyer’s guide resources? Packed with helpful tips, tricks and advice on how to kit out your home, it won’t be long before you're unwinding in the beautiful boudoir of your dreams. 

Please note: the information in this buyer’s guide is correct at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.