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Need a hand picking the perfect pet Halloween costume? Take our quiz!

Published 6th October 2021
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Ensure every member of the family is fit for Trick or Treating this Halloween with our pet personality quiz! Simply answer the questions below about your best friend’s behaviours and favourite things to discover the perfect Halloween costume to suit their ever-evolving personality. 

Regardless of whether you own an adventurous cat that’s always on the go or a chilled out canine that loves nothing more than lazing on the sofa, our online shelves are simply packed with pet Halloween costumes for every fur-ocious four-legged friend! 

Ready to find out whether your pet is more pumpkin than predator?

Question 1: Which toy does your pet prefer?

pet playing with toy

A - A terrific treat-filled toy packed with tasty nibbles

B - A bouncing ball of string

C - Anything that makes the slightest noise

D - Their treasured companion - a beloved soft toy

Question 2: Which statement best describes your pet?

kitten crawling through blinds

A - Always on the lookout for something to destroy

B - A premium hunter of anything that moves

C - Flighty and easily excitable

D - Chilled out and always looking for attention

Question 3: How does your pet feel about the outdoors?

dog playing in a field  flowers

A - Can’t get enough of roaming around outside

B - Likes it! They love to patrol the garden perimeter

C - A total homebody - sticks to indoor spaces only

D - Happy either way - will chill in both locations

Question 4: Which colour aura suits your pet the most?

Husky running over snow with setting sun

A - Bright and vibrant green

B - Rustic and natural brown

C - Dark and mysterious black

D - Unmissable and exotic orange

Question 5: Is your pet a keen cuddler?

woman cuddling her cat

A - Never! They much prefer their own space

B - Rarely, they occasionally love a good cuddle

C - Sometimes! They’ll cuddle, but you'll have to catch them first!

D - Always, constantly up for a cuddle, anytime, anywhere!

Question 6: How independent is your pet?

golden retriever holding their food bowl

A - Fully independent, they know exactly what they want

B - Only needs minimal help - like refilling their food bowl

C - Prefers to be around lots of loved ones the most

D - Totally dependent on you for everything

Question 7: Where does your pet sleep?

cat sleeping in womans lap

A - Sleeps right at the foot of your bed

B - They prefer to drift off in their own cage/bed outside of your bedroom

C - You always find them snoozing in different places

D - Snuggles up in the sheets with you!

Uncover your pet’s complementary Halloween costume...


Mostly A? A daring dino!

chihuahua dressed as a dinosaur

Your pet can be a little excitable and is always on the hunt for new things to play with. They’re often found tearing around the house or chasing everything in sight in the garden, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake! Regardless of whether that means stuffed toys often don’t last long or your shoes always need replacing, why not let them embrace their roar-some selves this Halloween with a dinosaur costume?

Mostly B? A loyal lion

dog with lion mane costume

Your pet loves to be by your side, but they have a hunter’s instinct that often leads them away on adventures. Allow them to tap into their predatory predilections this year and dress them up as hair-raising lion! A popular choice for most pets, all you need is a fluffy orange mane to transform your cat or dog into a fearsome feline.

Mostly C? A kooky bat

cat wearing bat wings costume

Your pet is a real character and a total crowd-pleaser! Flitting from one person to another, they’re the life of the party and you never find them in the same spot twice. Typically using their hearing above sight skills, just like bats, they like to stay inside and listen out for any visitors. Simply pop on a pair of bat wings and watch them take flight on new adventures!

Mostly D? A pretty pumpkin

Cat dressed as a halloween pumpkin

Your pet’s undeniably adorable! Cute, cuddly, and keen to soak up all of your love, time, and attention, it only makes sense to get them a costume that’s just as snuggly and vibrant as they are! Super soft and striking, a pumpkin costume is a fantastic choice for your furry best friend this Halloween. They’re sure to be the star of any spooky soirée you throw!

Kit out the whole crew!

Child and dog dressed up for halloween

On the prowl for more? Check out our guide to the best Halloween costumes for dogs and cats here! Overflowing with spooky, creepy, and cutesy creations, it’s your one-stop shop for finding the purr-fect Halloween outfit for your pet.

Alongside pumpkins and prehistoric beasts, you can also find superhero, spider, and skeleton Halloween costumes for your pet here in our hallowed halls. Shop our full selection to see more!

With many more outstanding outfit options for men, women and kids just waiting to be discovered on our online shelves, you can dress up the whole family in any horrifying or hair-raising theme. Happy hunting!

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