Whether you’ve stayed at home with your dad throughout lockdown, have only been able to wave at him through the window, or still haven’t had the chance to share a hug this year, for many of us, the last few months have highlighted just how much we love and appreciate our pas. Falling on Sunday, June 20th, Father’s Day 2021 is set to be the best celebration on record, and we think that your gifts should certainly reflect that! With the promise of longer nights and warmer days just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning and perusing for your precious papa’s presents – and OnBuy would love to help!

In this useful guide, we’ll take you through some of the best examples our online shelves have to offer, at a range of competitive prices. Whatever your budget (and your father’s favoured pastime), there’s something for every pocket and purchaser in our extensive online reserves, so… what are you waiting for? Explore the selection today! With a variety of gifts simply waiting to be discovered, even the dad who has everything will be left feeling utterly spoiled this June. Cue the prosecco pops and heavenly scent of bacon butties – it’s going to be fantastic!

How do I choose the perfect present for my pa?

perfect present

We all know that fathers can be incredibly difficult to buy for, especially when they already own enough last-minute ‘oh-my-gosh-what-do-we-buy-dad-this-year?!’ panic pants, socks, and novelty beer steins to last them a lifetime. But, if you’re keen on finding the ultimate personal present, without maxing out your credit card, it doesn’t have to be as tricky as you think. Before the browsing begins, it’s a good idea to sit down with your family and determine your dad’s favourite hobby. This could be absolutely anything, from mainstream music interests to the slightly more bizarre (competitive duck herders, we’re looking at you!... and yes, that really does exist). To help you settle on a pastime, we’ve listed some popular examples below.

  • The Cocktail Connoisseur: Whether he’s mad about martinis (shaken, not stirred) or a lover of long islands, this dad loves a cheeky tipple, so consider mixology accessories like shakers, sticks, and stirrers for this buff in all things booze!
  • The Creative Consultant: This dad loves everything craft-worthy, whether domestic DIY or interior painting and decorating. He may also be a seasoned devotee to drawing, sculpting, or scrapbooking, so invest in a gift that’ll help him to channel his creativity. After all, there’s nothing better than getting stuck into a project, right?!
  • The Active Aficionado: Whether he’s taking a kayak to the river, stocking up on storage racks for the ski season, or planning his next run with an activity tracker, this sport enthusiast is game for anything fitness, exercise, and high-energy.

How do I treat my dad on a budget?

fathers day treat

Sometimes, it’s the little things that truly make all the difference on Father’s Day, and gifts shouldn’t be any exception. If budget is a real concern this year, or you’re looking to create a gorgeously personal present without the high-end price tag, show him how much you care with a fun-filled day of activities (instead of a blow-out bash). Breakfast in bed can be a wonderfully meaningful way to start the day, abundant with all his favourite sweet treats and pastries. Or, if you’re a fan of thoughtful originality, why not leave a trail of personalised post-it notes all around your home for him to find throughout the day? Write whatever comes to mind: memories, reasons you love him, things you’re grateful for, personality traits you appreciate (and so on). This can be an inclusive activity for all the family, and will truly make a heartfelt addition to any celebration of love. 

For the crafting kings and queens among you, how about a Father’s Day scrapbook, filled with all your treasured photos, keepsakes, and souvenirs? Often, these are the most intimate of gifts, and can be cherished among your relatives for years and generations to come. Or, if you’d rather get techy, what about a short video montage of much-loved clips and snapshots? If you’re likely to be apart for the main event, this is also a wonderful option for distanced Zoom calls and Skype.

OnBuy’s top gift ideas for Father’s Day

OnBuy fathers day

Now that we’ve established the basics, it’s time to delve into OnBuy’s fabulous selection of gift ideas for Father’s Day 2021. To make things easy, we’ve compiled a list of all our best products, in ascending price order, from a minimum of £5, to a maximum of £100+, to suit a range of budgets and interests. Who knew shopping for someone else could be so exciting?!

Under £5 | Magnetic Wristband Tool

magnetic wristband tool

Pros: Super convenient adjustable features, suitable for holding screws, nails, and drill bits

Cons: Red and black colouring may not be to everyone’s taste, Velcro fastening may catch on clothing

This magnetic wristband tool is the perfect gift for the DIY deity in your family. Incredibly convenient to use, operate, and store, it’s made from a nylon-based material, and comes fully equipped with a hook-and-loop adjustable strap that securely wraps around the wrist with ease. Complete with the integration of impressively strong magnets, it’s an incredibly popular gadget among woodworkers, upholstery professionals, machinists, manual labourers, and installation specialists. This awesome accessory allows him to keep nails, drill bits, screws, and other small metal objects within close reach, while tending to the other tasks at hand (such as drilling, ladder climbing, sawing, or measurement taking) - it’s the domestic lifesaver he didn’t know he needed! 

On the downside however, the red and black colouring may not be to every dad’s taste, especially if he tends to prefer slightly less vibrant or more subtle, understated shades. The Velcro fastening may also be seen as frustrating, as long sleeves are likely to catch in the mechanism. Other than that though, it’s an ideal present for the creative-minded, and would make a valuable addition to any tool kit. 

Under £10 | Electric Cervical Neck Massager

electric neck massager

Pros: Affordable version of a high-tech neck and shoulder massager, showcases various settings 

Cons: Two AAA batteries required, design is somewhat cumbersome and may be tricky to store

Able to soothe the aches and pains that originate from desk work, hunched TV-watching, or heavy lifting, this cervical neck massager is the perfect pressie for any self-care specialist out there. Modelled on after world-leading Chinese reflexology techniques, including acupuncture, tuina, and hammer-beating, this electric device boasts six individual settings to help your deserving dad relax and indulge in waves of sonic pleasure. Its level of versatility means that any user can set up their preferred mode of massage whenever the leisure mood should strike them, with 15-minute treatments that encourage some respite during downtime. On the sofa, at work, or even in the car, there’s simply no end to the settings he could choose. 

While this device can help to improve neck blood circulation, effectively relieving pain, rigidity, and fatigue, the design itself is somewhat bulky and cumbersome, making the massager rather difficult to store and transport when not at home. It also requires two AAA batteries, which will unfortunately increase the overall cost. 

Under £15 | Stainless Steel Barbecue Set

barbecue set father day

Pros: Elongated tools keeps hands away from the heat, handy storage case provided

Cons: Not best suited to those who don’t like to barbecue, not great for year-round use (unless he likes to light the barbie in a blizzard!)

This barbecue tool set would make a truly gorgeous gift for any dad with a penchant for grilled cuisine. Ideal for camping trips, family gatherings, and beach parties combined, it’s extremely versatile and lightweight, thanks to the handy storage case and compact design. Each instrument is crafted from high-quality, durable stainless steel (set to last a lifetime), and features a useful loop for hanging on nearby hooks, or on the barbecue itself. Whatever his culinary needs, this adaptable set certainly has him covered. Within this kit, he’ll find a slotted spatula, tong, fork, grill brush, basting brush, four core holders (great for corn on the cob), and one aluminium cover. What more could anyone ask for?

Despite these fantastic characteristics however, a selection of barbecue tools may not be the best choice for dads who don’t enjoy smoked food, or if you’re looking for something a little more suitable for year-round use.

Under £25 | Classic Crystal Whiskey Glasses

whiskey glasses present

Pros: Elegant glasses showcase a traditional and timeless design, tasteful gift box provided

Cons: Not appropriate for those who are teetotal, vintage style might not be to everyone’s taste

With these sophisticated and classy crystal whiskey glasses in your Father’s Day drinkware arsenal, you’ll never have to worry about tasteless or tacky gifts again! Inspired by the Roaring ‘20s, they simply ooze exclusivity and elegance, and are perfect for serving your pa’s favourite single malt, short cocktail, or refreshing gin and tonic. Beautifully and intricately patterned, these weighty glasses are certainly a premium product, thanks to their 310ml capacity, larger 9 x 8 x 8cm size, and wonderfully thin sipping rim. Crafted from crystal for enhanced durability and clarity, they’re also completely dishwasher safe, and make a fabulous addition to formal dinner parties (or his daily tipple!). Complete with a stylish gift box, it’s the picture-perfect pressie for a whiskey connoisseur. 

Unfortunately though, it may not be appropriate for those who are teetotal, or the dads who don’t favour stronger spirits. Aside from their luxury design, the vintage style may also be seen as overly ostentatious by some, and therefore unsuitable for the aesthetic of their home.

Under £50 | BOSS Bottled by Hugo Boss

hugo boss aftershave

Pros: Complex and masculine scent, spicy, warm, and comforting top notes are ideal for everyday use

Cons: Earthy and woody base notes may not be to every dad’s taste, higher price point

With a fragrance that lasts all day and well into the night, the iconic BOSS by Hugo Boss is the perfect choice for any dad with a penchant for perfume. The flawless aftershave to wear on a day-to-day basis, this complex and contemporary Eau de Toilette is as unique, versatile, and distinctive as the person choosing to wear it, and will continue to develop as time ticks on. Upon first spray, the refreshing and playful top notes of crisp apple and zesty citrus come to the fore, before slowly ebbing to reveal a deeper, more comforting heart of green and slightly floral geranium, alongside spicy clove and cinnamon. The daily armour of any cologne connoisseur, it’s the scented sensation your dad didn’t know he needed!

Despite the highly masculine overall aroma, BOSS’s earthy and woody base notes may not be to everyone’s taste, as sandalwood, vetiver, and cedar can be somewhat overpowering. The higher price point may also present an issue if budget is a prominent concern. 

Under £100 | Foldable Turbo Trainer Indoor Bike Stand

present bike

Pros: Constructed from premium steel, it’s sturdy and durable, collapsible design is easy to store

Cons: Stands themselves are rather heavy and cumbersome to move around, bicycle required

This foldable turbo trainer is the ideal gift for any active dad, or fan of indoor training. Crafted from high-quality premium steel, it’s incredibly durable, long-lasting, solid, and secure, with anti-rust technology that’ll stop it from corrosion whenever used outside. The collapsible design is especially easy and convenient for storage purposes, with a sturdy mounting system and front wheel riser block that ensures extra safety. The stand has a high load capacity of up to 150kg, and also includes a quick-release skewer that makes for increased firmness when riding. If your dad is a fan of biking (but not the British weather), then this is the perfect present for him!

On a slightly more negative note however, the stand itself may simultaneously be seen as bulky and overly cumbersome, as it’s heavy and somewhat difficult to move around. In addition to the higher price point, a bicycle is also required for this device to function, which comes at an extra cost.

Over £100 | Intex Inflatable Kayak


Pros: Perfect for beginners, arrow shape supported by L-beam floor is very stable

Cons: Bright colour design may not be to everyone’s taste, price may be a hindrance

The waters will be wide open for your dad with this Intex inflatable kayak in his outdoor arsenal! A popular two-person boat that allows you to paddle freely across lakes, rivers, and other bodies of calm, expansive water, the arrow-shaped design and inflatable L-beam floor help to keep it stable and steady when rowing. A pair of blow-up chairs (which are easily secured to the base of the kayak with strong Velcro straps) will help to keep the two of you upright and comfortable when embarking on each aquatic journey, as well as providing plenty of space to store luggage and other bags, too! What’s more, the front is covered in a handy layer of webbing, which allows you to safely stow lightweight objects (like snack bags) without a fear of unintentional tipping overboard. The kayak also comes with an air pump and repair kit as standard, meaning there’s no need to purchase external hefty power cables, batteries, and other patch-up tools. 

On the downside, although the bright lime green and black colour scheme helps to keep you highly visible on the water, these vibrant hues may not be to everyone’s personal taste. The higher price, compared to some of the lower ticket items on this list, may also be a hindrance if you’re looking to spend a little less this Father’s Day. 

Delight your dad this Father’s Day

fathers day treat

Having explored a wide range of OnBuy’s favourite Father’s Day gift ideas, we hope that you (and your family) now feel better equipped to treat your treasure this June. If, however, you’re in need of some more information, or inspiration, should we say, why not check out our fabulous blog and buyer’s guide reserves? Packed full of handy tips, tricks, and advice on how to please your pa (without breaking the bank), they’re the activity idea resources that could truly shake up your plans for the better. In need of some hiking hat recommendations for the male trailblazer in your life? Take a look at our online handbook. Searching for suggestions on how to create your very own beer garden at home to surprise him after a long week at work? We’ve got all the info you need to get started right here!

Or, if specific products are more your (and his) bag, be sure to explore OnBuy’s extensive shelves. Chock-a-block with gift ideas for every papa and pastime, from Art and Craft metalwork utensils to Car Accessories and DIY Tools, Collectable and Memorabilia gems to vinyl players and Electronics, there really is something for every interest and budget within our widespread store.

The information in this buyer’s guide is correct at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.