Best Hoverboards To Choose In 2020

Published: 18/11/2020
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Extremely entertaining, easy to use and a ridiculous amount of fun, hoverboards are the futuristic gizmo that every home needs! Also known as self-balancing boards, segways, swegways and scooters, you can whiz around on your stylish and agile board trying out tricks to entertain yourself or impress friends.

As cars become a major source of pollution and traffic increases, you can make a difference by swapping to these nimble electric hoverboards. With continued use, you’ll notice a distinct and welcomed saving on both your time and money, often frittered away on extra or unnecessary transportation costs.

Usually designed as lightweight and portable, these nifty gadgets can be taken anywhere as many of them come complete with compact storage bags. Popular with not only kids, but also an increasing number of adults, the best hoverboards on the market are quickly being snapped up!

Are hoverboards legal in the UK?

You don’t have to worry about getting nicked just because you’re on a hoverboard! However, thanks to an age-old law (The 1835 Highways Act) that was introduced centuries ago, there are unfortunately a few limitations on where you can whip out your hoverboard.

Sadly, riding a hoverboard on UK pavements and public roads is illegal, however there are no limitations on using them on private property or in your own home. As such, you can still make the most of your hoverboard in these areas without breaking the law.

Are hoverboards actually safe to use?

Short answer, yes hoverboards are totally safe to use... when used appropriately. For the sake of others and your own safety, hoverboards must only be used as instructed by the manufacturer and should not be used in an irresponsible or dangerous manner.

As with all potentially injury-causing activities, you should always make sure you’re suited and booted with all the appropriate safety gear! Helmets, knee and elbow pads are especially recommended as you get to grips with balancing on your hoverboard.

Sadly, there are also plenty of knock-off hoverboards out there in the UK market which are often not safety-certified and pose a worrying risk to your own well-being. To avoid this troubling issue, always check that the hoverboard you’re buying has either been UL-2272 certified or features a CE marking (ensuring it meets a stringent set of health and safety standards).

Another easy way to tell that your goods are genuine is that they’ll come complete with a UK charger and plug. Not only is this much more convenient for safely charging at home, but you’ll also have the added benefit of knowing that your new mode of transportation is completely safe to use.

How to choose a hoverboard


Picking out the perfect hoverboard is by no means simple, but luckily you’ve got us to help guide you through it. Whether you’re searching for an exciting birthday present or changing up your commute, we’ll ensure that your hoverboard is perfectly suited for your intended purpose.

Determining the user

Firstly, decide who will be using the hoverboard - the weight of the user is super important to choosing the right board. Standard models of hoverboard tend to feature 7 inch wheels that can normally accommodate up to 100-kilograms of weight.

Hoverboard enthusiasts that weigh more than this may want to consider opting for boards that have larger, 8 inch to 10 inch wheels. These more substantial boards are not only more suitable for riders up to 120-kilograms, but they can also handle rougher terrain much easier.

Choosing a hoverboard environment

When contemplating a hoverboard purchase, figuring out where to use your new board is another aspect to take into consideration. Whilst 7 inch and below wheels provide you with an often lighter and more compact board, the modest wheels often struggle to operate on grassy or choppy ground, smoothly gliding on flat, even surfaces instead.

As a result, if you’re planning to take your shiny new toy on more rugged terrain, larger wheels are certainly the better option. They can effortlessly navigate any bumps or lumps in the road without jolting or throwing you off.

Picking a price range

Another area to consider is your budget. Sadly, the more advanced boards tend to come with heavier price tags, but it’s not all about the money. As you’ll find out in this guide, there’s still plenty of fantastic and affordable hoverboards to choose from that won’t break the bank.

However, if you do prefer to splash out on your gizmos, we have a few hoverboards that might just take your fancy. Packed with eccentric and eye-catching features, these titans of innovative technology will have you reaching for your wallet!

Do you have a need for speed?

If your main motivation behind obtaining a hoverboard is to feel the wind in your hair as you whizz past your friends, you’ll need to choose a board with a powerful motor and a high miles per hour potential!

Standard motors are powered by 300-Watts and tend to increase with size. If you’re looking for a more powerful model, check out the hoverboards that boast dual-motors, packing a 500 or 750 Watt punch to propel you along.

Our top ten ultimate hoverboards

Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of our favourite hoverboards that’ll send you straight into the future. We check out the best hoverboards ranging from the ultra-techy Bluetooth, stylish and music-blaring hoverboards as well more unconventional styles you’ll be excited to try out.

We helpfully highlight the wheel size, speed, weight capacity, price and other attractive features of ten of our favourite hoverboard models to show you what to look out for. Intrigued to find out more? You should be.

Get the party started: Right Choice Classic Hoverboard With Adjustable Hoverkart


Pros - Flashing lights, built-in Bluetooth speakers, includes an adjustable hoverkart, affordable

Cons - On the bulkier side, small 6.5 inch tyres

Bright lights surround the circumference of both wheels on this brightly-coloured Bluetooth hoverboard. Finished off with a high-quality built-in speaker system, you can flick through your favourite tracks as you cruise around your home.

This flashy hoverboard supports up to 100-kilograms of weight and is especially useful if your sense of balance is a bit rusty! You can easily connect the included hoverkart to the board for a much more stable addition that allows you to (literally!) take a seat as you control the board.

At an affordable price, this transforming hoverboard/kart makes a wonderful present for children as the board can grow with them. Young children can start off using the kart then transition to the hoverboard once they feel confident enough.

Comfortably reaching impressive speeds up to 7 miles per hour, you’ll be propelled along by the mighty 350W motor. Complete with a UK adaptor and charger, the recommended 2-3 hours of charging provides you a generous amount of running time!

If this sounds like the board for you, be aware that the 6.5 inch tyres are deemed smaller than standard and may therefore have issues overcoming bumps. It’s recommended that this classic hoverboard is only used on smooth surfaces (think shopping centre style).

Inspired by F1 supercars but also child-friendly: The F1 Gyroor Hoverboard


Pros - Adjustable LED lights and Bluetooth speaker, app control, reaches speeds up to 9.95mph, 2 x 350W motors, Samsung battery cells, UL-2272 certified, child protection mode

Cons - On the bulky side

Inspired by Formula One racing supercars, you can coast along on this colour-changing Bluetooth hoverboard reaching riveting speeds of up to nearly 10 miles per hour! Complete with high-quality Samsung battery cells, the battery is fully removable for quick and easy charging.

Connect to the app and pick your favourite tracks and colours using the handy colour wheel, gently slide your finger around the wheel until you discover the perfect shade to match your mood! Using the app, you can also enable child protection mode, alongside tracking your battery status and speed so you’re always in control.

Perfect for children, you can activate the handy child protection mode in a matter of minutes if you’re looking for a child-appropriate hoverboard. Complete with a UL-2272 safety certification, you’ll feel reassured by the high-quality construction and dedication to achieving stringent health and safety requirements.

The only slight downside is that this F1-inspired hoverboard is on the bulky side and is therefore not quite as fuss-free to transport. However, it does come with a convenient handle neatly integrated into the sleek design. Often sold out, you’d be lucky to get your hands on one of these!

The sleek and stylish model: Red Chic IO Bluetooth Hoverboard


Pros - Ultra-modern design, built-in LED lights and Bluetooth speaker, portable, reaches speeds up to 12mph, powerful 500W motor, remote control capability, affordable

Cons - Small 6.5 inch tyres

Don’t let the deceptively small tyre size put you off, this stylish hoverboard model can still reach impressive speeds of up to 12 miles per hour. So, if it’s speed you’re after, you need look no further! With a built-in Bluetooth speaker to sweeten the deal, what more could you want?

Expertly overcoming inclines up to 30 degrees, it can easily navigate steep slopes that most hoverboards struggle to defeat. Thanks to the mighty 500W dual-motor, speedsters and thrill-seekers alike can fly into motion as they flit past enjoying their favourite tunes.

However, bear in mind that the 6.5 inch tyres are most suitable to be used on super smooth and even surfaces, as they’ll have difficulty conquering choppy terrain such as grass. Included with this snazzy hoverboard is a convenient remote control locking key to deter theft.

Complete with two external LED lights for visibility no matter the time of day, this contemporary hoverboard design is lightweight, easily portable and designed to keep you safe. Simply pop it into the included carry bag for safe and secure storage when it’s not in use.

For Easy Outdoor Exploration: Bluefin Beast All Terrain Hoverboard


Pros - Gyro-sensors, all-terrain tyres, Samsung battery cells, silent motors, built-in app

Cons - More practical than stylish, on the more expensive side

Despite the more expensive price tag, keen explorers might want to bag this hoverboard bargain as soon as possible. With the rare hoverboard ability of being capable of traverse all terrains, the thick 8.5 inch, cross-country wheels provide an impressive amount of traction.

You might miss the sleek lines of more streamlined models, but for what it lacks in style it more than makes up for it with an impressive amount of substance. Silently travelling at 9 miles per hour, you’ll achieve more than you thought possible with the German-engineered 250W motor.

Boasting a superb 6 hours of riding time from just one speedy 2 hour charge, thanks to the long-lasting Samsung battery you can focus on creating treasured memories and adventures. With an integrated Bluetooth 2.0 speaker you can set the tone via the app for all your journeys. 

Complete with ultra-sensitive gyro-sensors for precise and responsive movement, you can explore rocky, rough and gravelly areas without worrying about getting stuck or breaking your hoverboard. Rugged and submersible, experienced explorers can enjoy a lifetime of exploits.

The fireproof model: The Swegwayfun Fireproof Swift Hoverboard


Pros - Samsung battery cells, 350W dual-motor, reaches speeds up to 8mph, IP54 water resistant, UL-2272 certified, fireproof, affordable

Cons - Small 6.5 inch wheels, no built-in speaker system

This fireproof hoverboard is undoubtedly awesome (yes, it really is fireproof) and it’s designed by a famous italian motor designer which makes it even cooler. The sleek black and silver colour palette adds to the modern, streamlined design of this stylish hoverboard.

Incorporating high-quality Samsung battery cells and certified with a UL-2272 safety rating, you can rely on this aluminium board to provide you with long-lasting running time for years to come. With an impressive IP54 protection rating, this board is also highly resistant to splashing water and infiltrating dust.

The impressive 350W dual-motors allow you to reach considerable speeds of up to 8 miles per hour and gracefully manage 25-degree inclines. Despite the compact 6.5 inch wheels, the only aspect that would make this hoverboard even better is an in-built Bluetooth speaker system.

The skateboard hybrid: Onewheel Pint Electric Skateboard


Pros - Reach speeds up to 16mph, powerful 750W HyperCore motor, LED light bar, app compatible

Cons - Super pricey, not your traditional hoverboard

If you’re searching for a slightly less conventional hoverboard, this skateboard/hoverboard combination might be just what you’re looking for. Boasting one of the most powerful 750W HyperCore motors on the hoverboard market, you’ll effortlessly achieve speeds up to 16 miles per hour.

Driven by a reliable Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide battery, the controls are incredibly easy. Just lean forward to accelerate and shift your weight backwards to decelerate or stop - yes, it’s really that simple! The substantial 10.5 inch Vega Kart tyre ensures your ride is stable and smooth even as you conquer rough ground.

For convenient access to the board’s battery life and Simplestop activation, the lightbar menu is located at the front of the skateboard. Fully charged in under two hours, you can travel up to 18 miles before an extra energy boost is required.

If you’re willing to splash the cash on your gadgets and can overlook the eye-opening price tag, this unconventional hoverboard is certainly worth your consideration. Thanks to the lightweight design and disappearing handle, the Onewheel Pint Electric Skateboard can be taken to any location with ease.

Built for an adventure-seeker: Right Choice Challenger Basic Camouflage Hoverboard


Pros - 8.5 inch tyres, 3rd generation sensors, built-in LED lights and Bluetooth speaker, 120kg capacity, reaches speeds up to 9mph speeds, affordable

Cons - Less stylish than sleeker models

As you can see from our extensive list of pros and rather barren cons column, this Challenger hoverboard comes with a host of vital elements alongside some delightful added bonuses.

An impressive 120-kilogram weight capacity makes this board ideal for adults, larger riders and thrill-seekers as this hoverboard can reach exciting speeds up to 9 miles per hour.

There’s no way you won’t be spotted (despite the camouflage design) on this all-singing and all-dancing Bluetooth hoverboard! Simply connect to your smartphone to play your favoured tracks as you ride.

Designed with substantial 8.5 inch tyres and 3rd generation sensors, navigating rougher terrain will be a cinch on this hoverboard. Ideal for outdoor adventures, you can confidently explore slopes up to 15-degrees without worrying that this board won’t be able to handle it.

For even greater control, this hoverboard can be app-controlled and comes with an array of reassuring built-in safety features. This includes a speed alarm that alerts you when you're going too fast, as well as explosion-proof tyres and full circuit protection.

The all-rounder: Ninebot Segway MiniPro Hoverboard


Pros - Bluetooth control, knee control, 10.5” wheels, UL-2272 certified, reaches speeds of 10mph

Cons - No speaker system, on the expensive side

This Segway MiniPro hoverboard is packed full of all the important features you could need! Using the remote controls, you can connect your smartphone to this Bluetooth hoverboard and control it without even stepping a foot onto the board.

Functioning at up to 10 miles per hour, the only slight grumble we have is it doesn’t include a built-in speaker system and is a little bit pricey than other hoverboard models, but in the grand scheme of things we’re willing to let these slide...

This lightweight hoverboard is constructed from aircraft grade magnesium alloy and comes fully UL-2272 safety certified for your peace of mind while using. Not to mention, the substantial 10.5” pneumatic tyres can expertly handle rough and bumpy terrain thanks to their shock-absorbing military grade design.

Boasting a practical pull-out handle, you can easily lead this hoverboard through public areas as it navigates 15-degree slopes with ease. Complete with an innovative knee control bar, this hoverboard gives you precise movement and balance with a max speed of a breezy ten miles per hour! 

Set the protective vehicle lock using the App for when you’re away from this pricey hoverboard to keep it safe and secure. If anyone tries to move your anti-theft board, it’ll send an immediate alert to your phone.

For automatic balancing: Smart Balance Hoverboard


Pros - Super powerful 700W motor, Samsung battery cells, automatic balancing, reaches speeds of up to 11mph, built-in Bluetooth speakers, affordable, 120kg weight capacity

Cons - Non-pneumatic tyres, 6.5inch tyres

Boosted by an incredibly powerful 700W motor and high-quality Samsung battery cells, you’ll hurtle along easily reaching speeds up to 11 miles per hour. With a generous 120-kilogram weight capacity and 45-degree tilting function, adults and children alike can enjoy this durable board.

At an affordable price, you’ll benefit from handy automatic balancing - ideal for people who struggle to keep their balance. This striking red hoverboard provides you with added support as you become accustomed to the slight adjustments required to control your board.

Like many of the best hoverboards, this Smart Balance board comes complete with an integrated Bluetooth speaker and LED lights, to keep you visible and safe during the darker hours. Play your favourite tracks as you glide through your home with minimal effort.

Again, the slightly smaller than standard 6.5 inch, non-pneumatic wheels means you can’t take this compact and streamlined hoverboard onto rough ground. For best results, opt for smooth and even surfaces such as vinyl, hardwood or low pile carpet.

The unconventional hover skates: Segway Drift W1


Pros - Lightweight, portable, reaches speeds of 7.5mph, smart battery management

Cons - Cannot be remote controlled, no built-in Bluetooth speaker system, on the expensive side

If you’re not immediately excited by the prospect of a hoverboard, why not try hover skates? This pair of lightweight and affordable hovering skates provide you with all the fun of a hoverboard multiplied by two! 

Simplicity at its finest, these smart and modern skates strip back unnecessary speakers and flashing lights to reveal effortless movement. Packed with safety features and smart battery management, these e-skates value substance above inessential stylish elements.

Reaching impressive speeds of up to 7.5 miles per hour, you can whizz by friends and family as you learn to spin, turn and try out countless more tricks. With 45 minutes of running time from just one charge, these hover skates can easily climb ten degree angles.

Complete with a handy UK charger and plug, the sleek Segway Drift W1 skates have a 100-kilogram weight capacity and are suitable for children from the age of six years old. This might be the one if you’re shopping for an extra special, action-packed birthday present for your little one.

How to use a hoverboard

Now you’ve picked out your ideal hoverboard companion, you’ll probably need to learn how to use it, and we can help with that too! Before jumping onto your brand new board, first check that it’s fully charged and placed on an even surface. 

If you’re feeling a bit nervous about your first attempt or often lose your balance, it’s a good idea to stay close to stabilising objects, such as a sturdy table or countertop to keep yourself upright should things go pear-shaped!

Step onto your board using your dominant foot and quickly follow with the other. Once you’re balanced and feel comfortable, ensure there are no injury-inducing obstacles around and try taking it for a spin!

To actually move, the basic controls are super simple to understand. Moving forwards is easily achieved by adjusting your weight to the front of the board while the same conditions apply to moving backwards. 

When turning left and right, the opposite applies. To turn right you move the left sensor and to turn left you move the right-hand side. Even if these instructions sound a little counter-intuitive, you’ll quickly get used to the controls once you’re on the hoverboard. All it takes is a little practice!

Our final thoughts

As you’ll have discovered, there’s an awful lot more that goes into selecting the perfect hoverboard than just the colour or how fast it can go! Purchasing from a trusted retailer as well as ensuring it’s safe to use and appropriate for the rider, are all simple steps you can take to protect yourself, relax and let your hair down.

Guaranteed to bring joy and laughter into anyone's life, you can work on tricks and stunts or simply enjoy the perks of effortless transportation. Now you know all the best hoverboards available in 2020, we better grab ours before they’re all gone!

Be sure to also check out the endless list of accessories that you can purchase with your new Hoverboard

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