To get the most out of their favourite video games, gamers love to optimise their experience with accessories. PC gamers will be drawn to top gaming keyboards and mice, while console players might choose to upgrade their favourite console with custom thumb grips or a set of motion controllers. Few gamers will immediately think of their seating arrangement as a place for improvement, but slouching on your bed or even sitting on your sofa is far from the best perch for you to play from - not when gaming chairs exist!

Gaming chairs are specially designed to meet the needs of gamers, boasting a wealth of ergonomic features to help you level up your gaming. They’re comfortable, high-tech and super stylish. Whether you’re duking it out on the battlefields of WWII, making a virtual touchdown or racing to victory on a new twist of an old classic, a great gaming chair will help you win.

But with the number of consoles, genres and playstyles out there, there can’t be just one chair that works for all gamers. Quite the opposite, in fact - there are tons! Too many to look through each one by yourself. Don’t worry, that’s what this buyer’s guide is for! An Ultimate Guide to Gaming Chairs is exactly that: we’ll give you an in-depth tutorial of the many kinds of gaming chairs and which players they’re best for. Once that’s complete, we’ll move onto a list of recommended gaming chairs. So let’s press the start button and get going!

Why should I get a gaming chair?

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One simple answer is that they look cool, but there’s another big reason why you should buy gaming chairs: ergonomics. Gaming is largely a sedentary hobby - you spend a lot of time sitting around. This can be a big problem if your back and neck aren’t supported properly. Poor ergonomics can leave you vulnerable to pain in your neck and lower back, particularly if you’re prone to slouching.

Good gaming chairs support your lower back and neck with cushioned supports around your neck and lower lumbar (the lower third of your back). If you’re serious about playing games, buying a quality gaming chair is one of the best things you can do to stay pain-free in the long term. They’re so good, in fact, that many people use gaming chairs for home offices, even if they’ve never picked up a controller in their life!

Of course, there are other benefits to buying gaming chairs beyond a comfortable place to sit. Many gaming chairs have great features built into them that add to the immersion as you play. From ambient speaker sets to racing seat chassis, these features will draw you into the game like nothing before!

The different types of gaming chairs

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Anyone who’s been gaming for long enough knows all about the console wars. PC versus consoles, Nientendo versus SEGA, PlayStation versus Xbox - every new generation has its fight. Arguments about graphical performance and technical glitches get lobbed back and forth like grenades in the gaming community all the time. 

Whilst we don’t want to get drawn into any console conflict, we know a thing or two about gaming chairs - and we’re here to help you pick out the right one for you! Indeed, when it comes to gaming chairs, there are right and wrong answers depending on your gaming set-up and which genres you like to play. There are four main types of gaming chairs that you can pick from: PC gaming chairs, console gaming chairs, racing simulator seats and bean bag gaming chairs. We’ll take a look at each type in detail over the next few paragraphs.

PC gaming chairs

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PC gaming chairs are what most people think of when they hear ‘gaming chairs’. They’re modelled on office chairs, with long backs, armrests and castor wheels on the bottom. 

It won’t be a great surprise to find out that PC gaming chairs are best if you play PC games Because they’re so similar to office chairs, PC gaming chairs will fit under your desk without any problem. Their armrests are also fully adjustable, allowing you to rest your wrists at the perfect height for your keyboard and mouse. 

They’re not so great at lounging about, though. While you can adjust them, it’s rare to find a PC gaming chair that lets you recline fully. Because PC gaming chairs are designed for keyboard and mouse, they’re also a great choice for home offices too. They might not fit workplace decor standards but, if you work from home, you can type all day at them without getting aches. A subtype of PC gaming chairs are massage gaming chairs. These gaming chairs vibrate slowly as you use them. They’re good for relaxation and can help soothe sore muscles.

Console gaming chairs

xrocker chair in situ

While PC gaming chairs take after office chairs, console gaming chairs are more similar to lounge chairs. Instead of a five-pointed star base with castor wheels, console gaming chairs sit directly on your floor or have a pedestal on the bottom similar to a breakfast bar stool or a barber’s chair. This means that they’re less practical than a PC gaming chair - you won’t be able to use them with a desk, for example - but they’re often more comfortable. 

When you’re playing with a controller rather than keyboard and mouse, you don’t have to worry about keeping your wrists and elbows in perfect alignment. This means that most console gaming chairs don’t have adjustable wrist rests, but it’s much easier to lean back on a console gaming chair, a position that most console players prefer. Console gaming chairs still have plenty of padding and a neck rest, so your spine still has plenty of support while you’re playing. Another bonus to buying this kind of gaming chair is that they often have bonus features that integrate with your console of choice.

Racing simulator seats

racing simulator chair

Racing simulator seats are by far the most specialised kind of gaming chairs. Racing simulator seats are modelled closely on the seats found in real racing cars. This kind of seat gives your body good support while you’re gaming as well as providing maximum immersion for racing sim fans. 

The seat itself is just one part of the racing simulator seat package. Attached to the seat is a metal chassis that surrounds the seat and lets you mount peripherals like a racing wheel and flight pedals. Some racing simulator chairs have these peripherals built into the chair’s chassis already, while others have empty brackets for you to add your own accessories.

Racing simulator seats are quite costly, and their chassis means you’ll need a lot of space in your gaming room to fit them in. That said, if you love racing sim games, there’s nothing quite like playing one in a specially made racing simulator seat!

Bean bag gaming chairs

bean bag gaming chair

The last kind of gaming chair that we’ll cover is the bean bag gaming chair. Bean bag gaming chairs are similar in appearance to console gaming chairs, but instead of a frame made from wood or metal, they’re a large bag made from fabric or sometimes leather that’s filled with squishy beans.

One benefit you’ll get from buying bean bag gaming chairs is their portability. They’re super light and the flexibility of the beans mean they can be squeezed to fit through almost any door. If you play games in a living room, bean bag gaming chairs can be the best choice for you, as you can move them out of the way in an instant once you’ve finished playing. 

When you sit on bean bag gaming chairs, you’ll be quite low to the floor. This makes them unsuitable to use at a desk, but they’re great for playing console games. The polystyrene beads inside the chair are designed to move and shift to accommodate your body’s shape and weight. This makes them quite comfortable for long gaming sessions, and some manufacturers add features to their chairs to make them more ergonomic, too.

That’s it, gaming chair tutorial complete. Now let’s move on to the really juicy part: our list of the top gaming chairs you can buy right now!

The top gaming chairs you can buy

gaming chair setup

With so many gaming chairs on the market, it can feel as tricky as a final boss level to figure out which one is right for you! To help make levelling up your gaming gear a breeze, we’ve carefully selected a line-up of our top seven gaming chairs and put them all in the handy buyer’s guide below. 3… 2… 1… Go!

Corsair T2 Road Warrior

corsair t2 chair

Pros: Doubles up as an office chair, lots of adjustment options

Cons: Fiddly height adjustment, the chair is very firm

Stage one of our buyer’s guide is a product from leading PC gaming specialists, Corsair. Most famous for their stellar cases and internals, Corsair have brought the same attention to quality to this gaming chair, the Corsair T2 Road Warrior. Despite sharing its moniker with an Australian post-apocalyptic petrolhead, there’s nothing mad about this Corsair gaming chair. In fact, it’s one of the most sensible gaming chairs around! 

Most of the T2 Road Warrior’s design is black PU leather, with a pair of low profile armrests. The only flashes of colour are a few stripes that run down the seat cushion and slash across the sides of the neck rest. You can choose from a few primary colours or go with an all black option for a less ‘gamery’ feel. The pure black option looks almost exactly like a regular office chair. If you like your PC gaming chairs low-key, this is the one for you.

Another thing that we like about this Corsair gaming chair is the wealth of adjustment options it gives you. The slimline armrests can be adjusted in four ways, including a directional swivel, and the seat can recline backwards up to 170 degrees with an adjustable tilt angle of up to 17 degrees. This PC gaming chair has cushions for your neck and lower back, and both can be moved around to find the best position for your height. They can be completely removed too!

One thing to note before you start adjusting the Corsair T2 Road Warrior is that its height adjustment can be a bit fiddly. The gas operated lift can move the chair’s height in an 85mm range, but it’s not the smoothest lift out there. It’ll require a little finessing to get it just right. The cushions on the Road Warrior are very firm, too. They might be too firm for some, but they’ll give you plenty of support as well, so this con might actually be a pro! Either way, this is one of the best PC gaming chairs for those looking for a more low-key design.

DXRacer King Series Gaming Chair

dx racer gaming chair

Pros: Supportive moulded foam, high build quality

Cons: Neck pillow can’t be moved far, quite costly

Many of the best-selling PC gaming chairs are made by a single company, DXRacer. DXRacer makes lots of different gaming chairs, so it can be hard to pick the best. Among their range is the stand out King Series, which we’ve picked as one of our top choices. This royal PC gaming chair makes a good first impression. It’s covered in a black PU skin with plenty of coloured stripes across the seat’s front and sides. DXRacer have coated the castor wheel arms with a diagonal stripe of paint as well. It’s bright and cheerful without being too gaudy.

The DXRacer King Series is larger than most gaming chairs, which gives you lots of space for your thighs and shoulder blades. You certainly won’t feel cramped. DXRacer says that the chair is designed for players up to 6’ 3” (or 190.5cm) tall. It won’t fall out from under you, either: Its hard wearing aluminium frame can support up to 125kg in weight.

Its structure is solid, so what about the padding? The DXRacer King has ultra-dense mould shaping foam. This foam is similar to memory foam, and is designed to mold to your shape when you sit down, making it comfortable and ergonomic. The difference is that this foam will spring back into shape once you stand up, ensuring it will remain supportive for years.

Lumbar support and a neck pillow add further support. The position of both pillows can be adjusted but the neck pillow can’t be moved very far. It’s worth noting that it’s one of the more expensive gaming chairs you can buy, but the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is definitely correct in this case. The DXRacer is one of the greatest PC gaming chairs on the market right now!

Next Level Racing F-GT Lite

next level f1 gaming chair

Pros: Multiple rotating hubs for adjustments, folds up for easy storage

Cons: Not the most comfortable seat, limited use

Next up is our favourite among the racing simulation seats: The Next Level Racing F-GT Lite! Racing sim experts, Next Level Racing, have designed a veritable cockpit, which looks absolutely incredible! The rule of cool definitely applies when buying gaming chairs, but that’s not the only reason we’ve picked the F-GT Lite. One of the biggest drawbacks to racing simulator seats is their large size. This chair completely eliminates that problem by folding up to about a third of its normal size!

The F-GT Light is made from sturdy steel bars that are connected at eight points by rotating hubs. When you want to make adjustments, you can flip open the quick release catches and rotate the poles to the right position for you. 

You’re not limited to making small adjustments either. This racing game chair has two modes. The first is ‘GT’ mode, the traditional racing simulation seat shape, which sees you facing straight ahead like you’re driving a normal road car. The other position, ‘F1’ mode, has you sitting much closer to the ground and is meant to feel like you’re driving a formula one car.

The Next Level Racing F-GT Lite has three mounting points for other racing sim peripherals. There’s space for your steering wheel, a pedal board by your feet and a gear stick on the right hand side. The mounting points will fit Thrustmaster products and racing accessories from other major brands.

The seat itself is made from a breathable mesh material, rather than the PU leather covered foam that most gaming chairs are made from. It keeps you nice and cool when you're speeding around those race tracks and it’s tall enough that you can lean your head against it for neck support. However, it’s not as supportive as most other gaming chairs. It’s fine for most gamers, and the addition of a removable lumbar cushion prevents it from getting too uncomfortable, but this seat won’t replace your lounge chair or office chair. 

It’s also quite costly for such a specialised item, but that’s par for the course for racing sim accessories, and this chair leaves other racing simulator seats in the dust. If you love playing Forza, Rocket League, or any other racing game, the Next Level Racing F-GT Lite should be in pole position when you think about buying a gaming chair.

X-Rocker Adrenaline VII Gaming Chair

x rocker adrenaline chair

Pros: Comfortable for console gaming, cool bonus features

Cons: Relies on TVs to work properly, armrests are slightly weak

The next entry in our list is a console gaming chair from British gaming chair brand, X-Rocker. This console gaming chair is mounted on a pedestal. This means you won’t be able to rock back and forth as much, but gives you more height and stability instead, and you can spin around 360 degrees too!

This X-Rocker gaming chair is fairly colourful without being an eyesore. We love the combination of navy with royal blue highlight stripes, and the gold seam running around the edge is a nice finishing touch. The seat itself has an ergonomic shape that will keep you comfy for hours of gaming. 

The chair’s back is tall enough that if you lean back it will support your neck and it’s got a pair of armrests as well. These armrests can be flipped back if you find they get in the way when you’re holding a controller. Although these armrests are more than capable of supporting your arms when you play, they won’t withstand a massive amount of weight. X-Rocker advises customers not to put their body weight on the armrests when pushing themselves out of the chair, as this might damage them.

So far, the X-Rocker Adrenaline VII Gaming Chair is functional but not exciting, so what does it do to earn the ‘adrenaline’ part of its name? That’s where we come to the pulse raising features that X-Rocker have added to the chair! There’s a vibrating motor built into the chairs padding. Unlike massage gaming chairs, this feature isn’t designed to relax you. Instead, the vibration pulses in time with music and sound effects as you play, upping the intensity of action scenes and adding ambience. A powerful bassy speaker is also built into the back of the chair, which has enough dynamic range to act as a sort of soundbar as you play

All of these features can be adjusted via a control panel that’s built into the side of the chair’s seat. This panel is also where you’ll find the cable ports to connect to your television, and a USB port you can use to charge your controller when you’re not playing.

As a bit of a heads up, the X-Rocker Adrenaline VII is compatible with all the main consoles from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, but lots of the killer features depend on the chair connecting to your TV, not your gaming station. Check what kind of cable ports your television has before you buy. Even if some of the features don’t work, this X-Rocker gaming chair is worth buying just for the build quality, making it our top choice among console gaming chairs.

Homcom Gaming Chair

homcom gaming chair

Pros: Low price cost, horizontal reclining

Cons: Limited armrest movement, no adjustments for cushions

Homcom manufactures a whole variety of no-nonsense furniture for homes and offices at prices that are hard to beat. It was only a matter of time before they created a gaming chair of their own, and it's fantastically low cost earns it a place on this list. 

The Homcom Gaming Chair is a PC gaming chair that will keep you comfortable after hours at the keyboard, thanks to its lumbar cushion and head pillow. The height and tilt position can both be adjusted so that you’ll sit at the right angle, but you can sit much further back than with most gaming chairs. In fact, you can lie down!

This gaming chair tilts back to a maximum of 180 degrees, creating a horizontal recliner. When it's in this position, you can extend a pillow on a pair of folding metal tubes. This pillow keeps your thighs supported and stops your legs from dangling uncomfortably. When not in use, this pillow sits neatly under the chair so it doesn’t get in the way of your gaming. 

Although its seat is very maneuverable, the rest of the Homcom Gaming Chair is less flexible. The armrests can be moved up or down, but they lack the directional movement of other PC gaming chairs. There’s also no way to adjust the lumbar cushion or head pillow. You can remove them if they get uncomfortable, though. 

It’s only natural that a product that’s almost half the price of its competitors won’t have the same features. What’s important for budget items is the fundamental functionality, and the Homcom Gaming Chair does this very well. Due to this, we believe it’s one of the best cheap gaming chairs you can get right now.

GAMEOVER Gaming Lounger Beanbag Chair

bean bag gaming chair

Pros: Handy pockets, unique metal vents for ergonomics

Cons: Requires assembly, polystyrene filling

Let’s take a look at a bean bag gaming chair now. The GAMEOVER Gaming Lounger Bean Bag Chair is our favourite of this gaming chair category. It’s comfy for long gaming sessions and can even help you organise your room. On one side of the chair, there’s a pair of pockets to store peripherals and those all-important snacks; on the other, a velcro hook for your headset. 

Think bean bag gaming chairs can’t be ergonomic? The GAMEOVER Gaming Lounger Bean Bag Chair will force you to think again! This bean bag has a series of unique metal vents that allow air to flow through the bean bag’s filling. Over time, this creates an ergonomic seat that moulds to the shape of your body while still providing plenty of support for your back. 

One slight issue is that the GAMEOVER Gaming Lounger doesn’t come prefilled. When you open the box, you’ll find the lounger cover and a separate bag filled with polystyrene balls. You won’t need any special tools to fill it up, but you might need someone’s help to hold open the bean bag’s opening as you pour. The fact that the filling is made from polystyrene might put some players off as well, as it’s not the most ecologically sound filling. 

That said, you won’t have to worry about this chair’s longevity. It’s black fabric cover is pretty water resistant - you can’t take it swimming, but anything you spill on it can be mopped up in seconds. And if it ever starts to sag, GAMEOVER sells their own refill bags. You can make the Gaming Lounger even more comfy with an official GAMEOVER footstool, too! If you want the ultimate chillout seat for gaming, this is one of the best bean bag gaming chairs you can buy right now.

Westwood Heated Massage Gaming Chair

westwood message chair

Pros: Massage function, timed heating

Cons: Armrests are not adjustable, padding is static

We mentioned at the beginning of this review that you could get your hands on massage gaming chairs if you looked carefully. Well, look no further - the Westwood Heated Massage Gaming Chair is a brilliant pick!

This chair isn’t made by the same Westwood that brought us Command & Conquer. This Westwood makes office furniture. They won’t birth the Brotherhood of Nod anytime soon, but they’ve got the skills needed to make great gaming chairs. 

Westwood have focused their energies on making you comfortable. All massage gaming chairs vibrate to ease pain and relax you, but few of them give you as much control as this Westwood chair. The controller that comes with the chair has six different vibration modes to choose from. You can set it to vibrate continuously, in regular pulses, in progressive waves and more! 

If the vibrations at full power are too strong for you, there’s a low power mode too, and you can warm yourself up with the heating pads at your leisure. There are three pads for both vibration and heat on this chair: one for your upper back, one for your lumbar region and a third for your thighs. These can be triggered individually with a button on the control pad, and a timer mode means it will switch off after a certain amount of time.

You should be aware that the Westwood chair doesn’t have the same armrests normally found on PC gaming chairs. They’re solid plastic hoops rather than slimlined struts. They’re very comfortable to rest your hands on, but they can’t be adjusted at all. Some gamers prefer not to use armrests while they’re gaming, but if you rely on them to stay comfy, one of the other gaming chairs on this list might be better suited for your needs. And, as with the Homcom Gaming Chair, the padding can’t be adjusted to fit your profile, only removed. 

With all that said, this is the ultimate chair for relaxing on. The best massage gaming chairs double as a recliner for reading or watching TV, and the Westwood Heated Massage Gaming Chair is perfectly suited for all these purposes and more!

Level Complete

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That’s our list of gaming chairs finished. Now it’s time to sit back and let the credits roll, or even better, check out other products on OnBuy! Our video games and consoles super category contains virtual worlds to entertain every taste. Do we have incredible Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch games? Of course we do! Gear for the brand new PS5 and Xbox Series X? You betcha! And don’t worry if you prefer mice and keyboard, we’ve got plenty of ace PC games too - even titles that’ll run on Macs

If you were thinking of buying a gaming chair for your home office, make sure to check out our collections of office chairs before you do! PC gaming chairs are great when you’re working at a computer, but you might prefer a more professional-looking one instead.

Please note: The information in this buyer’s guide is correct at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.