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How to care for your new hair dryer & keep it working for longer

Published 20th December 2022
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Hair dryers are an essential tool for styling hair, but they require proper maintenance and care if you want them to last. Just like any other electrical appliance, your hairdryer needs to be looked after if you want it to remain in good condition and keep performing at its best.

Whether you’re a professional hairdresser or just someone who likes to keep their locks looking healthy and beautiful, here are some tips on how to look after your hair dryer properly.

Clean the filter

The first step to maintaining your hair dryer is giving the filter a good clean every once in a while to keep it free from debris. Hair dryers have a filter which collects dust, dirt, and lint from the air passing through it, as well as traces of hair products like hair spray.

With the vents not functioning as they should, the hair dryer can overheat and cause a short, or in serious cases an electrical fire. Sounds serious! Thankfully, cleaning the filter only takes a few minutes.

First, make sure the hair dryer is unplugged from the mains. Then, remove the back of the hair dryers. The back of some hair dryers twist off for easy access to the filter, while some might have screws in the back, which you'll have to loosen with a screwdriver.

Once the filter is removed, you can rinse it under a tap to get all of the dust and dirt off. If it's especially clogged you can use a cleaning cloth or a soft paint brush to gently wipe off the majority of the dirt before rinsing it. Once the filter's clean, dab it with some paper towel to get most of the water off and leave it to dry. Make sure the filter is completely dry before fitting it back in the hair dryer. Some older hair dryer models might not have a filter you can remove easily. If that's the case, you can still keep it clean by gently scrubbing it with a manual toothbrush.

Keep it away from water

It goes without saying that water and electronics don’t mix. Make sure you keep your hair dryer away from sources of moisture such as sinks and bathtubs. This will help prevent any accidental water damage which could cause serious harm to your hairdryer’s performance..

Don’t put too much strain on the cord

Your hairdryer’s cord is designed to handle regular use, but you should still be careful not to pull or tug too hard on it when in use. This can cause damage to the wiring over time, leading to poor performance or even complete failure of your appliance. Be gentle with the cord when using your hair dryer and ensure that it is not twisted or tangled as this could also lead to problems further down the line.

Store it properly

When not in use, make sure you store your hairdryer in a safe and secure place where there is no risk of damage from knocks or falls. This will help keep it in optimum condition for longer, meaning you won't have to replace it as often!

The best way to store your hair dryer is by unplugging it and keeping it in a dedicated storage place. Many hair dryers come with their own carry case, but if your model didn't you can buy special hair dryer holders for your rooms.

Following these simple tips will help ensure that your hair dryer remains in good working order for many years – giving you perfect results every time! If you're looking for a new hair dryer but not sure which one to get, make sure to read our hair dryer buyer's guide.

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