Gardening is a chore for some and a delightful hobby for others, but regardless of how you feel about yard work, one thing’s for certain - you’ll need a shed load of tools to do it properly! From helpful hand tools to energy-guzzling power tools and protective, padded clothes, everything you use in your glorious green space requires its own dedicated home or yours will be taken over by gardening gear! The solution? Space-saving garden storage units! 

In this guide, we’ll take you through some incredible garden storage secrets that every green-fingered grower and sower should know before showcasing some of our favourite space-saving solutions to help you make the best choice. Yes, say goodbye to cluttered closets forever - the solution to your storage woes is just around the corner...

What are the different types of garden storage products?

blue garden shed

Garden storage solutions come in all manner of shapes and sizes, each offering different benefits to suit your space and needs. We’ve narrowed down the list to focus on the four most popular units that are available on the market today. Let’s take a closer look at what these space-saving splendours have to offer:

  • Garden storage boxes: Ideal for more modest gardens or allotments, these storage solutions come in handy when you simply don’t have the space for a cumbersome shed. Typically coming with a hinged lid, they provide quick and easy access to your smaller gardening tools, like trowels and secateurs. Depending on their build quality, you may even be able to use these as additional seating for when unexpected guests arrive. Simply adorn with a plush garden furniture cushion, and you’ll create a seriously comfy chair! Multifunctional and magnificent, they’re perfect for any outdoor area - regardless of size!
  • Garden storage chests: Not too dissimilar to storage boxes, these charming chests are perfect if you have slightly longer gardening tools (like spades and gardening forks), thanks to their long and narrow design. As well as keeping your garden tools organised, you can use these chests to protect items that will fall apart if exposed to the elements. Outdoor cushion storage is a good example of this, as even weather-resistant cushions will rot if you leave out in the pouring rain for days at a time.
  • Garden storage benches: If you’re especially limited on space (or just love the efficiency of 2-in-1 furnishings), then this is the storage solution for you! These are, in essence, hollow garden benches. The seat flips up to reveal a cubby space fit for your gardening gear. They make especially convenient garden cushion storage spaces, as you can combine seating area and storage space together in a single item.
  • Garden sheds: The largest of all garden storage units, sheds are ideal for securely housing supersized appliances (like lawnmower and other large garden power tools) that may be a more tempting target for potential thieves. Typically constructed from strong wooden boards or metal panels and often coming with a space for you to attach a padlock, they’re secure, sturdy, and incredibly durable. Some are even big enough for you to store other bulky, expensive outdoor items, like bicycles, inside!

Garden storage for any sized space

old unpainted garden shed

So you have your tools, you have a better idea of what storage solution is right for your garden, but how on earth do you narrow down your search from the thousands of options available? Don’t fret: We’re here to help! Below, we’ve outlined seven of our favourite garden storage units, spanning everything from supersized sheds to compact chests, to suit every outdoor space. Let’s get started!

vidaXL Garden Storage Cabinet

vidaXL Garden Storage Cabinet

Pros: Ingenious three door design for easy access & organisation,four adjustable shelves for more flexibility, great shape for small gardens, very easy to assemble

Cons: Only main compartment can be locked, needs anchoring

The first product that we’re recommending in this buyer’s guide is a sort of combination between a garden storage box and a garden storage shed. This spacious storage cabinet from lifestyle brand vidaXL is tall and narrow, and boasts a clever three door design for easy access.

Two doors lie on the right hand of the shed. Open them up to reveal the main compartment, complete with shelves that let you organise small to medium-sized objects like gardening gloves, seeds, and watering cans with ease. These shelves can be slid up or down to accommodate objects of different sizes and can be locked in place to stop them falling down. For additional peace of mind, these doors can be secured by sliding a padlock between the two holes in the handles.

The third door, on the left hand side, opens up to reveal a narrow secondary compartment that’s ideal for storing long hand tools like brooms or rakes. We wouldn’t recommend storing expensive power tools in this compartment though, as it can’t be locked. We’d prefer it if this garden storage unit could be completely locked, but it’s certainly better than no lock at all!

Another minor issue is that this lightweight, tall storage cabinet isn’t very stable by itself. At the back, you’ll find a small hole where you can anchor it to an outside wall. You can do this fairly easily with a furniture anchoring kit like this one from Slowmoose, but it's an additional task that isn’t required for more squat garden storage boxes. Despite these complications, this is a fantastic garden storage unit, particularly for small gardens given its shape

Outsunny 2 Seater Rattan Garden Storage Bench

Outsunny 2 Seater Rattan Garden Storage Bench

Pros: Made from high-quality PE rattan, UV-resistant, on-trend design, can seat up to two people at one, lightweight and easy to move

Cons: Assembly required, only available in the one colour

Multifunctional, trendy, and incredibly practical, this popular garden storage bench from Outsunny is the perfect choice for all those who are looking for a functional yet fashionable storage solution! 

This brilliant bench is wide enough (and robust enough!) to seat two people at once. To make sure the wooden seat doesn’t bend and crack, the aluminum frame includes support beams that run under it. This means the bench can support up to 300kg with ease. Despite this integral strength, the bench itself is surprisingly light. At only 12kg, two people shouldn’t have any difficulty moving it around (provided it’s empty). Designed with ease of use in mind, it even features a pair of carry holes to give you a convenient place for your hands as you hold it. 

At first glance, this storage unit looks just like any other garden bench. But once you lift the seat, you’ll reveal a generously-sized hidden storage compartment. When open, the lid is supported by a pair of hydraulic air rods, which provide additional stability while you’re rooting around. This is a particularly impressive feature, as most garden storage benches use just one. The interior dimensions measure L98 x W46.5 x D31cm, which provides ample room to store all your tools, cushions, and accessories. 

The dark brown polyethylene rattan looks very close to the real thing, adding a sumptuous feel to any outdoor space. Oh, and you can rely on that design to last you for years and years to come, as it’s UV-resistant so won’t fade in the sunlight - bonus! However, it does only come in the one colourway, so if brown isn’t your bag, you may want to take a look at some of the other examples in this guide. It does also require assembly to get it up and ready to use, but if you’re as much of a dab hand with DIY tools as you are with your garden ones, this shouldn’t be a problem!

Keter Plastic Storage Box

Keter Plastic Storage Box

Pros: Weather-resistant and easy to clean, doubles as a side table or an additional seat, made from hard-wearing plastic to stand the test of time

Cons: Relatively small in comparison to other storage boxes, dark design may make compact spaces appear even smaller

Next up on our list of garden storage ideas is this plastic storage chest from Keter. Small in size yet surprisingly generous in capacity, it’s the ideal storage box for balconies, patios, and personal allotments. Made entirely from plastic, this chest is totally weatherproofed and will happily stay outside in all seasons. 

Despite its somewhat compact size, this space-saving storage box is like a Tardis! It boasts a capacity of 113L, which is certainly not to be sniffed at! It’s also far stronger than it may appear at first glance, with a 120kg maximum load. Use it as an extra seat for guests, take advantage of the flat lid and turn it into a side table for catch-ups over a coffee, or tuck it neatly out of sight - the choice is yours! Versatility truly is the name of the game with this multifunctional marvel. 

While the dark design masks dirt and is certainly trendy, it can make modest spaces appear even smaller. Thanks to the flat surface, you could always brighten it up with some clever design tricks, though! Whether you opt for some vibrant, nature-themed ornaments or simply throw on a bold garden cushion, there’s no reason why you can’t jazz up this unit and brighten up your space for the better.

Birchtree 2 Seater Wooden Garden Storage Bench

Birchtree 2 Seater Wooden Garden Storage Bench

Pros: Attractive design, painted pinewood is weather-resistant, tough design can seat 300kg at once

Cons: Needs effort to keep it looking great, seat is just a little too high to be perfectly comfortable for some people

Possibly the swankiest of our garden storage ideas is up now: a 2 seater garden storage bench made by garden furniture specialists Birchtree. This beautiful bench is made entirely from pinewood and is spacious enough to hold many of your gardening tools and serve as outdoor cushion storage.

Its striking design is helped by its vivid burnt orange colour, courtesy of its weather-resistant paint. It’s a gorgeous design, eye-catching from far away and practically invites someone to sit down when they’re near. 

However, be warned that, as with all wooden garden benches, you’ll need to take good care of it if you want it to continue looking its best. Wash it down at least once a year and treat it with wood care products. If the colour starts to diminish, you can revivify it with stain or wood paint.

Because it's made from good, well-sourced pine, there won’t be any noticeable sagging or shifting when you sit down. However, the thick seat brings it to a height of about 54cm, which makes it just slightly too high for some people to sit comfortably for very long periods. You shouldn’t be overly concerned with this drawback though, unless you spend hours upon hours sitting on your garden storage chests!

Starplast Rattan Style Plastic Storage Chest

Starplast Rattan Style Plastic Storage Chest

Pros: Simple to lock securely, wheels & carrying handles make moving it easy, very large 335L maximum capacity

Cons: Fairly one-dimensional design - not the most aesthetically pleasing, small wheels can get caught in thick grass

Our next entry is this sizable storage chest from Starplast. Like the Keter Plastic Storage Box, this garden storage chest is made entirely from plastic, making it weather-proof. Unlike Keter however, Starplast has put some effort into the chest’s visual design. Its body is criss-crossed with a grooved plastic veneer that resembles rattan weave. The detailing is quite good, but the grey, matte surface makes it look rather synthetic. Grab the HOMCOM Rattan Storage Bench if you want a more realistic rattan look.

So what if it’s not the most attractive of garden storage ideas? Its practicality soon makes up for it! A wide and deep design gives you a maximum storage capacity of 335L - ideal if your garden is bursting with a mass of tools and accessories - and there’s even a space to secure the lid with a padlock if security is a concern. 

Easy to secure and easy to move, this garden tool storage box has wheels on one side of its frame and a hand hold on the other. One person can pick it up and drag it to a new position without trouble. 

While the wheels are a useful addition, they’re quite small. This means they can get clogged with loose organic matter and get stuck if you haven’t cleared your pathway beforehand. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem on patios, but you may need to go for something with bigger wheels if your garden is mostly grass.

vidaXL Metal Garden Storage Shed

vidaXL Metal Garden Storage Shed

Pros: Hard-wearing corrugated steel frame & roof, good ventilation keeps mould away, galvanised steel remains incorrodible for up to 50 years, front doors are easily lockable with no other entry point

Cons: Exposed door handle screws are a potential security flaw, no floor means you need to source your own

If security, sturdiness, and durability are top of your priorities, this robust metal shed from vidaXL is the one for you! Constructed with tough corrugated steel that has been galvanised and covered in a layer of zinc, this shed is rust- and corrosion-proof. That extra layer of protection can keep it in pristine condition for up to a whopping 50 years - now that’s what we call durable! 

There is, however, no bottom panelling provided with this shed. The manufacturer recommends a wood floor finish, which you can make relatively easily from timber, but it will require a little extra effort and expense on your part. 

At the top of the vidaXL garden storage shed, there are twin ventilation grates that allow for unobstructed airflow. This has two benefits. If you store paint, powerful household cleaners, and other products that give off fumes, it’ll stop those vapours building up. Mildew can also start to grow in an improperly ventilated shed, so this feature is a big plus if you want to keep rot-prone items like plant bulbs.

Both of the shed’s doors have a metal handle attached with a series of small holes drilled into their centres. When pushed together, this allows you to lock the shed together with a padlock - ideal if you need a little extra peace of mind. However, the screws that attach the handles to the shed doors are exposed. Theoretically, if a burglar could find the right angle, they could unscrew one of the handles, bypassing the padlock. However, the handles’ curved shape makes this very unlikely, especially with the added bulk of a padlock in the way.

Arbor Garden Solutions Wooden Log Store

Log store arbor garden

Pros: Prevents firewood from rotting outside, design minimises damp areas, long overhanging roof deflects rain, pressure treated timber provides excellent durability 

Cons: Not completely weatherproof, only great if you keep firewood

We’re ending this buyer’s guide with a bit of a niche option from Arbour Garden Solutions. So far, we’ve focused on garden storage solutions for everyday items like tools and accessories, but this small wooden hut has one very particular use in mind: to store wooden logs. If you’re a carpenter or wood burning BBQ enthusiast, this den is well worth picking up! 

Its 1.49 cubic metres of internal space will guarantee that a large supply of timber is close at hand. Wood can rot easily, so Arbor Garden Solutions have included a few features in the blueprints to cut down on damp. A lower rear panel increases ventilation, while the raised base makes it harder for ground damp to gain a foothold. A 50mm long overhang means that rainwater will run off far away from the timber stored inside, leaving them dry enough for instant burning when needed.

Of course, because it’s designed specifically to house logs, it’s not the best choice for storing other garden essentials. It’s also worth noting that the front is completely exposed, so if the rain and wind blows directly at it, you won’t be able to ensure your logs stay dry. To negate this issue, we recommend covering the front with a sheet of tarpaulin during the wetter months.

Garden storage? Sorted!

painted garden shed in sun

Now that we’ve gone through a shed load (mind the pun!) of options, we hope you feel better equipped to banish the clutter and keep your tools (and garden) much more organised! If you haven’t found quite what you’re looking for, or simply want to explore a few more choices before you make your decision, check out our colossal catalogue of garden storage solutions and take a peek at our selection of sheds. With so many options to choose from, you’re bound to find exactly what you’re looking for!

Garden storage is just one way to improve your glorious green space for the better, but what else do you need to make the most out of your outdoor area this sunny season? Well, lots of people use their garden for entertaining, so that’s a great place to start! Luckily for you, our selection of garden and outdoor living blogs and guides are full to bursting with all the information and inspiration you need to enjoy your outdoor space to the max. 

Pour yourself a cuppa, sit back, and have a read through all our resources - you’ll be bursting with ideas to spruce up your space in no time at all! 

The information in this buyer’s guide is correct at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.