For the majority of us, the idea of having an outdoor water feature in our very own garden probably seems far-fetched - especially for those who are dealing with limited amounts of garden space. However, what if we told you there’s a range of water features suitable for just about any garden? Yes, from stone water features to solar powered models, there’s a water feature for absolutely everyone - regardless of your space, taste, or budget! 

For those of you who would love to include a snazzy water feature in your garden but are unsure of what to look out for, this guide will enlighten you about the vast array of aesthetic additions available on the market today, and what will work best for your backyard. The glorious garden of your dreams is just a few clicks away…

What is a garden water feature?

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Outdoor water features come in a variety of forms, such as fountains, waterfalls, water blades, and drilled rocks. Decorative and delightful, they enhance the appeal of your garden through their sumptuous appearance and the peace and tranquility brought by the constant flow of water. As well as creating a relaxing atmosphere, a garden water feature can also increase air quality and humidity while reducing noise pollution through the sound of running water - bonus! 

Once a hefty DIY job and a relatively permanent feature of the garden, these aesthetic additions have evolved to suit a variety of spaces, whether you’ve got acres of greenery to play with or a modest patio space. From tiered stone fountains to environmentally-friendly features, miniature waterfalls to pond accents, water features really do come in all shapes, sizes, and styles! No longer a luxury reserved for the rich and famous, these fabulous features are more accessible than ever - and a sure-fire way to enhance the appearance of your outdoor living space!

Garden water feature top tips

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Before setting your heart on a brand new water feature for your garden, there’s a few things you should consider first. Above all else, you’ll need to consider the size of your garden. In larger spaces, a pond is a perfect addition, whereas something a little more modest (like a self-contained fountain) is better suited for smaller spaces. Not to mention, they work really well on a patio or even a balcony. 

Next, consider the style you want - traditional, contemporary, or mayne classic? Ensure you choose a water feature that either aligns with your current theme or complements the space well by adding a contrasting style. For this, you’ll need to think about design, material, and colour. If your existing garden décor leans towards a more neutral look, you can get away with almost any water feature you’d like. However, if you have a very specific (or niche) theme, you may want to shop around a little more extensively before making your final decision. 

Finally, always remember to consider your budget - not just for the purchase of a water feature, but the maintenance and running costs too. You’ll be able to install most smaller water features yourself, however you’ll most likely need access to an electricity point to power the water pump - you may want to seek an electrician's expert advice to sort this out. To maintain your water feature and ensure it stays in tip-top condition, you’ll want to protect it from any freezing temperatures - so drain any water in the winter and start it up again in the spring. On the whole, garden water features are fairly simple to maintain, and as long as you remember the key tips outlined here, you’ll be sorted!

Wonderful water features for every outdoor space

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Now that we’ve got a thorough understanding of what a garden water feature is and outlined some key points of advice to follow, it’s time to delve into six of the best outdoor water features available right now! We’ll go through each fabulous feature one by one, highlighting their pros, cons, and standout elements to help you find the perfect one(s) for your space, taste, and needs. So sit back, relax, and make yourself a brew while we guide you through the wonderful world of garden water features!

GEEZY Cascading LED Water Fountain

cascading water fountain

Pros: Made from weatherproof polyresin that’ll stay in shape no matter the elements, 5m power cord great for portability, LED lights

Cons: Requires constant connection to a mains power source, will prove costly to run over time

Size: H47.5 x W24 x L25.5cm

Are you after a cascading water fountain that’ll provide that relaxing sound of trickling water all day long? This water fountain from GEEZY with added LED lights is a great option for anyone searching for a water feature in a traditional design. Made from durable polyresin, it’ll stay looking as good as new - no matter what weather is thrown at it! 

The 5m power cord means you’ll be able to place the water feature wherever you want and won’t be restricted to keeping it close to the mains power outlet. The addition of bright LED lights means the feature is attractive even during the night. 

Unfortunately, as with many options on the list, this water feature requires constant connection to a mains power supply to run and it’ll cost you a lot of money over time. So, if you’re wanting to save some cash you’ll need to consider the solar powered options in this guide. Otherwise, this water feature will be a great addition to any traditional garden.

GEEZY Freestanding Palm Buddha Fountain with LED Lights

freestanding fountain

Pros: Made from durable polyresin, easy to set up - no plumbing needed, available in an array of other designs to suit your space, suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Cons: Requires a mains power source, could be rather expensive to run over time

Size: H53 x W30 x L33cm

This Buddha water feature is a fantastic choice for anyone who is looking to create their own tranquil den of zen - whether that’s indoors or outdoors! Yes, this fabulous fountain can be used both inside and out of your home, making a gorgeous garden feature while looking equally impressive as part of your interior décor. Made from durable and weatherproof polyresin, this garden water feature can brave whatever the fickle British weather throws its way, maintaining its pristine condition for years to come. 

With no plumbing required, it takes seconds to set this fantastic feature up - simply connect it to a mains power source and you’re away! The biggest pull of this water feature is, of course, the striking Buddha design that’s sure to catch the eye of any visitors to your garden. Promoting peace and tranquility through both design and function, there’s no better way to enhance your living space.

Unlike some of the other garden water features mentioned in this guide, this particular model can only be powered by a mains electricity source. This means that it can have a significant impact on your utility bills if you want to keep it running for long periods of time over the summer. If you’re saving your pennies or simply want something a little more portable, a solar-powered feature would be more suitable.

GEEZY Tree Log Fountain

tree log fountain

Pros: Durable polyresin construction will hold up in any weather, tree log design fits in seamlessly to any garden and gives the impression of an actual tree trunk, LED lights look funky and allow feature to be seen in low light

Cons: Slightly small in size compared to other alternatives, no solar power so will drain your electricity supply 

Size: H41 x W20 x L27cm

Combining the beauty of nature with all the joys of a man-made water feature, this elegant tree log fountain is a must for those who simply can’t get enough of the au naturel aesthetic. Crafted by the garden specialists at GEEZY, this hardy polyresin garden fountain is sure to elevate the look of your outdoor space for years to come. 

With a design that looks strikingly similar to an actual tree trunk, this beautiful addition blends in seamlessly with any outdoor space. The added LED lights bring a contemporary element, illuminating the feature at strategic, tiered levels to give it that extra oomph when night falls. An attractive addition to tabletops, patios, gravel gardens, or flower beds, this garden fountain looks truly remarkable wherever it's placed. 

Unfortunately, this water feature is slightly small in size compared to some of the other alternatives in this guide. While this is ideal for more modest areas, it may lack the impact you desire if your garden is on the larger side. It also requires a mains power source, so it may not be the most suitable if you’re working with a tighter budget.

Garden Kraft 2-Tier Tap & Barrel Fountain

barrel fountain

Pros: Designed to look like two barrels so perfect for any traditional garden, made from durable plastic so it’ll last for years

Cons: Mains power operated, 2.55m power cord is fairly restrictive

Size: H67cm (total)

On the hunt for a rustic water feature to take your outdoor space from drab to fab? Look no further than this stunning 2-tier tap and barrel fountain from Garden Kraft. Boasting a Victorian water pump design with distressed wood-effect barrels, this wonderful outdoor water feature won’t look out of place in any traditional garden, instantly adding an antique aesthetic that looks incredibly sumptuous. 

Made from extremely durable plastic, you can rest assured that this robust garden fountain will stand the test of time - no matter what the unpredictable British weather throws at it! Self-contained and easy to set up, this fabulous feature can truly transform your garden in seconds. Simply plug it into a mains power source, and sink into tranquility with the sound of flowing water. 

Like some of the other models in this list, this garden fountain is powered solely by electricity. In addition to this, the cord is only 2.55m long, which can restrict freedom of movement. As such, it could prove quite difficult to run without access to an outdoor power source or a relatively long extension lead. Having said that though, for the aesthetic appeal it offers, you really can’t go wrong with this wonderful water feature.

GEEZY Swan Garden Water Fountain

swan shape fountain

Pros: Swan design is ideal for a nature-themed garden, gentle trickling of the water will attract birds and butterflies to your backyard, LED lights

Cons: Relatively small, powered by electricity only - must have an accessible power source

Size: H28.5 x W27 x L37cm

Remember the Buddha water fountain from earlier? Well, this stunning swan-themed water fountain is another of the many designs offered in this range from GEEZY. Incredibly elegant, we just couldn’t resist giving this gorgeous garden fountain a notable mention in this guide. 

Ideal for any wildlife lover, this small yet mighty fountain produces a gentle trickle of water that can attract wildlife like birds and butterflies. Just like the other style mentioned previously, this amazing addition helps to drown out background noise with a constant flow of water, creating a tranquil environment that’s ideal for long, lazy days in the garden. It also comes with LED lights that produce a soft and inviting glow at sundown, allowing you to carry on enjoying some much-needed peace and quiet outside well into the night. Need to escape from the busy hustle and bustle of daily life? Simply plug in this fabulous fountain and unwind in your very own den of zen. 

Like many of the water features in the guide, this fountain is powered solely by electricity, so it’s well worth considering your budget before purchasing. It’s also relatively small in size, so it may not stand out quite as you’d like in a larger garden. However, if you’re working with a smaller amount of space and simply can’t get enough of a wildlife theme in your backyard, this is the water feature for you.

Sphere Solar Powered Water Feature

sphere water fountain

Pros: Solar-powered, backup battery can work for up to six hours without sunlight, 7m long cord with solar panel, eye-catching drilled sphere design on a tall stand

Cons: Large solar panel attachment is a bit of an eyesore, may be too big for smaller spaces like balconies

Size: H58.5 x W27 x D27cm

Any of you that are advocates for sustainable living will love this solar-powered water feature with a drilled sphere design that’s sure to catch the eye! With solar power, you’ll be helping save the planet while ensuring you don’t add any hefty amounts to your energy bills - what’s not to love? 

What’s more, this snazzy water feature has a handy backup battery that can work for up to six hours without sunlight - perfect! The 7m long cord means you’ll have lots of choice regarding where you place the water feature, and the drilled sphere itself is on a tall stand that’ll stand out in your garden. 

For some, the large solar panel attachment may be a little bit of an eyesore and could ruin the smart look of your garden, but the long cord means you can hide it well out of sight. It’s worth noting that this is one of the largest water features on our list, so it may not be the most suitable if space is limited. However, when it comes to getting your hands on a striking, statement feature for your garden, you really can’t go wrong with this beauty!

Go with the flow

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With summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to spruce up your space - and there’s truly no better way than with a wonderful outdoor water feature! Stylish and oh-so sumptuous, these elegant extras make the most fabulous finishing touches to your garden, adding some sought-after charm, personality, and tranquility to wherever they’re placed. 

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