Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under £10

Published: 09/12/2020
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It’s that time of the year again where we all dig into the mystery hat, pull out a name and discover who we’ll be buying a Secret Santa gift for! Over the years, this fun and festive activity has become a not-to-be-missed tradition among friends, family and co-workers, usually descending into a chaotic chorus of raucous laughter, oohs and aahs as each surprise gift is unwrapped and the Secret Santa is revealed. 

What is Secret Santa?

Secret Santa is a festive game of mystery, suspense and surprise, where groups of people (friends, family, co-workers, etc.) draw a name at random to reveal the person they have to buy a gift for that year. The number one rule of the game is to not reveal the identity of the person receiving your gift until they’ve unwrapped it and had the opportunity to guess who their Secret Santa is – the guessing is as much fun as receiving the gift itself, so resist temptation and keep shtum right up until the last minute! 

The beauty of Secret Santa is that you don’t need to know the person who’ll be receiving your gift too well, as you always have the option to go for something a little more cheeky, funny or basic, depending on your budget. Plus, though it may be flouting the rules ever so slightly, you do have the option of reaching out to someone closer to that person to get some inspiration – just be sure that they can be trusted with keeping a secret first!


Cheap Secret Santa gifts

Not only is Secret Santa a fun and exciting game, but it’s great for saving the pennies too, requiring you to buy a present for only one person in the group as opposed to each individual member. Before getting the game started, it’s a good idea to agree on a maximum spend to make sure you’re all on the same page. To ensure that everyone can get in on the fun, regardless of their budget, your best bet is to opt for the £5-10 bracket. Once you’ve established your budget, you can let the gift buying frenzy begin!

If you’re stumped for ideas, don’t panic: we’ve put together a handy list of some of the best Secret Santa gifts that you can nab for under £10! So, whether you’re buying for your mum, bestie, co-worker or boss, we’ve got a tree-mendous selection of inexpensive gifts to help you bring the wow factor this Christmas.

To make your life even easier, we’ve focused our gift guide into three different categories, so you can jump right in and discover the perfect present for whoever your gift recipient is this year:

  • Gifts for friends
  • Gifts for family
  • Gifts for co-workers

Let the festive fun begin!

Gifts for friends

The beauty of doing Secret Santa with your friends, particularly your tight-knit group of pals, is that you don’t have to worry about drawing the name of someone you don’t know too well. You’ll likely have a fairly solid idea of what your friends are into and, if so, you’ll already have a baseline to work off – and that’s over half of the hard work done before you’ve even started!

Having said that, if you’re still at a loss for ideas, our curated selection of cheap Secret Santa gifts is sure to help you on your way to securing the perfect gift for your amigo. We’ve got everything from indulgent treats that are as sweet as their recipient to spa-worthy accessories for self-care fanatics and even games that you can all get stuck into together. So sit back, relax, and let us take all the hassle out of the gift buying process for you.

Dog Selfies – Charlie Ellis - £6.86

Dog Selfie

From the adorable to the downright ridiculous, this hilarious hardback book is jam-packed from cover to cover with paw-some selfies and cackle-worthy captions that’s sure to have any dog-lover doubled over.

This little book makes a wonderfully unique addition to any existing library collection and is bound to provide hours of giggles and enjoyment to its recipient – sure to make you the top dog of all the other Secret Santas!

Gift Republic Activity & Decision Dice Novelty Gift - £4.99


If you and your friends can never quite decide what to do when you hang out, why spend ages wracking your brain and squabbling when you could just let a dice decide for you instead?

Thanks to this fantastic gift, you can go from being bored stiff to enjoying an action-packed day of fun in just a matter of seconds! Each side of the dice features a different and exciting activity for you to get stuck into, with everything from having a pamper day to baking a cake, going shopping and more – you’ll never be bored again!

Gift Republic Boys Night Out - £4.99

Lads Lads Lads
Add an exciting new twist to the classic game of dares with this audacious card game – perfect for a night out with the lads! Featuring 100 different fun and fearless challenges, this game is sure to test even the most daring of your mates, providing you with hours of hilarity to come. The rules are simple: who dares, wins. This gift is guaranteed to bring hilarity to every night out (or in!), but be warned, as the giver of this gift, you may be the first in the firing line to face a challenge. Are you game?

Funtime Melting Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Bomb - £5.80

Choccie Bomb

There’s truly nothing better than slipping on some cosy pyjamas, getting tucked up under a blanket, popping on a cutesy Christmas movie and enjoy a tasty hot chocolate – and this chocolate bomb is sure to take all those indulgent moments up a notch!

Stuffed inside this chocolate bomb is an ooey gooey marshmallow surprise that floats to the surface as the chocolate melts, creating a decadent and delicious drink that’s sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

LED Electric Essential Oils Aroma Diffuser - £8.49

aroma diffuser

If your friend is into all things self-care, they’re sure to be absolutely delighted with this fabulous aroma diffuser – the ultimate accessory to get you basking in a deep sense of relaxation for hours and hours!

All you have to do is fill the diffused with water, add a couple of drops of your favourite essential oils and let this fantastic piece of kit work its magic! Not only does this diffuser release any sumptuous, room-filling scent of your choosing, but it also helps to humidify your living space to prevent stuffy air which could leave you feeling under the weather, particularly during the winter months.

Plus, with a price of only £8.49, you’ll still have enough money left over to grab your pal some inexpensive spa accessories to pair with your purchase, sweet!

Gifts for family

Doing Secret Santa with your family is a great way of minimising costs over the festive period, particularly if you have a very large family to buy for.

Whether you’re looking for a touching present for your parents, a thoughtful gift for your grandparents, a fun treat for your siblings or a crowd-pleasing item for your more distant relatives, here’s some fool-proof gift ideas that are sure to put you on the nice list this Christmas!

Style & Grace Utopia Pamper Me Gorgeous Gift Set - £9.49

Spa Set

Nothing says Christmas quite like a gift set and, when it comes to getting your hands on a present that everyone’s bound to love, you really can’t go wrong with one of these indulgent little kits.

Exploding with elegance, feminine charm and sumptuous scents, the Pamper Me Gorgeous gift set by the relaxation masters at Style & Grace is sure to be a winner with any luxurious lady in your life, from your mum to your grandmother, sister and beyond!

Packed inside this fully-loaded gift set is a deeply nourishing body wash, buttery body lotion, fragrant bubble bath, super-sparkly bath bomb and a revitalising body scrub buff, providing all the bits and bobs that anyone could ever need to sink into a spa-worthy pamper session from the comfort of their own home whenever they fancy.

When the glamorous girl in your life finds this gift under the Christmas tree this year, she’s sure to feel like a million dollars!

Hamiltons Ivory Luxury Belgian Ballotin 12 Handmade Chocolates Gift Box - £8.60


On the subject of total crowd-pleasers, there’s nothing quite like a selection box of choccies! But, why opt for your bog-standard box of chocs from the supermarket shelves when you could show your family member how much you love them with an indulgent box of handmade goodies?

Containing an assortment of 12 moreish morsels, this tempting selection box has something for every chocolate-lover to enjoy sinking their teeth into, from tasty truffles smothered in a rich dark chocolate coating to ultra-decadent chocolate creams and more.

This decadent delight makes the perfect gift for any chocaholic in your family, ideal for everyone from your sister to your cousin, nephew, grandma and more. Be warned though, with a gift this tantalising, they won’t want to share, so you might need to get a box for yourself while you’re at it!

BARBER PRO Rejuvenating Mask Set - £9.95

beard kit

We’ve had a gift set for the girls, now here’s a great option for the boys in the family, too! Just like the hair on your head, beards need a touch of TLC to keep them looking their best – and with this gorgeous rejuvenating mask set, any bearded gent can achieve that just-stepped-out-of-the-barbers look with ease!

This surprisingly inexpensive gift set comes with three deeply nourishing products to help any sophisticated man look sharp before heading off on a night out, including a foaming face mask, moisturising face mask and de-puffing eye masks. Enriched with natural ingredients, including activated charcoal and volcanic ash, this set will bring him closer to nature, making him feel just as good as he looks.

(Single) Dreamscene Luxury Faux Fur Warm Fleece Blanket - £8.99


When it comes to spending family time together, nothing beats popping on a good ol’ movie and snuggling up on the sofa underneath an oh-so soft blanket – and once your gift recipient feels their Dreamscene faux mix throw blanket, they won’t ever want to get out of it!

Coming in a whole host of irresistible colours, from velvety nude browns to eye-catching mustards, you can pick up the perfect blanket to suit each and every style, sure to add a sumptuous touch to any home.

From your nan to your dad, sister, uncle and more, this gift is bound to delight anyone who receives it. Just don’t let anyone else catch on to this idea – they may steal it for themselves!

Dobble Card Game - £8.56

dobble game

For a gift that you’re going to love just as much as the person who you give it to, look no further than Dobble, the boredom-busting family game that’s sure to inject fun into every family night in!

Christmas is the perfect time to get the family together, so why not give a gift that you can all enjoy?That’s where this action-packed card game comes in! An exciting game of speed and observation, this card game will provide you and your loved ones hours of enjoyment to come, sure to become a must-play at every big family event.

Once your recipient has unwrapped this fun-filled gift, you can dive straight in and let the fun begin – that’s the Christmas entertainment this year covered, win-win!

Gifts for co-workers

Buying gifts for colleagues can be a tricky one, as you may draw a name of someone you barely even know. When it comes to buying a Secret Santa gift for your co-worker, you need to consider your relationship with that person and the level of professionalism you need to uphold. While some workplaces encourage banter between colleagues, others lean towards a more professional custom, so to cover yourself, give this a bit of thought before setting your sights on any particular gift.

Whatever your workplace standard is, you can still have a little bit of fun with your Secret Santa gift – just remember to keep it appropriate! To make your life easier, we’ve put together some of the most universally-loved Secret Santa gifts that are perfect for everyone – even the big boss themselves!

ELAGO Black AirPod Silicone Case - £8.35

silicone case

From listening to music to taking important business calls, AirPods are a common accessory found in most offices. Help your teammate’s AirPods case stand out from the rest with this sleek and stylish silicone cover.

Particularly good for the more butter-finger-prone members of the team, this case provides shock-absorbing protection that prevents dinks, scratches and scrapes which can stop the case performing as it should.

Functional, fashionable and personal to their specific requirements, this is an all-round crowd-pleaser that’s sure to bring joy to any recipient this Christmas – you can’t go wrong!

LED Wireless Optical Mouse – 2.4GHZ - £9.55

computer mouse

Upgrade your teammate’s tech gear with this ultra-stylish, LED computer mouse – sure to make them the envy of all the office.

This tempting piece of tech is packed with integrated colour-changing LED lights which can be switched at just the touch of a button. Boasting its specially designed, ergonomic shape, this fabulous accessory provides both comfort and style, adding a touch of oomph to any dull workspace crying out for a little bit of character.

Who said office gear had to be boring?

Basket Case Headband Hoop Game - £7.10

basket case

Liven up the office with Basket Case, the catch and throw game with a fun and totally ridiculous twist!

The rules of the game are simple, one player wears the basketball-inspired headband hoop and tries to catch as many balls in the net as possible. How many balls can you get in the hoop whilst trying to keep your dignity?

This makes a hilarious game for office parties, a unique team building exercise or a fun five minute activity to combat the midweek slump, perfect for the office clown or fun-loving manager!

Kabalo Black Electric Portable Food Warmer – 1.5L - £9.45

heating lunchbox

Though a lunch box may not be the first thing that springs into mind when you’re thinking about a Secret Santa gift for a co-worker, trust us on this one – this is the lunchbox to beat them all!

This amazing piece of kit does all the things your bog-standard lunchbox does, but comes with one handy feature that really sets it aside from the rest – two heated compartments which warm your lunch up for you, right at your desk! With this fantastic portable food warmer, your colleague can say goodbye to the queues for the microwave and tuck into all their favourite leftovers and lunch creations in just a matter of minutes.

This revolutionary lunchtime essential makes a perfect Secret Santa gift for any foodie. In fact, it’s so good, you’ll want one yourself!

Stainless Steel Self-Stirring Mug - £9.00

self stirring mug

Everyone enjoys a brew to see them through the workday – and this novelty self-stirring mug is the ultimate gift for any tea or coffee addict!

As if by magic (with the touch of a button), this unique mug stirs its contents, incorporating all the milk, sugar, tea or coffee together to craft the most beautifully blended brews every single time. Instead of searching round the office kitchen for ages to find a spoon, just plop in your drink of choice, fill it up with water and let the mug do all the hard work for you. Made of hardy stainless steel, this mug is built to last, providing years of brew-stirring magic to come – it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

When your colleague unwraps this present, they won’t be able to wait to make their first cuppa and see the magic for themselves!

One of the best things about Secret Santa is the mystery and fun of the entire process, from the drawing of names right up until the big reveal at the end. Also, with the spirit of surprise in mind, it’s often tons more fun for both you and the recipient to opt for a gift that’s totally out of the box and wild. So, if you’re stumped on what to get as your Secret Santa gift this year, just let your imagination run wild – the more weird and wonderful, the better! Though, if you are in need of a little extra help, check out our carefully curated collection of Christmas gifts under £15. 

With all these cheap Secret Santa gifts (and more!) to discover on OnBuy, you’ll be absolutely spoiled for choice. So instead of fretting about your Secret Santa gift this year, just sit back, relax and let the shopping frenzy begin.