Whether you want to cosy up on a romantic date night under the stars, create camping vibes in your back garden, or keep everyone warm and the conversation going long after the sun goes down, garden fire pits and fire bowls are just what you need! Fortunately, OnBuy has the best fire pits for you to choose from just in time for those upcoming summer garden parties.

While the days are set to be scorchers this summer, you can’t always rely on the Great British weather to keep you warm in the evenings - and that’s where outdoor fire pits come into their own! Not too sure which one is right for you, or feeling a little overwhelmed at the sheer mass of choices on the market? Don’t fret, as OnBuy is here to help! To help you narrow down your search, we’ve put together this guide to highlight some of our favourite fire pits and bowls.

So, put the drinks on ice, make sure the BBQ is ready to go, get yourself some marshmallows for toasting, and prepare to create some great memories.

But wait, why not just buy a patio heater?

patio heater hand warming

While patio heaters are great at keeping you cosy, they’re no match for the atmosphere that can be stoked by garden fire pits. They can act as a rustic centrepiece for your garden and the perfect place to gather during the evening wind down, which is often the most memorable part of any garden party! Bring your drinks over to the fire pit table, put your feet up, and pick something out from our adult party games collection for you and your friends - we’ve showcased out some of our favourites in another one of our handy guides.

Unlike patio heaters, many fire pits can double up as smaller BBQ for the odd burger or veggie banger. Plus, they’re a reliable garden addition all year round; think about what a tremendous time everyone would have wrapped up warm and out in the back garden on Bonfire Night! Grab some sparklers to amaze the kids, heat up some hot chocolate, and watch the neighbourhood fireworks with wonder for a fantastic family evening.

Here’s our hot picks from the OnBuy range

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Hopefully that’s fanned the flames of your curiosity and you’re eager to find out what we’ve got when it comes to the best fire pits and fire bowls for your garden. If you’re still not sure what’s best for you - maybe you don’t know whether to spend a little bit extra on a fire pit table, or deliberating over gas and wood-fuelled fires - don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here’s six stellar examples to highlight what’s available in the OnBuy range to help you out.

Harbour Housewares Cast Iron Garden Fire Bowl

Harbour patio fire pit

Pros: Large 75cm bowl allows easy access to light fire and lots of room to add wood, handles to aid portability, easy to assemble, sturdy tripod design

Cons: Doesn’t come with a cover, not deep enough to use as a BBQ

There’s a beautiful orange glow spreading across the sky, you’ve filled up on rich, smoky, chargrilled food from the BBQ, you’ve got an ice-cold beer or glass of cabernet sauvignon in hand, and you relax into the cushions of your rattan armchair while the flames flicker and wood crackles in your new cast iron garden fire pit - sounds good, doesn’t it?

Okay, so we can’t guarantee the view or the quality of your barbecued banquet when you purchase this fabulous fire bowl from Harbour Housewares on OnBuy, but there’s nothing to stop you creating a blissful scene like this yourself. This fire pit is perfect for creating a connection with nature from the comfort of your back garden and fostering a chilled-out atmosphere. The tripod frame is sturdy, but surprisingly easy to assemble. Thanks to its lightweight design, it’s also easy to store and move to wherever you want it placed, while the extra wide bowl makes getting the fire going a breeze!

Dawoo Square 3-In-1 Fire Pit

dawoo fire pit

Pros: 3-in-1 fire pit with table and BBQ, made from rust-proof metal, large tabletop, includes waterproof cover, mesh fire-resistant lid, and fire poker.

Cons: Larger size makes it less portable, requires self-assembly

This 3-in-1 fire pit is the perfect centrepiece for your patio, combining all the benefits of an outdoor fire pit with a BBQ and patio table in one garden accessory. Your outdoor evenings will be the envy of your friends as you gather around for a fiery feast, then once the food’s been eaten and the sun’s gone down, you can remove the grill and keep warm in the glow of this fire pit well into the night.

Thanks to the poker that’s included, you can easily stoke the flames from a safe distance, while the mesh lid allows use of the table at the same time without fear of any stray ashes or pieces of wood causing an accident. Another great feature: while the table is made from a rust-resistant metal, you have the added peace of mind of a waterproof cover. It can stay in the garden all year round thanks to this fantastic addition, so sit back, relax, and enjoy making memories around this table with the people that matter most to you!

Fallen Fruits Woodland Scene Fire Globe

fallen fruits bowl

Pros: Picturesque silhouette design, easy to assemble, unique garden décor, made from durable cast iron

Cons: Only functions as a warming and decorative fire pit, appearance will change after use

What the Fallen Fruits woodland fire globe lacks in uses, it more than makes up for with its stunning design - you’ll be hard-pressed to find another fire pit like this! When the sun has disappeared for the day, light the fire inside the globe and watch as the glowing flames cast a wonderful woodland silhouette that almost appears to dance with the flickering light. Although the globe encompasses the pit, it still provides plenty of warmth on those chillier nights.

While the globe is made from durable cast iron, the rust colouring will deepen with each use to create a more authentic feel that you will continue to adore for years to come! The auburn colours and woodland design will prove especially effective as we move into the autumn months and Bonfire Night, complementing the changing foliage in your garden to create a memorable scene.

Heatsure BBQ Brazier Fire Pit

heatsure fire pit

Pros: Stylish centrepiece design, includes BBQ cooking grate and poker, bowl can be filled with ice and used as a drinks cooler when not in use

Cons: Not very portable, does not include waterproof cover, requires assembly

Like the Dawoo fire pit, this incredible 4-in-1 patio centrepiece from Heatsure will serve your outdoor gatherings for many years to come. Get your mates round for a relaxing afternoon in the sun and take in the sweet smell of the sizzling BBQ. Before you know it, hours have passed in flowing conversations and untempered laughter, the sun has set, and it’s time to light the fire and keep the fun going!

Not only does this function as a cosy fire pit, table, and BBQ, you can also fill the bowl with ice and use it as a patio drinks cooler! You don’t even need to worry about accessories: the Heatsure fire pit comes with a handy poker, BBQ cooking grate, and wire mesh cover to protect the table. Although it comes with everything you need to get the al fresco fun started, if you want to upgrade your tools, check out our selection of BBQ utensils while you’re here. The only downside is the lack of a waterproof cover, but we can help you out there!

Cast Iron Fire Bowl

chrystolite fire pit

Pros: Rustic camping feel, ideal for toasting marshmallows, easily to assemble, durable materials, portable

Cons: ‘No frills’ - lacks the additional accessories of some of the other examples in this guide, not deep enough to use as a BBQ

Although slightly smaller than the Harbour Housewares model mentioned previously, this cast iron fire bowl has more than enough room to create a cosy fire to keep everyone warm while you toast marshmallows and share stories, bringing back childhood memories of camping adventures. It can also help foster a romantic evening while you stare up at the stars as the flames embrace you in their cosy glow.

This fire bowl is built to last and able to withstand the elements in your garden (although it can also be stored away easily), thanks to its durable cast iron frame and three-legged stand. It’s simple to set up, so there’s no waiting around for hours spent thumbing through an instruction manual. The fire bowl is built to hold burning wood, logs, charcoal, or any form of kindling you can find around the garden, allowing hours of warming comfort with whatever you have to hand!

Bigzzia Black Square Fire Pit

Bigzzia fire pit

Pros: Modern style, simple and sturdy design, made with durable materials, large base, includes a mesh safety lid, cooking net, ash pan, and poker, easy to assemble

Cons: Doesn’t include waterproof cover, not as large as other fire pits

At the cheaper end of the scale, this must-have addition to your al fresco arsenal from Bigzzia is perfect if you’re looking for a cheap yet stylish fire pit that wouldn’t look out of place in any modern garden. It doubles up as a simple BBQ that you can pull out at short notice when you get unexpected guests arriving for a catch-up! Thanks to its simplistic design, it’s incredibly easy to assemble, but you can still rely on it to be sturdy and safe.

Despite the price, you can still count on the durable steel exterior to withstand rust, and it even comes complete with a mesh safety lid, cooking net, ash pan and poker - perfect to get the flames roaring and sausages sizzling without much fuss! The base is deep enough to ensure a warming glow from the fire, whether you’re burning firewood, charcoal, or logs.

Time to get toasting!

Marshmallows roasting on fire

There’s truly nothing better than sitting by the fire after a long day of fun in the sun, and with one of these fabulous fire pits or bowls in your garden, you can keep the al fresco festivities going well into the night! Those were just six of many, many models you can find in our extensive selection of fire pits here at OnBuy, so if none of our examples have stoked your proverbial flame, be sure to check out our entire range while you’re here!

Of course, a fire bowl is just one of an endless list of accessories you can add to your garden to turn it into an outdoor oasis. Looking for even more ways to spruce up your space? We’ve got you covered with our colossal Garden & Outdoor Living category! From gorgeous garden furniture (including a stylish selection of rattan sofas and comfortable garden armchairs) to delightful outdoor décor, our online shelves are simply packed with products to help you make the most of the sunny season this year.

Plus, if you found this guide particularly helpful, we even have a dedicated range of outdoor living blogs that are full of ideas to get your garden ready to shine. So, what are you waiting for? Get set for a summer of sun and fun with OnBuy!

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