Part of ensuring your beloved pooch is happy and healthy is making sure they have the perfect place to rest their head after a long day of chasing squirrels and playing fetch! Whether you own a dotty Dalmatian, a terrific little Yorkshire Terrier, or an adorable Alsatian, giving your furry best friend their own dog bed is just one of the ways you can prove how much you love them. 

In this guide, we’ll discuss the reasons behind why you should treat your pooch to a dog bed, the numerous styles available, and the various factors to consider when purchasing one for your canine pal. To inspire you, we’ll finish off by rounding up our top ten dog beds suitable for a wide array of pampered pups and their personal snoozing needs.

Why does your dog need its own bed?

sleeping puppy

While you may believe an ultra-soft blanket or a common, household cushion provides your pup with enough comfort to effortlessly drift off to sleep, the right dog bed has an array of extra benefits. From creating a feeling of security and helping to keep your home clean, a dog bed can be advantageous for both your home and pet.

First and foremost, a dedicated sleeping area gives your pooch a place of its own when they need to relax or calm down. Whether they become anxious when you entertain guests or need to embrace their natural territorial instinct, a dog bed can help them to feel secure and give them a sense of belonging when they need it the most.

Not to mention, while a fluffy dog blanket might seem adequate on its own, a dog bed can provide additional padding and support to make sure your furry best friend drifts off into a deeper and more satisfying sleep. Some dog beds even boast waterproof or machine washable properties, making them easier to keep clean and more suitable for your pet.

When it comes to keeping your home clean, a dog bed can help you fight back against pet fur, dirt, and dander build-up across your home by giving your pup a dedicated place to sleep. Especially useful for people who suffer from conditions like asthma or allergic reactions, a dog bed prevents your pooch from sleeping on pillows, sofas, and other surfaces that you and your little ones regularly touch.

What type of dog bed is best?

Perfect dog bed

Just like the many different dog breeds, dog beds come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, materials, and colours to suit every canine and their owner. From ultra-comfy creations for pets that prefer to snuggle to more hard-wearing and robust dog beds that even the most excitable of pups would struggle to destroy, discovering the most suitable sleeping area for your fluffy companion is a cinch.

By way of illustrating, raised dog beds provide firm and even orthopaedic support for your pooch, making this style of bed ideal for senior dogs that need pressure taking off their joints to achieve a more comfortable night’s sleep. The elevated bed also lifts your canine off the floor to help maintain the right temperature and keep them away from floor level draughts and cold, hard flooring.

If you own a dog that generally likes to stretch and dream as they snooze, the most attractive choice is the pillow cushion or mattress-style dog bed. By design, these pillow cushions are flat and feature no edges, allowing dogs to stretch out their legs without feeling cramped. This type of large dog bed is especially suitable for pups that are still growing and might become too big for more restrictive, smaller beds.

For particularly excitable puppies or anxious dogs, calming donut dog beds can drastically improve your pooch’s behaviour. To combat behaviours associated with canine anxiety, such as barking, pacing, panting, and shivering, a calming dog bed is specially designed to give your dog extra warmth and comfort. Super soft and often in a rounded, donut shape, these calming beds can make a real difference to boosting the happiness of your pooch.

Heated dog beds and cushions are also suitable for easing pain in dogs with sore joints and uncomfortable conditions like arthritis. These cosy, heated doggy creations are also ideal if your pooch tends to sleep on cold, hard floors. Particularly sought-after to defend against those chilly winter nights, heated dog beds are also perfect for smaller dogs that may struggle to regulate their own temperature.

How to pick the perfect puppy pad

dog sitting in dog bed

Now you know the various kinds of dog beds on the market right now, there are a few key aspects (as well as comfort) that you need to take into consideration before you pick the perfect pad for your pooch. Start by measuring your pet and bear in mind the bed needs to be slightly larger than your dog to ensure they fit snugly inside (regardless of which unusual position they choose to snooze in!).

Next, you’ll need to double-check the material of your dog’s bed. If you own a puppy that loves to chew or your pooch has a tendency to rip apart their pet beds, it’s a good idea to choose a hard-wearing, durable model as opposed to a super soft dog cushion that can be easily torn up by sharp, canine gnashers. 

As well as the size and material of your pup’s new pad, you should also take into account how old your dog is and whether they have any health conditions that might require extra support or consideration. As they reach their golden years, your pooch may require additional support to take the pressure off their aging joints, so check with your vet prior to picking up a new dog bed.

Before setting your heart on a new haven for your pooch, you should also decide whether the dog bed is going to be used indoors or outdoors. Outdoor beds tend to be purpose-made with the elements in mind and are typically crafted from robust, waterproof materials like plastic. On the flipside, indoor beds are generally more soft and snuggly, coinciding with the plush feel of your home. For example, elevated dog beds are specifically designed to encourage air flow, helping to keep your pooch cool when relaxing in your backyard. The elevated design also prevents the bed from becoming caked in garden dirt and debris, making it easier to maintain. If you want to keep your dog bed outside, an elevated model would be far more suitable than a donut bed, for instance.

OnBuy’s top ten tempting dog beds

top ten dog beds

Just like humans, dogs need a cosy space to rest their heads. They need to rest up for a full day of fun and play, after all! Below we’ve selected ten of our favourite dog beds on the market today, available from some of the biggest names in the business, including PawHut and Bunty.

From luxury dog beds to calming couch creations, and even elevated dog bed variations, you’re sure to find the best dog bed to suit your furry best friend from our paw-some line up. Dive in now to discover an array of snoozing solutions, from practical pads to ultra-cosy models that are sure to set tails wagging!

The best dog bed for pampered pooches | PawHut Plush Grey Dog Couch

pawhut grey dog bed

Pros: Luxury sofa design, sturdy wooden base, removable cushion covers for easy washing, rear pocket for toys

Cons: Only suitable for smaller dogs, graphic print may look busy in some homes

Combining a luxurious style with superior comfort, this elegant dog couch is perfect if your pampered pooch is always napping on the sofa. Why not encourage them to nap on this mini, dog-sized couch instead of spreading pet-related dirt and hair all over your freshly cleaned settee? Constructed from sturdy wood and finished with plush faux fur for a touch of decadence, this dog bed is as comfy as it is reliable.

Featuring a 10kg weight capacity, this patterned pet sofa is suitable for smaller dog breeds only and boasts a grey and white chevron print to complement a variety of interior décor themes. The high sides add a sense of security and comfort that’ll encourage even the pickiest of pooches to opt for their personal sofa instead of yours.

Behind this stylish pet sofa, you’ll find a handy pocket that can be used to neatly store all of your dog’s favourite toys ready for playtime. To make keeping your pup’s pad fresh even easier, it comes complete with a supportive, removable cushion that can be conveniently washed to keep your canine’s bed clean.

Ideal for dogs that love the outdoors | Bunty Waterproof Elevated Dog Bed

bunty elevated dog bed

Pros: Perfect for outdoor or indoor use, sturdy design, available in a range of sizes

Cons: Lacks padding - may need to buy additional cushions for comfort, only available in the one colour

Ideal for using both indoors and in your garden, an elevated dog bed is a fantastic option for keeping you panting pet cool during those warmer months. As touched on earlier, the raised design can expertly fend off dirt and allow air to efficiently circulate around your furry best friend, preventing them from overheating.

Thanks to the raised design, this outdoor dog bed is also perfect for cooler weather too as it lifts your dog off the cold ground, keeping them warm and toasty. Whether you own a Border Collie or a Labrador, this large dog bed can effortlessly accommodate bigger breeds - unlike cushion dog beds that often fall short.

Another popular aspect of this puppy pad is the waterproof design and rust-resistant stainless steel frame. Together, these mean that you can place this dog bed in your garden without worrying about it succumbing to the damaging effects of the fickle British weather. Improved only with a dash of extra comfort, simply pop a blanket on top if your sleepy pooch requires additional support.

The perfect dog bed for stricter budgets | Bunty Snooze Dog Bed

bunty snooze dog bed

Pros: Affordable, available in a wide range of sizes, ultra-soft fleece material, rubber grip base

Cons: Simplistic design, limited support

Treat your pet to a plethora of delightful dreams when you add this affordable dog bed to your cosy abode. Using ultra-soft fleece material, this cushion-style dog bed gives your pooch plenty of room to stretch their legs, change position, and dream to their heart’s content.

Available in a huge variety of sizes, you can pick up the perfect size to suit the breed of your furry companion. Despite the simple design and lack of edges, this mattress-like dog bed comes with a rubber grip base to prevent slipping and sliding on hard floors when you pup becomes extra excited.

Best for keeping your home clean | Crufts Large Waterproof Padded Pet Bed

crufts waterproof dog bed

Pros: Available in three sizes, affordable, all-round practicality, high sides

Cons: Durable polyester isn’t very soft for your pet, no extra large option

Ready to take home in either a small, medium, or large size, this super snug dog bed can keep your pet incredibly cosy throughout the night. Boasting high sides, it provides additional support and helps to reassure your pup by giving them a more private, personal space when compared to flat, mattress-style dog beds.

The padded sides and bottom also help to keep them warm during those cooler winter nights, so they won’t try to sneak under your blanket, duvet, or comforter anymore! This Bunty dog bed is finished with a luxurious exterior in muted, understated colours to ensure it fits perfectly into your welcoming home.

With regards to practicality, this large dog bed is made from extremely durable 100% polyester padded fabric to effortlessly fend off water, oil, and stains. Also fully machine washable, it can be popped into the washing machine with ease whenever it requires a little refresh. A non-slip base adds the finishing touch to this pet bed and prevents your pooch from sliding around their bed.

For those blanket-loving canines | Charley Chau Snuggle Dog Bed

charley chau dog bed

Pros: Cosy, sumptuously soft, machine washable, boasts a range of sizes

Cons: Costly price tag, stitched blanket means you need to buy a slightly larger bed for your dog than usual - may not be suitable if space is limited

If you’re willing to splash a little more cash on your canine, then this ultra-cosy dog bed from Charley Chau is sure to impress your pooch. If your furry friend often tries to snuggle up beneath the covers in your own bed, this doggy-sized alternative is the perfect option.

Available in small, medium, and large to suit almost every breed of dog, this velour dog bed is wonderfully soft against their skin and comes in a selection of beautiful bright colours and a luxurious neutral grey tone. The deep-filled, indulgent mattress means this dog bed can be placed directly onto the floor without making your pooch cold.

Internal walls within the mattress also help to prevent the fibre within from clumping, ensuring it remains as supportive as possible over time. Lined with a faux fur fleece, your pup can crawl inside this dog bed to create a soothing and reassuring environment. Best of all, every component can be machine washed to keep the dog bed feeling clean and fresh.

To check out just how easy it is for you pooch to get cosy inside one of these comforting little beds, take a peek at the quick clip below.

The reassuringly hard-wearing dog bed | Bunty Cosy Couch Mattress Dog Bed

Bunty dog matress

Pros: Supportive rim, thick foam base, three different sizes, hard-wearing

Cons: On the more expensive side, only available in dark colours

Unlike snuggly dog beds that are built for your pup to sink into, this robust dog bed focuses on practicality, providing an incredibly hard-wearing bed for even the most playful of pups. Ideal if you often find your new dog bed purchases looking tired and worn after only a month or so, this robust dog bed is specifically designed to be durable - without compromising on comfort. 

This couch-style creation boasts a polyester-filled rim that gives much-needed support while your pooch is snoozing. Featuring a thick, 4” foam bottom, this cosy mattress dog bed is covered in a hard-wearing canvas material that fends off water, tears, and dirt after those muddy walks in the wilderness.

A long-term solution to keeping your pet as snug as possible, this cosy dog bed also features an anti-slip base that’s ideal for placing on laminate, lino, wooden, and tiled floors. Created by the popular manufacturer, Bunty, this durable dog bed won’t let you down.

Perfect for those chilly nights | Wainwright's Medium Self Heat Square Dog Bed

mainwrights self heat dog bed

Pros: Regulates your pup’s temperature, machine washable

Cons: Fairly expensive, suitable for medium-sized dogs only

No matter what time of year it is, this self-heating dog bed can help your pooch to stay comfortable by regulating their body temperature. When winter comes around, the reflective material in this Wainwright dog bed will reflect some of your pup’s body heat to ensure they stay wonderfully warm throughout the night.

As the weather begins to warm up, simply reverse the machine washable cushion to expose the cooler, soft faux suede to make sure your four-legged companion doesn’t overheat. Place in a corner to avoid unpleasant, floor-level draughts, and your furry best friend is sure to adore this cosy, fabric pet bed all year round.

For effectively calming your canine | Plush Donut Pet Bed For Dogs & Cats

donut dog bed

Pros: Can help keep your pooch calm, ergonomic design, easy to clean, super soft

Cons: Not the most robust, lacks high sides and back - may not be the most supportive if your dog likes to lean against hard surfaces as they sleep

If your pup suffers from anxiety, this ergonomic and calming dog bed can be a real life-saver for your four-legged friend. The ultra-soft, luxuriously long, and irresistibly touchable shag texture provides warmth and comfort that would reassure any hesitant or upset canine.

Simply opt for the colour and size to suit the breed and personality of your pampered pooch, and watch them relax as they sink into the plush padding. Ergonomically designed, the padded donut-style bed adequately supports your pet’s neck, back, and body to provide ultimate relaxation. The only downside is that this pet bed is only available up to 60cm in size and lacks the high sides and backs seen in some of the other models in this guide. While this should be fine for smaller dogs, it may not be suitable for larger breeds that like to lean up against harder surfaces as they snooze.

When it comes to keeping their bed clean from muddy paw prints, you’ll be pleased to hear that this dog bed is effortless to maintain, thanks to the waterproof Oxford cloth bottom. What’s more, it’s wonderfully lightweight, so you can take the cosy comfort wherever you and your canine go!

A paw-fect bed for making you pup feel secure | Bunty Kensington Dog Bed

bunty kensington dog bed

Pros: Affordable price tag, available in a range of sizes, luxurious and soft materials, high sides, machine washable

Cons: Fabric material not the most robust, only available in cream or brown

Blending the most luxurious materials with a classic design that’s specially created to soothe your pooch, this delightful dog bed is sure to set tails wagging. With high sides covered in high-quality suede material, this calming bed is sure to make your pooch feel safe, secure, and totally pampered. Ready to purchase in four different sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect den of zen for your canine companion.

With two neutral colours to choose from, you can opt for either one of these elegant Bunty dog beds - guaranteed to complement your modern interior. After a tiring day of long walks, chasing tennis balls, and playing with their favourite chew toy, your canine best friend will be comforted by the soft fleece lining on this dog bed.

An indestructible dog bed for nibblers | K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Armored Elevated Dog Bed

chew proof dog bed

Pros: Virtually indestructible, easy-to-clean, elevated, can be used indoors and outdoors, wide range of sizes

Cons: Rather expensive, lacks comfy padding

No matter what your pup throws at this sturdy dog bed, you can rely on this virtually indestructible snoozing pad to withstand a whole lot of chewing and nibbling. Boasting all the benefits of raised dog beds, this K9 elevated, indestructible dog bed features an aluminium metal frame and stuffing-free interior to deter persistent chewers.

Made from waterproof, rip-stop ballistic fabric, this dog bed effortlessly fends off attacks from potentially damaging canine claws and teeth. Ready to snap up in a wide array of sizes all the way up to ‘Giant’, this impressive, elevated dog bed can easily accommodate bigger breeds, too!

While the price tag is on the higher side, this off-the-ground pet bed can be used both indoors and in your garden to provide your pooch with sought-after orthopaedic support, while you benefit from the lightweight design, easy-to-clean exterior, and sleek and contemporary style. What’s not to love?

Why not play the video below to dive deeper into the details of this premium, chew-proof dog bed?

Prepared to pamper your pooch?

wicker dog bed

We hope you enjoyed flicking through our useful buyers guide (and all the adorable puppy pics that come with it!) on your journey to discovering the perfect pad for your pet. With so many dog beds to choose from, it’s important to prioritise just a couple of qualities to focus your search. Regardless of whether you’re swaying towards the calming powers of a donut-shaped dog bed, the chewing-resistant aluminium models, or a sumptuously stylish luxury dog bed, there’s an astounding range of pet beds just waiting to welcome your four-legged friend. 

Ultimately, the best dog bed for your pooch depends entirely upon the size, personality, age, and health conditions of your furry best friend. If you need even more puppy inspo for your new arrival, we recommend taking a look at our ultimate puppy checklist! Packed with helpful tips, tricks, advice, and essential dog supplies, your adorable little dog will be the most pampered pooch on the block!

The information in this buyer’s guide is correct at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.