Blonde Hair Dye You Can Use At Home

The Best Blonde Hair Dye You Can Use At Home

Published 4th May 2021
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In the absence of hair salons, countless numbers of home stylists have been working their magic for the best part of a year, and it’s not very hard to see why. According to research from Nexus, roughly 43 million women in the US alone had coloured their locks over lockdown, preferring drugstore hair dyes to expensive and extensive in-house alternatives. After all, not everyone has time to sit in a salon, let alone bag an appointment, so sometimes box colour is the only option… and a fantastic one at that!

We understand that home hair care can seem a little daunting, especially when drastically transforming your appearance or making a fresh start. While you may not be able to create expert dip dye, ombre hair or balayage for yourself, colouring from the comfort of your bathroom can be great fun, and a fab way to trial a range of tinting techniques - without the hefty price tag of a salon visit! 

In this helpful guide, we’ll introduce you to some of OnBuy’s top tips, tricks, and advice on how to brave the blonde from home, providing some handy recommendations along the way, of course! Whether you’re thinking about covering those greys, or adding some highlights to better frame your face, our fantastic range of high-end hair dyes and accessories are sure to leave you simply glowing with delight (and we don’t just mean your hair!). All that’s left to say is… customise your colour today! We promise you won’t regret it.

Is home hair dye safe to use?

home hair dye

In most cases, yes! It’s completely safe to colour your hair from home, so long as you follow any directions on the product’s packaging. It’s essential to carry out a patch test 48 hours prior to application, as this will often flag up any nasty reactions or allergies before the process begins. It’s also worth doing a strand test too, so you can see how well your hair will take to the dye. You should also skip a DIY dye job if your hair has recently been permed.

To ensure that the procedure is fully hygienic and sanitary, you will need:

  • Your chosen colour
  • A brush and a bowl (many boxes come with these tools as standard)
  • Makeup wipes (to rid your hairline of dye)
  • A disposable shower cap (or one you don’t mind getting dirty)
  • A handheld mirror
  • Some latex-free disposable gloves

What are the different kinds of blonde hair dye on offer?

hair dye products

Generally speaking, blonde hair dye comes in several tones that are usually grouped into either warm or cool shades. The former includes colours such as caramel, copper, honey, and golden, whereas the latter typically comprises of ice, ash, beige, and pearl hues. 

Though there are no hard and fast ‘rules’ as to which one works for you (indeed, who doesn’t want the freedom to choose?), there are several factors that might be worth considering. If your skin has cool undertones, for example, it’s probably best to start with a cooler shade of blonde to best complement your face and natural features. Finding the perfect formula can be difficult if you don’t know where to start, so seek a specialist’s opinion before radically revolutionising your look.

Ultimately, there’s a dye for every occasion, but what is the difference between all the options?

  • Permanent: As the name suggests, it’ll be pretty hard to go back with this one on your hair, so you need to be fully committed to the shade. In a kit of this calibre, you’ll probably have to mix two parts together (an oxidiser and ammonia) with the colouring agent. This can be more damaging to your locks, as the chemicals are far stronger, but results will certainly last longer.
  • Semi-permanent: Also referred to as ‘temporary’, this dye is far easier to use because it doesn’t require any mixing. The final colour will gradually fade over time though, as they tend to last around six weeks (depending on how often you wash it). It’s also worth noting that these dyes don’t contain any bleach, so you won’t be able to make your hair any lighter.
  • Wash in, wash out: If you’re looking for a one-night-only kind of deal, this option is definitely your best bet. Perfect for creating punk rock-chic styles and unicorn vibes alike, it’s ideal for temporary weekend use (washing off just in time for work on Monday!). 
  • Toner: When you visit a salon, stylists tend to use a toner when caring for your hair. It’s often the final process of the dying application, making blondes look less brassy and far more glossy and thick. We recommend adding one to your DIY routine to achieve perfect results and an instantly refreshed appearance.

Our top tips for dying your hair at home

dying hair

Blonde hair is notoriously tricky to achieve at home, and though you may be excited to start your coloured creations, there are a number of guidelines you must remember first. Dying is, above all, a delicate science, so be sure to observe the list of suggestions below, before taking the plunge.

1. Use a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner. This will extend the life of your dyed hair and won’t strip out that all-important colour. Look out for products that are specifically formulated for tinted locks, such as intensive hydrating hair masks and leave-in treatments.

2. Try to keep your hair out of the sun for extended periods of time, as this can cause the colour to fade. Pop on a hat or cap to keep those rays from damaging your mop. 

3. Buy two boxes. Imagine getting halfway through your routine and realising you’ve run out of dye… nightmare! If your hair is past your shoulders or short and thick, you’re probably better off purchasing a pair, just to be on the safe side.

4. Brush and section your hair before beginning, as even the smallest knot can cause a big problem. Stylists always partition the tresses into four parts: down the middle from front to back, and across the crown from ear to ear. Dye the front sections first – as these are the most visible, they’ll need a longer processing time.

5. Invest in an extra toothbrush. We know, we know, this one sounds strange, but should you want to add some extra blonde highlights, it might be worth using the small bristles of a toothbrush or mascara wand to apply colour where the sun would normally lighten your hair.

OnBuy’s selection of the best six hair dyes available


Now that we’ve established the basics, let’s delve straight into our top selection of the best six hair dyes on offer. With our handy list of pros and cons for each integrated product, we hope you’ll feel better equipped to make your final decision.

The best ash blonde hair dye | Clairol Permanent Colour

Clairol Permanent Colour

Pros: Formula significantly reduces the chance of developing an allergy, 100% grey coverage

Cons: Ultra-light ash blonde colour may not be to everyone’s taste, gloves not included in the box

Ash blonde is one of the trendiest shades of the moment, totally rocked by some of the most glamorous women in Hollywood (Jennifer Anniston and Beyoncé alike). There’s a reason why everyone from A-listers to your next-door neighbour are choosing this cool-toned hue – it’s universally flattering (the little black dress of hair dye, if you will). On the whole, this colour offers a blonde tone with tints of grey, creating an ashy shade. On the surface, it tends to look a lot like platinum, but often darker roots are left to add dimension and a natural feel. Since it is considered to be cool in tone, this colour best suits anyone with a lighter complexion, with blue or green eyes.

This Clairol Permanent Colour in the shade 11A (Ultra-Light Ash Blonde) really delivers on performance and longevity combined. The first brand to receive both the GHI Approved and Red Reader Recommended endorsements in the UK, it’s particularly gentle for those who often suffer with adverse reactions or sensitivity. With 100% grey coverage and a concentrated non-drip consistency as standard, it’ll leave your hair feeling incredibly soft, shiny, and smooth. What’s more, the gorgeous colour lasts for up to 28 washes, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your barnet is totally taken care of.

On the downside however, this particular hue may not be to everyone’s taste. As with many home hair care kits, colour is, above all else, completely personal, and this ultra-light shade may be considered too bright for those who prefer the more traditional ashy grey look. The box also doesn’t include a pair of latex-free gloves, which you would have to purchase separately.

The best dark blonde hair dye | Garnier Nutrisse Nude Dark Blonde

Garnier Nutrisse Nude Dark Blonde

Pros: Intensely nourishes and protects weaker hair, colour lasts for up to eight weeks

Cons: Permanent colour may not be suitable for all hair types, shade may be considered too dark

Dark blonde hair colour often possesses highlights and lowlights to give it that extra shot of depth and stunning shimmer. Big names like Angelina Jolie, Blake Lively, and Cameron Diaz have all been known to favour this browner-yet-brighter hue, embracing the blonde without compromising their natural colour. As expected, it is said to better suit those with darker eyes and skin. 

This Garnier Nutrisse box colour (in 7N Nude Dark) is fantastic for first-time dyers. Winner of the 2020 Women’s Health Beauty Awards for ‘best home hair dye’, it’s one of the most popular brands in the UK, endorsed by Holly Willoughby and Davina McCall alike. A permanent colour with four restoring oils and a multi-tonal conditioner, your hair will be left feeling intensely nourished, with up to 100% grey coverage. It even helps to promote the growth of stronger, thicker locks, with the appearance of less breakage and split ends than alternatives on the market. Packed full of anti-dryness technology, it’s set to last for up to eight weeks – perfect for those who suffer with thirstier hair.

On a slightly more negative note, the permanent nature of this hue may not be suitable for everyone, as thinner hair tends to experience less longevity than others. The shade itself might also be seen as too dark for those with lighter complexions.

The best platinum blonde hair dye | Schwarzkopf Live XXL Absolute Platinum

Schwarzkopf Live XXL Absolute Platinum

Pros: Up to eight levels of lift from your original colour, after treatment provides a glossy shine

Cons: Only recommended for medium blonde hair, can sometimes appear brassy or harsh

If you’re courageous enough to brave the platinum, we salute you! One of the most talked-about hair trends in the last few years, it is a seriously striking look (perfected by the likes of Kylie Jenner, Christina Aguilera and, most recently, Lady Gaga) and, though it can be difficult to achieve and maintain, looks fabulous on just about everyone. Depending on the shade of your natural hair, the process to accomplish this brightest blonde can be multistep and may take a few weeks in total. The darker your original colour, the more work, time, and patience will be required to reach your desired level. As such, it may take more than one session, so it might be worth investing in two box kits to ensure your hue will last. 

This Schwarzkopf Live Absolute Platinum is ideal for those looking for up to eight (yes, eight) levels of lift in one single sitting. From a subtle change to a bold all-out transformation, Schwarzkopf benefits from many years’ experience in home hair colour, presenting a range of statement hues in some of the most vibrant and coveted shades around. Offering unique shine and touchable soft, silky hair, XXL Absolute Platinum is the perfect way to trial a lighter colour without the high-end salon price point. The box also uniquely features a handy after treatment, which provides you with that extra feel of glossiness when applied.

Unfortunately though, this shade is only recommended for medium blonde to medium brown hair, discounting those with a far darker or blacker barnet. The high-intensity colour can also tend to appear brassy and harsh upon application, which may lead to hair that looks cheap and malnourished.

The best blonde box dye | Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Colour

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Colour

Pros: Vivid, rich, and long-lasting performance, protects against dryness for up to eight weeks

Cons: Not recommended for very dark natural hair, shade may appear bleached or overly lightened

Icy blonde hair is a light, cool-toned colour that can be as pale as white, with subtle touches of beige. Following the success of Disney’s Frozen in 2013, it’s fair to say that many have contemplated the Princess Elsa appearance, with snowy hairstyles dominating the media ever since. Much like platinum, dying your hair this shade may be a breeze for pre-blonde manes but, if your base is darker, you’ll need a lot of patience to reach your perfect colour. With a hue so light, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that maintenance is high in order to take care of your natural hair’s integrity. 

This Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Colour (in the shade 10.1 Ice Blonde) is perhaps the best box dye on our list. Packed full of accessories, including a colour crème, a developer, a nourishing conditioner, and gloves, there’s no need to fork out for extra tools or embellishments. The formula itself offers a vivid, rich, and long-lasting colour and, like its darker blonde counterpart above, protects against dryness for up to eight weeks – bonus! Enriched with three healthful oils, your locks are set to feel loved, luscious, and incredibly well taken care of, after just one quick and easy application. 

On the downside however (and as noted above), this lighter shade is not recommended for darker hair, as it can leave the colour looking sallow and unattractively ashen. The hue may also appear bleached or overworked if left in for too long at home.

The best white blonde hair dye | L’Oréal Excellence Age Perfect

L Oreal Excellence Age Perfect

Pros: Enriched with pro-collagen for a flattering, luminous colour, 100% coverage

Cons: One of the slightly more expensive dyes on this list, specifically formulated for grey hair only

Other than platinum, this is the lightest shade on our list, and a great option for those with paler complexions and lighter eyes. White blonde hair is unbelievably flattering on those of a certain age, and has been popularised over time by countless Hollywood heroines, from Jamie Lee Curtis’s signature pixie cut to Helen Mirren’s timeless classic coiffure. Though this may sound ridiculous, there’s actually more than one shade of ‘white’ dye, so you’ll need to do a smidge of research before choosing your desired shade. From creamy bleach to an almost purple, pearly white, it’s a good idea to think about what look you’re trying to achieve. 

This L’Oréal Excellence Age Perfect (shown here in 10.13, or Very Light Ivory Blonde) is designed to achieve a layered tone, with a luminous colour full of beautiful highlights. Enriched with pro-collagen and pro-ceramide, your locks will feel revitalised and smooth after just one application – great for those with thinner or thirstier hair. With less visible regrowth than other models on the market, this hue is ideal for older women, leaving your barnet feeling replenished and full of body and shine. This box also benefits from an easy application brush, which helps any user to reach those harder-to-grasp areas, especially at the temples and the back of your head. 

On a slightly more negative note, it’s one of the more expensive options on our list, and has been specifically formulated for grey hair only. It’s, therefore, not the most universal of home hair dyes.

The best cool blonde hair dye | L’Oréal Superior Preference Colour

L Oreal Superior Preference Colour

Pros: Added shine serum for extra conditioning, lasts for up to eight weeks of fade-defying colour

Cons: The most expensive dye on our list, better suited to cooler skin tones and natural hair colours

Much like the other dark blonde hair dyes on our list, this shade is complementary to many different natural hues. If you lean more towards the darker side (in complexion and colour combined), this cool, ashy tone is the perfect way to start your home salon journey. If you’re stuck for inspiration, simply look to figures such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Tyra Banks… they’ve truly mastered the look.

L’Oréal’s Superior Preference Colour is one of the most premium home hair kits on the market. A rich and luminous colorant with fade-defying technology and a permanent nature, its formula has been specially developed with added shine serum for extra conditioning and nourishment. Lasting for up to eight weeks, there’s no risk of darkening over time. 

Unfortunately though, it’s the most expensive dye on our list (perhaps understandable when you consider all the additional features). The darker ashy tone is also often thought to better suit those with cooler natural hair and skin tones, as it may appear too harsh on warmer-coloured complexions.

Customise your colour

blonde curly hair

We hope you’ve enjoyed this foray into all things hair dye-related. Should you require more information though, or simply need some inspiration from a plethora of sources, why not explore our extensive online shelves? Packed full of bleach, toner, and tools, there really is no end to OnBuy’s home colouring collection. And, if you’re new to home hair dye, check out our handy guide here for all the information you need to start your colouring journey. 

If general hair care is your bag though, be sure to check our selection of fantastic products and accessories. Whether it’s treatments and tonics you need to thoroughly maintain the beauty of your barnet, or perhaps even some curling tongs and straighteners to complete your look and style, we certainly have you covered. Browse the full collection today and be prepared for a total transformation. 

Please note: the information in this buyer’s guide is correct at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.

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