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Following on from our insightful interview and fab flower drying guide with crafting expert, Catherine Nix, we’ve assembled a handy list of all the kit you’ll need to give air drying fresh flowers a go yourself! Building on our passion for arts and crafts, we’ve whipped up a selection of suitable seeds for drying, elastic bands for suspending, and contemporary vases for displaying. 

A show-stopping dried flower bouquet can be attempted by any amateur crafter, homeware fanatic or budding gardener, so why not try it out and discover a new-found hobby today?

The flowers, of course!

Before you even attempt the drying process, you’ll need to source some fresh flowers - ideally from seeds you can grow yourself! Alternatively, you can also pick up fresh flowers to avoid the lengthy process of waiting for your seedlings to sprout. 

If you’re looking for the perfect starter flowers, we suggest the fragrant, hardy perennial, Munstead Lavender. Boasting deep purple blooms, it’s ideal for drying!

Johnsons Seeds Munstead Lavender - 150 Seeds

The elastic tie

One of the most important elements of flower drying - the elastic tie. Whether you use sewing elastic or elastic bands around the stems of your fresh flower bunches, they need to be secure while the flowers shrink as they dry. The stretchy nature of elastic is perfect for preventing falling flowers once you suspend them, so to avoid a dried flower faux pas, give this pack of assorted elastic bands a go!

A Star Assorted Elastic Bands

The drying device

Regardless of which floral varieties you include in your blossoming bouquet, they all need to be suspended upside down to create the desired, dried-out appearance. A range of common household items such as coat hangers, laundry airers, and coat hooks can all be used to suspend your fresh bouquets upside down until they’ve thoroughly dried. 

To help narrow down your search, we’ve chosen a subtle coat hook that can be easily installed in craft rooms! Simply thread the coat hook through the elastic band holding your flowers together to create a straightforward and secure drying space.

Homcom Bamboo Coat Hooks

The vase

To complement the muted tones of dried flowers, light-coloured ceramic vases - like the elegant, textured vase below - create a gorgeous result. Alternatively, why not get inspired by your current home interior to select a matching vase? Simply insert and arrange the dried flowers to showcase your on-trend floral bouquet.

White Bottle-Shaped Ceramic Vase

The final floral result

final result dried flowers

The finished result is a stunning, long-lasting bouquet of dried flowers that forms the perfect table centerpiece or floral decoration for your home. With no watering, just four components, and only minimal upkeep required, you can update your home décor in an instant - all for a wonderfully affordable price! Ready to revamp your interior with this show-stopping, countrified craft? 

For more interior inspiration, check out our selection of homeware below.

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