Just as we humans like to feel spotless, sparkling, and thoroughly spick-and-span, so too do our canine companions. There are, of course, professional groomers that can give our four-legged friends the high-end treatments they deserve, but with lockdown forcing most dog owners into the world of domestic DIY dog grooming, owners have been forced to brush up on their skills! In any case, pleasing your pooch can be a highly rewarding experience. Who knows? You and your four-legged friend could soon be best in show!

If your dog’s fur is in desperate need of a trim or his claws are simply crying out for a cut, you’ve come to the right place! OnBuy has a handy selection of quality, easy-to-use dog grooming supplies - plus tips and tricks - that will have your pooch looking paw-fect in no time. We’ve researched exactly what you need to turn your bathroom into your very own pet pamper parlour and hand-picked the best products from the OnBuy shelves to help you get started - and they won’t cost a fortune either!

Why do dogs need grooming?

small dog

Even if your dog doesn’t look particularly scruffy, using a dog grooming brush is an important part of caring for your pet; it provides numerous health benefits that may not be immediately obvious. First and foremost, it helps keep their coat healthy and strong by naturally and painlessly removing any old or damaged hair. Regular cleaning and preening also guarantees that your canine’s skin can breathe and keeps unpleasant inhabitants at bay.

An added benefit - it’s a great opportunity to bond and build up your relationship. While getting bathtime trust may be a long process, it’s certainly worth the effort! In the long-term, regular grooming can help reduce stress and help with socialisation, plus, the earlier you start, the better! Why not try out a specially-designed dog grooming bath and some tasty treats to tempt your tentative pup and avoid any doggy drama like in the video below!

How can I groom my dog at home?

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All canines need regular grooming to look, feel, and smell their best. Even the so-called hypoallergenic breeds benefit from a regular schedule of brushing and nail trims, as well as oral treatments to stave off dreaded dog breath, so it’s really important that you provide your handsome hound with all the correct home grooming tools and supplies. 

Professionals usually recommend starting with their face: to begin, use a soft, damp cloth to wipe around their eyes, as dirt often tends to collect here. While you’re at it, check for any signs of redness and swelling and be sure to also wipe the folds and flaps of their ears. Then it’s time for a pedicure: cut their nails with a specially-designed clipper, then moisturise their pads with a good-quality balm. This is especially vital if you live in a dry, hot, or wintery climate as this extra layer of protection will help to heal any cracks and prevent inflammation.

Time to review the best in show!

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Now we’ve established the basics, it’s time to explore our top grooming products for a pampered pooch. Let’s dive (or doggy paddle!) straight into our selection of the best items on offer. With OnBuy’s helping paw, and a widespread online collection on OnBuy’s online shelves, there really is nothing to be barked at here!

For combing through to create a clean coat | Petsking Grooming Brush

dog brush

Pros: Incredibly easy to clean, provides multiple benefits with a single product

Cons: Bristle can be sharp and uncomfortable for some more sensitive dogs, not recommended for dogs with very short hair

As time goes on, your furry friend is bound to get, well, really furry! That’s why it’s up to you to trim and comb through your pup’s coat, ensuring they always look and feel spectacular - well, until they find a muddy puddle or something worse to roll around in! Matted hair should always be addressed immediately, as it can reduce air flow and lead to severe medical problems for dogs of all ages. Weekly brushing ultimately helps to remove dirt and dead hair, eliminates the chance of tangling, and keeps their fleece shiny and smooth. 

This Petsking grooming brush is ergonomically designed to fulfil this very function. Boasting many separate applications, including the removal of dead fur, prevention of future loss, and increasing blood circulation, it’s the convenient tool you didn’t know you needed! What’s more, a button on the handle operates a very simple yet ingenious mechanism for releasing all the debris and fibres that the brush collects, meaning it’s incredibly easy to clean and maintain for your next session. The stainless steel teeth also are designed specifically to penetrate the fur and smooth it out completely, leaving your canine’s coat lusciously soft and even.

To trim those tremendous tresses | Valtron Dog Clippers

Valtron pet clippers

Pros: Comes with a range of different combs as standard, ultra-low mute design

Cons: Long charging time, can only operate for a maximum of 90 minutes on a single charge

Not all dogs require regular haircuts. Short-haired breeds often don’t need to be shaved or clipped, though most pups with medium to longer fur, such as golden retrievers, may benefit from the occasional trim. Poodles and shih tzus, on the other hand, must be spruced-up constantly, as their coats grow at a very fast pace. Professional groomers often use electric clippers to give a fast, neat, and uniform cut, and that’s exactly what the Valtron can offer you at home!

This high-powered dog clipper is great for puppy parents who have neither the time, nor inclination, to frequently visit a salon. Showcasing a special motor, this device operates at 8,200 revolutions per minute, meaning its performance is highly efficient. The sharp, ceramic cutting blade is abrasion-resistant (bonus!), and won’t cause any allergic reactions on your dog’s skin - this is a fab feature if they’re usually sensitive to grooming products. According to the length of your hound’s hair, various combs and heads can be added to target those harder-to-reach areas and varying lengths of fur. Plus, with its lightweight design and low-noise, cordless features, you’ll never have to worry about loud, cumbersome technology again!

For a spot of sprucing up | Pet Hair Grooming Scissors

pet grooming scissors

Pros: Stainless steel material is easy to clean, all scissors feature a finger rest for comfort and precision

Cons: Not suitable for thicker-haired hounds, scissor cutting can be difficult if you’re not trained

Trimming your dog’s coat requires a keen eye and extra patience, so be sure to keep the session fun for your pup with lots of yummy treats! As a general rule of thumb for shorter-haired dogs, start from the neck and slowly move down to the tail. Most important of all, though? Remember to cut their fur in the direction that it flows. Going against the grain will create an unattractive line on their coat, and may irritate the skin underneath. 

This fabulous dog grooming kit includes a set of straight, thinning, curved up, and curved down scissors, as well as a handy comb and case. Crafted from stainless steel, each accessory looks smart, chic, and crisp, while retaining its easy-clean ability. All the tools come with razor-sharp edges that help with detailing, as well as ergonomic finger rests and padded rings for enhanced comfort and support (particularly useful for the longer jobs).

The de-tangling sensation | JVP Conditioning Shampoo

dog shampoo

Pros: Leaves a sumptuous shine on your pooch’s coat, suitable for all breeds

Cons: Huge 5L capacity bottle may be difficult to store, the most expensive item on our list

Most dogs only need bathing once or twice a month (unless they shed a lot, in which case it’s probably worth upping the wash to once or twice a week). Not only great for removing dead hair and dander, but also a fab bonding experience for you both, engaging in this regular ritual will help to calm your pup, encouraging better behaviour and social interaction.

Unsurprisingly, dog baths are far more effective and easy when you use the right shampoo. This anti-tangle formula is known for preventing knots and fully revitalises the coat to leave a beautiful shine. Conveniently, it’s suitable for all breeds too, so can be used on any coat of any length, from Chihuahuas to cocker spaniels. Specially formulated to prevent tears and soothe mildly irritated or itching skin, it’s also chemical-free and almost completely natural.

On the downside however, the huge bottle (though useful and long-lasting) is extremely heavy and cumbersome, meaning it’ll probably be rather difficult to store if space is slightly more limited,and more difficult to use if your dog is somewhat excitable. In addition, it’s the most expensive product on our list, so may not be suited to those on a tighter budget.

Competently clip those claws | DIGIFLEX Stainless Steel Claw Clippers

dog nail clippers

Pros: Ergonomic handle and easy-grip features, stainless steel material is hard-wearing

Cons: Clippers must be used with caution, spring-loaded handles can sometimes struggle with really thick claws

Nail trims can be stressful for both dogs and owners, but knowledge of the correct techniques and tools can help to ease the process. First, make sure your pup is comfortable, either sitting on a table or even on your lap. Before you start, identify where the nail quick begins (this is the section that houses the blood capillaries), and stop cutting just before it. If your hound has white nails, the quick will have a pinkish colour. For those with darker claws, the quick appears as a black spot. 

These stainless steel DIGIFLEX Dog Grooming Clippers are certainly built to last; designed to endure multiple uses, while maintaining their functionality across time, they’re the durable, resilient accessories you simply must include in your canine care kit. Showcasing an ergonomic handle with easy grip for steadfast and accurate trimming, as well as a locking clip for safe storage when not in use, they’re designed for dogs of all shapes and sizes, no matter the breed.

Did someone say… spa day?

dog in spa with cucumbers on eye

We hope you’ve enjoyed this introduction to domestic dog grooming and now feel better equipped to please your pooch. After all, they should always be ready for pup-perazzi, no matter the occasion! 

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