OnBuy’s ultimate Halloween costumes for spooky socialites

Published: 29/09/2021
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Uncover creepy, cool and even blood-curdling Halloween costumes that’ll get you in the mood to socialise with all kinds of creatures of the night at OnBuy!

Featuring a spine-chilling selection of women’s Halloween costumes, eerie ensembles for men and a host of props and Halloween masks, you needn’t dread picking out or styling your ‘boo-tiful’ outfit this spooky season.

Daring devil: Grab your pitchfork!

devil costume

Always been a bit of an angel? Why not take a day trip to the dark side with this hellish Halloween costume? This particularly timeless outfit comes complete with a muscle shirt, bow tie, striking red tailcoat with a devil tail attached, classic black trousers, and the main event, horns, and is available in medium as well as small and large sizes.

Ideal for adding a smart touch to this menacing character, simply finish the look with a pitchfork prop and some red face paint to become the ultimate bad boy.

Whimsical witch: Bewitch your guests

Witch Costume

Host a spellbinding Halloween bash this year with this classic wicked witch costume - available in small, medium, large and extra large. Boasting a satin-look green and black dress, plus a matching witches hat with lace detailing, this flattering women’s Halloween costume requires just a pair of striking stockings to complete the outfit. 

For a spookier appearance, experiment with prosthetics and liquid latex to create an exaggerated evil witch's nose, bag a broomstick, and fly off into the night!

Timeless vampire: Combine deathly with dapper

vampire costume

‘Vant’ to pull off the ultimate Halloween costume this year? Get your hands on this 4pc vampire outfit, complete with a gothic white shirt, blood red waistcoat, classic black trousers, and, of course, an eye-catching cape! The best part? It’s one-size-fits-most, so whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect costume for yourself or you’re looking to pair up with your pals, you won’t have to worry about finding the right fit!

All you need now is some fangs and a touch of fake blood to really pull off this evil lothario look!

Demonic nun: Possess the party!

Demonic Nun costume

Get ready to spook with this fully-loaded, 5pc nun costume! Coming complete with a robe, hood, veil, gloves, and necklace, you can go from ‘Sister Act’ to ‘Sinister Act’ in seconds! 

To transform this nun costume from the traditional to the terrifying, we recommend digging into some face paints - an essential accessory needed to turn this saintly ensemble into something spooky! On top of an even base of deathly pale white face paint, simply add suitable black face paint around your eyes and mouth with a sponge applicator to create the haunting appearance of the malevolent force from the hit 2018 horror film ‘The Nun’.

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice: The ghost with the most

Beetle juice costume

It’s showtime! Whether you’ve been part of its huge cult following since the late ‘80s, or have only recently discovered the bizarre world of Beetlejuice from its explosion on TikTok, you’ll definitely make a lasting impression when you turn up in this instantly recognisable costume! 

The outfit for this kooky title character comes with his iconic striped jacket and trousers, as well as a white shirt and black tie. Pair it with some smart footwear, a wild white wig, and delve into your collection of green, white and black face paint to embrace your mischievous side…

Classy Cleopatra: Dress like an Ancient Egyptian

Ancient Egyptian costume

Embrace your inner goddess with this stunning Cleopatra Halloween costume - available in small, medium and extra large sizes at OnBuy! Just the right combination of dangerous and gorgeous, you’re sure to turn heads with this fierce and feminine ‘fit. For even more impact, dive into our range of fancy dress jewellery to discover eye-catching necklaces and bracelets any queen would adore.

Of course, you could always add some gore to your glam by giving yourself a mummified makeover - simply cover all exposed areas with bandages, throw on lashings of fake blood for good measure (it’s Halloween, after all!), and pop in some creepy contacts to complete the look!

The devil’s in the details

Woman fixing her witch makeup with small mirror / small phone

If your creepy Halloween costume still needs a little something for that extra scare-factor, there’s no better place to visit than our overflowing online collection of fancy dress accessories! Brimming with costume headwear, belts, beards, glasses and boas, adding extra oomph to your undead or otherworldly outfit is effortless at OnBuy. 

To impress this spooktacular season, we have all your costume necessities and accessories covered!

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