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Over-Ear Headphones Overview

Whether you’re into hardcore heavy metal, groove-busting pop or relaxing reggae, you can immerse yourself in the wonderful world of music like never before with a pair of hi-fi over-ear headphones from OnBuy. From the latest state-of-the-art releases to pocket-friendly picks for every budget, you can be sure our selection of headphones will never miss a beat! 

When it comes to losing yourself in music, you really can’t go wrong with a pair of over-ear headphones. Boasting surround sound technology and external noise-cancelling features, headphones offer a superior listening experience, making them an ideal choice for communing, busy offices or escaping your surroundings. With thick, padded ear cups, not only do they provide a supremely comfortable fit, but they prevent sound from leaking and disturbing anyone in close proximity - so there'll be no complaints about your taste in music! 

Among our fantastic selection of headphones, you’ll find all your favourite big-name brands, including Sony, JVC and Beats by Dr.Dre, alongside a variety of budget-friendly options that are low in price yet large in personality. We even stock a wide range of children's headphones, too, showcasing a multitude of cool designs and safety features that are ideal for little ears. With state-of-the-art options and timeless fan-favourites up for grabs here on OnBuy, our range is sure to have something for everyone.

If, however, you’re looking for something on the smaller side, be sure to check out our extensive selection of earphones. From wired to wireless and discreet to distinct, we have a whole host of brilliant options to tempt you here on OnBuy. 

Whatever you go for, why not pick up a brand new case to pair with your purchase while you’re here and keep your favourite new gadget in tip-top condition for even longer? 

Are wired headphones better than wireless?

If you’re torn between wired or wireless headphones and the deciding factor comes down to sound quality, you need not worry: in most cases, sound quality differs from brand to brand and model to model, as opposed to whether it is wired or not. The two main differences between wired and wireless headphones are how they connect to your device and the level of maintenance required. 

Wired headphones are timeless, with easy-to-use ‘plug and play’ technology that makes listening to your favourite tunes a total breeze. Its strengths are its weaknesses, however, as it’s the very same cables that allow for easy use that also tend to tangle and obstruct freedom of movement. Cables can also shorten the life of the headphones if they’re not replaceable, as all it takes is one unfortunate accident to cause irreversible damage to the wires, and suddenly you need to buy a whole new pair. Having said they, they usually come with a smaller price tag than wireless alternatives, so replacing them won’t dent your bank account too much. It’s also important to note that wireless headphones tend to drain your smartphone’s battery faster, so if you know you won’t have access to a power source for a considerable amount of time, you’re better off using wired headphones so you can enjoy listening to music for longer. 

Wireless headphones have become the norm in many music lovers' lives, diminishing the annoyance of restrictive wires and offering a stylish design to its wearer. Instead of an AUX cable, these headphones connect to your device via Bluetooth or WiFi, and usually have an impressive signal range, so you don’t have to stay tethered to your device. The biggest downside to wireless headphones is that they require charging, so you may wind up with a flat battery if you forget to top them up before heading off out for the day. While they do come with a slightly higher price tag than wired models, if freedom of movement is important to you, they’re certainly worth the extra pounds. 

Headphones FAQs

Are headphones safe to use?

Headphones are safe to use, as long as you don’t listen to audio content at high volume over an extended amount of time, as this can lead to hearing issues.

How long can you wear headphones?

This depends on a lot of factors. Some people can wear headphones for an extended amount of time without problems, as long as the volume is moderate. The 60/60 rule is quite popular, stipulating that you shouldn’t wear headphones for more than one hour at a time and keep the volume under 60%.

Is it okay to sleep with headphones on?

Yes, you can sleep with headphones on. However, to prevent damage to the headphones or other accidents, it is recommended to use a special pillow.

Are in-ear headphones safe?

As in the case of other types of headphones, it's safe to use in-ear headphones, provided you don’t listen at a high volume for too much time.

Should kids wear headphones?

Just like adults, kids can wear headphones without problems, as long as they don’t listen to content at a volume that is too high. There are kid's headphones that are designed with built-in safety features that can prevent potential problems - explore our entire range of kid's headphones here

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