Wooden Chest Of Drawers To Suit Every Home

Published: 23/03/2021

Chests of drawers are an important addition to every boujee boudoir. A focal fitting that effortlessly helps to establish your interior décor and style, these beautiful bureaus benefit from a number of practical functions, from space-saving solutions to striking statement centrepieces. Though you may dispute their significance when it comes to dressing (no pun intended!) your dormitory, we’re here to convince you otherwise. Yes, move over beds, wardrobes and wall art, the pivotal piece of furniture is not what you were expecting.

Whichever vibe best reflects your home, OnBuy is proud to present a plethora of wonderfully wooden designs that’ll noticeably complement your space. From rustic industrial to modern avant-garde, country farmhouse to Scandi chic, there really is something for everyone within our online store. Dive in to find your next clearer of clutter today!

What makes wood such a versatile material for bedroom furniture?

versatile chest of drawers

There’s truly no household area that doesn’t benefit from the warmth, richness and comfort of fine wooden furniture. From tables to chairs, shelves to cupboards, this most natural of materials is suited to every décor and fitting. Best of all, wood offers a unique combination of aesthetic appeal and unmatched structural integrity, something that many other materials simply can’t reflect.

As part of nature-connected interior design, wood can transform the mood of an entire home, creating a cosy, welcoming feel and truly organic sense. It’s also not a temporary trend, having been used for furniture construction generation after generation, offering a timeless quality that cannot be replaced. In other words, it’s the little black dress of the furniture world – perpetually stylish, trendy and chic.

Here are just some of the ways in which rooms can profit from the timeless wooden touch:

Strength and durability: wood is, by its very nature, a robust and long-lasting material. The perfect choice for anyone looking for longevity in their furniture, its innate stability and reliability is unrivalled by any other textile. This resilience often offers excellent value for money and, should you ever decide to sell a piece, well-looked-after models can maintain value for decades. Waxing, polishing and oiling need only be carried out occasionally and, in any case, doesn’t cost extra time, money or hassle.

Sustainability: when responsibly sourced and certified, wood represents a superb option for sustainability, and is therefore an ecologically sound way of furnishing your home. Timber that is sourced in this way is actually the only renewable building material around, as trees that are harvested are often replenished by new growth – bonus!

Variety: the vast range of colours and tones (not to mention the subtle differences between grains) means that there’s always plenty of choice when it comes to character and appearance. Beyond the actual material, there’s further variety available in that every craftsman offers a different perspective on design, according to personal tastes. There is little uniformity when it comes to wooden furniture, and certainly scope to be creative.

Versatility: unlike many other resources, timber looks good in almost every setting, and can tastefully blend between different species in various rooms of your house. You might consider pine for your bed frame, for instance, and mahogany for your wardrobe: either way, the natural tones bring a seamless grace to your space.

What should I consider when choosing a chest of drawers?

considering wooden chest of drawers

Ultimately, the chest of drawers you choose will usually be dependent on the following set of considerations: the amount of available space, the amount of storage space you require, furniture style, and ease of use. In order to find your beautiful boudoir bedmate, explore the points below. It’s important to perfect your personal preference before the purchasing begins, so be sure to think about your options before placing an order.

Chest of drawers types: when it comes to bureaus, there are a plethora of possibilities on offer. Standard chests, also known as vertical drawers, are tall and narrow storage pieces. If your bedroom is on the small side, these can be ideal for hiding clothes and clutter without eating into your floorspace. Tallboys are a skinner version of the norm, and are traditionally used for more intimate items like lingerie, jewellery and swimsuits. In contrast, gentleman’s chests can be used to hang (you’ve guessed it!) suit jackets, trousers, ties, and more. 

Space: drawers usually work best against a wall, but can be used to divide larger rooms into separate spaces. Measure the length of the surface you’re planning on placing it against, to see what the largest size you can accommodate will be.

Storage space: once you know what kind of area you’ll be dealing with, determine the amount of storage space you’ll need. If duvets, blankets and sheets are your primary stowaways, it would probably be better to invest in a wider chest.

Materials: though all of the models in this guide are manufactured from wood, there are plenty of other construction materials that commonly make up a bureau. From metal to laminates, the choice is almost endless… great news if you like to match your furniture!

Height: the stature of drawers can vary greatly, especially with modular pieces that allow for more than one item to be stacked. Two things to consider here are comfort and ease of accessibility: you want to make sure that all articles can be reached, even those at the back.

Accents: from handles and knobs to mirrors and shelves, the finishing touches to your chest of drawers can really make all the difference. Think about matching pieces to existing furniture in your room for a cohesive, unified look, or a mix-and-match to create your own unique style. It’s also worth remembering that some handles are easier for little hands to grab, so work better in children’s rooms and nurseries alike.

Drawers: this may seem obvious, but the number of drawers in your chest is only limited by how much you’re looking to store. You’ll often see dressers with drawers of different sizes, which can be handy if you want to house a range of different items within the one unit (jumpers and socks, for instance). As one of the larger pieces in your boudoir, it can be super satisfying to have a chest that’s easy to use, fits well and looks great – trust us on this.

Is wooden furniture easy to maintain?

woof furniture maintenance

Despite what you may have been told, wooden cabinets are actually far easier to maintain than you might initially think. So long as you stick to a set of simple care instructions, quality timber can truly last a lifetime. After all, if you look after your furniture, your furniture will look after you.

  1. Don’t mistreat your equipment. To avoid those niggly hard-to-clean stains and heat damage, always use coasters when setting glasses or mugs on your drawers (and never place hot food directly on them without the protection of a mat). Decorative placemats, cloths or runners can be great ways to protect your dresser from spills.
  2. Avoid environmental damage, like sunlight and intense heat. Don’t place valuable furnishings in front of uncovered windows, vents or fireplaces, as the added temperature can sometimes damage the wood. If extra space is scarce in your bedroom, why not invest in some net curtains and wire? These will help to maintain light while blocking out the harmful UV rays.
  3. Dust often. We all know this is a chore, but it’s definitely one of the best ways to safeguard your furniture’s future. Airborne particles can build a filmy layer on wood that eventually scratches and damages the surface, so frequent cleaning can effectively prevent this from happening. Always use a soft cloth like an old cotton T-shirt or microfibre, to avoid further scrapes. Lambswool dusters are fab for harder-to-reach areas and corners.
  4. Care for your wood. Most commercial polishes and sprays contain either petroleum distillates or silicone oil, which, when used correctly, both lead to a fresh and shiny finish. Be sure not to use too much product though, as this can cause a build-up of dirt and a dull, sticky film. Take extra care to buff well when using these protectants to avoid a gooey mess.

OnBuy’s top six wooden chests of drawers

onbuy chest of drawers

Now we’ve established the basics, let’s delve straight into OnBuy’s selection of the best wooden chests on offer, available at a range of competitive prices. From supersized chests for your ever-growing collection of clothes to space-saving tallboys for smaller rooms, we’ve got something to suit every fashionista’s home, needs, and budget among this fabulous range. Think of these examples as interior inspiration - they’ll certainly make a difference to your dorm!

For smooth and sleek sophistication | Riano Five Drawer Bedroom Chest

riano drawer

Pros: Durable surface that’s easy to clean, chic and minimalist look, hardy drawers

Cons: MDF material may not be to everyone’s taste, requires self-assembly

Size: H90 x W75 x D36cm

This pine chest of drawers from the homeware specialists at Home Discount really delivers on style and practicality combined. Contemporary and user-friendly, the Riano unit will instantly upgrade your bedroom style and storage, successfully clearing clutter from every nook and cranny. Finished with smooth silver handles, it’ll look great in any room and seamlessly blend with any interior décor scheme.

Constructed from ultra-durable, robust MDF, you can expect years of performance from these resilient drawers. Simply wipe clean any dust or spillages with a dry cloth to maintain its prime condition - it really is that easy! Conveniently, the 36cm depth means that the Riano can prop up a plethora of external items, as well as keeping your clothes neat and tidy inside. From TVs to perfumes, lotions to potions, the generous surface area is capable of holding all of your boudoir bedmates. 

On the flip side, although the material is unquestionably robust and strong, it may not be to everyone’s taste. If the natural wood texture is something that you’re looking for, this won’t be the best option for you. But, that being said, it’s certainly not worth discounting from other areas of your home, perhaps in an office, for instance.

For darker interior décors | Birlea Lynx Walnut and Black Gloss Chest

gloss black and wood drawer

Pros: Striking high gloss finish with bold silver detailing, six drawers provide ample space

Cons: Darker colours aren’t always suitable for lighter rooms, high gloss drawers require frequent cleaning to prevent grubby fingerprints

Size: H75 x W128 x D38cm

This walnut chest of drawers would make an attractive addition to any sanctuary or storage space. A modern and elegant bureau, the Birlea is polished with a high gloss contemporary finish, with gorgeous silver embellishments that completes the look with effortless elegance. Six drawers provide ample space for all your linen and wardrobe-storing needs, without appearing clunky or cumbersome in your home. 

Like the model above, the Birlea is crafted from strong and durable premium MDF (multiple density particleboard), with a luxurious, dark walnut finish that can hide a multitude of cleaning sins. The top panel can support a weight of up to 15kg, with each drawer able to hold a capacity of 5kg or less. 

Unfortunately however, darker colours aren’t suitable for every design scheme and décor, and can look imposing in light and airy rooms or smaller spaces. This obviously isn’t an issue if the chest is to take centre stage, but it’s certainly worth considering if matching furnishings are your idea of heaven. Its 128cm width may also present a problem if space is a concern, so always measure the area intended with a tape measure to guarantee a suitable fit.

For country farmhouse chic | Corona Rustic Four Drawer Chest

farmhouse chest of drawers

Pros: Solid wood is durable and charismatic, four drawers offer plenty of storage space

Cons: Requires self-assembly, heavy and unwieldy design

Size: H73 x W80 x D41cm

This solid wood chest of drawers is perfect for any home rocking the country farmhouse vibe. Crafted entirely from distressed waxed pine, the Corona is charismatic, classy and chic, giving any boudoir that stylish supplement of stardom. With four deep, wide, robust, and study drawers at your fingertips, you can coordinate your clothing with ease, thanks to this delightful piece of furniture. Each one includes a decorative moulded front which glides effortlessly along smooth wooden runners, with drawer stops at the end to prevent them from over-extension. The cabinet frame is solid pine, with strong plywood used only for hidden surfaces such as the back and drawer bases.

Designed to complement your existing home style (however modern or vintage it may be), without compromising on quality, this chest features corresponding black fittings with decorative studs to enhance the exclusivity of its shape. In the same vein, every piece is genuinely unique: the solid wood structure means that grains, specks and grooves are different on every surface. 

The Corona comes flat-packed for home assembly, which may cause issues for those living in flats (where transportation and construction might be more of a challenge). Due to its solid composition, it also stands at a hefty weight of 21kg, again a factor worth considering if carrying or moving regularly is necessary.

For retro vintage vibes | Reclaimed Boat Four Drawer Chest

reclaimed chest of drawers

Pros: Sustainable piece of furniture, unique and distinctive design

Cons: Multicoloured finish not to everyone’s taste, drawer dimensions may not be sufficient

Size: H90 x W90 x D40cm

Exquisite and attractive, this reclaimed wood chest of drawers is eco-friendly, modern and versatile. Handcrafted by skilled artisans in India, this dresser offers a new dimension to furniture-making, originating from only sustainable sources abroad. Unlike any other piece in this guide, the Reclaimed Boat model is unusual, environmentally-friendly, and unique. 

With a two-over-two drawer capacity, it’s possible to store a variety of items without worrying about reduced space. This is a great feature if you’re thinking of tidying lingerie and blankets, for example, as all your stowage needs are met. The pretty metal ring handles only add to the chest’s rustic aesthetic, and flawlessly blends with its vintage, antique appeal. 

While this chest of drawers is certainly impressive, the multicoloured finish may not be suited to every buyer and home, as it’s somewhat difficult to place with certain interior décor styles. Great if you’re looking for a statement piece, but not so fantastic if modular furniture is your preference, this bureau might be seen as too distinctive in more minimalist, understated rooms.

For practicality and convenience | Narrow Sonoma Oak Chest

narrow chest of drawers

Pros: Laminated board resistant to scratches and damage, tall structure could be easily tucked away

Cons: Self-assembly required, non-solid oak may look cheaper and inferior

Size: H112 x W50 x D35cm

This oak chest of drawers is perhaps the best example of a space-saving storage solution. Not only is it narrow and tall, standing at a height of 114cm, it also features seven (yes, seven!) handy drawers – perfect for clearing all your bedroom clutter without compromising on space. At a depth of only 34cm, it’s the convenient piece of furniture you’ve been looking for.

Perfect for bedrooms and living areas alike, this Sonoma oak chest is of extremely high-quality and craftsmanship, featuring beautifully modern drawer fronts that easily glide across smooth metal runners. The gorgeous silver handles are seamless and sleek, effortlessly harmonising with the lighter wood aesthetic. Best of all, the laminated board is incredibly easy to clean (ideal for the minor spillages and heat damage), and is resistant to damage, scratches, moisture and high temperatures.

On the downside, the oak-grained melamine material may seem cheaper compared to some of the other solid wood models on this list. The Sonoma also requires self-assembly, which could be a cause for concern if space or time is limited.

For natural beauty and splendour | Solid Mahogany Wooden Chest of Drawers

mahogany chest of drawers

Pros: Suitable for a wide variety of rooms and spaces, solid mahogany natural finish

Cons: Must be used with the wall attachment provided, on the heavier side in weight

Size: H100 x W45 x D35cm

Truly delivering on charm and stability combined, this mahogany chest of drawers is simply what dreams are made of. Handmade from solid wood, it is the perfect choice if rustic charm is your bag, making it a stable and durable piece of charmingly crafted furniture.

With a straight and even grain embedded into its structure, this bureau is relatively free of voids and resists wood rot – bonus! It’s reddish-brown colour only darkens over time, which then displays a glossy glowing sheen when polished. The sturdy top is perfect for displaying photo frames, vases, fruit baskets, and other decorative items, all of which would seamlessly complement its versatile, natural hue. The five large and two small drawers offer additional storage space for your boudoir essentials and, with the granules differing from every piece to piece, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your dresser will be just as unique as you and your home.

Like any other wooden piece of furniture, longevity is worth thinking about here. Be sure to keep the chest away from direct sunlight or any other heat source that may cause warping or damage. In this case especially, a wall attachment device must be used to prevent the product from overturning, which is something to bear in mind when assembling. Resembling the Corona in its heavier weight, it may also be seen as an awkward and ungainly piece of bedroom furniture.

Draw(er) to a close…

closing wooden drawer

We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide on some of the best wooden chests available today. If you’re looking to totally revamp your boudoir or find some accompanying pieces to delight your dressers and drawers, why not check out our latest guides on wonderful wardrobe ideas, the best sliding examples, and their smaller convenient alternatives? We challenge you to find your charming bedroom companion - you’ll certainly be spoiled for choice!

Please note: the information in this Buyer’s Guide is correct at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.