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Beauty Trends You Need To Try This Summer

Published 30th April 2021
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This year, summer is set to start in style! June 21st is undoubtedly the date of the year - not only as it marks the first official day of summer, but it’s also that all-important date where we could finally wave goodbye to all legal restrictions on social contact (as per the government roadmap). With larger social gatherings and parties just on the horizon, what better time than now to test out and perfect some summer beauty trends?

Over the last year, our homes became offices, schools, and even salons, with many of us turning to home hair dye solutions and makeshift manicures during this time. Thankfully, with the recent reopening of salons, we no longer have to shield our dodgy dye disasters and terrible talons from sight - phew! But it wasn’t just our homes and hair that went through a transition; with more time spent at home, many of us took the time to master our makeup skills or ditch it altogether. Some of us abandoned our foundation for a more minimalist and natural look, while others chose to embrace the statement lip and bold eye liner in an escape from the everyday. Whichever style you selected, we salute you! But, now that restrictions are easing, it’s time to reach for that blusher and bronzer, and prepare for the best sunny season on record. 

Here at OnBuy, we’re proud to stock a plethora of health and beauty products simply perfect for this year’s upcoming festivities. Providing you with all the most recent tips, tricks, and advice on how to achieve the ultimate summer aesthetic, we hope to share in your excitement for a new-found sense of freedom. Yes, from nail art to accessories, powders to primer, we (literally) have you covered.


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‘Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.’ 

- Coco Chanel

Coined by Pinterest, ‘skinimalism’ is the number one beauty trend to rock the 2021 hot list. Fundamentally, it describes the stripping back of skincare routines in favour of a more inconspicuous, understated approach, whether that means reducing the number of products, or merely wearing less (or lighter) foundation to allow your ‘real’ complexion to shine through. Though many have long been under the impression that, when it comes to makeup, more is more, it has since been suggested that active-packed lotions and potions can often leave a trail of destruction behind them, most commonly in the form of redness, irritation and acne.

Introducing the wonderful world of simplicity and sophistication. Forget intensive hour-long sessions in front of the mirror, as gone are the days of cakey cosmetics and mismatched makeup that would leave even the most naive of novices simply cringing with embarrassment. With summer just around the corner, now is a fantastic time to embrace the effortless and prepare for some golden, glowing skin. Don’t forget protection, though - the sun’s rays can be incredibly damaging, so be sure to invest in some sunscreen before the al fresco activities begin. We recommend Altruist SPF50 as a superior shield against 98% of UV radiation. Suitable for use under foundation or powder, it expertly fights signs of pigmentation, premature aging, dark spots, and dehydration. 

According to Pinterest’s 2021 Trends Prediction Report, searches on how to realise natural radiance have quadrupled in recent months, with ‘natural everyday makeup tips’ increasing by 180% this last year alone. For the most part, cleansers, day creams, and moisturisers are perhaps the best place to start, as these often form the basis of any look or aesthetic, no matter how synthetic or organic your preference. If skincare is to stop here, great… it’s certainly a fabulous time to jump on the minimalist bandwagon! If, however, you’re looking for that extra splash of pizzazz, why not add some mascara? The L’Oréal Paris Ecstatic Paradise wand is ideal for creating intense volume and gorgeous length, with a pocket-friendly price tag that makes it simply irresistible. Or, if dramatic lift is your bag, try the Benefit Roller Lash mascara. Featuring a unique hook ‘n’ roll brush that grabs, separates and curls your natural lashes, it’ll instantly make any eyes appear wider and stunningly sparkly.

Fifty shades of… well, whatever!

pink haired girl

‘It doesn’t matter if your life is perfect, as long as your hair colour is.’

- Stacy Snapp Killian

This summer, tinted hair is in! Blame it on the quarantine-induced boom of at-home colouring, but expect to see lots of warm tones this upcoming sunny season. While scarlet and copper are currently relishing in a revolution, the coolest take on 2021’s most popular trends are the almost red shades, like peach, cinnamon brown, and striking strawberry blonde. As celebrity colourist and Clairol partner Jeremy Tardo points out, this colour palette skilfully ‘frames your facial features when cold and dreary climates make everything else look dull’, enhancing the natural appearance of your hair and highlighting the contours of your complexion. If you’re up for braving the brightness this year, pink-inspired hues are certainly the way to go!

If you’re short on time, or simply don’t have the patience to wait four months for a salon appointment, why not try experimenting at home? We understand that this can seem daunting, especially when drastically transforming your appearance but, while you may not be able to create an expert ombre or balayage yourself, colouring from the comfort of your bathroom can be immensely entertaining, not to mention a fab way to trial a range of tinting techniques. 

On the basis of professional recommendations, this year is certainly the best time to go bold. For vibrant, fade-resistant, and long-lasting rosy results, the Wella 5WV Cinnamon box dye is a wonderful place to begin. Enriched with natural, conditioning ingredients and a gentle floral fragrance, its liquifuse technology makes the application process incredibly easy and stress-free for even the most hesitant of home hairdressers. If darker, more fiery red shades are your preferred choice, it may be worth thinking about toner. Simply speaking, this is the life-changing product that helps any user to correct and personalise their colour, and is readily available from the extensive shelves of OnBuy. Try this popular developer kit as an exciting place to start.

Open the curtain… fringe

cutting your fringe

‘Life is short. You may as well live it with really great hair.’ 

- Anonymous

Alongside dye itself, one of the other most popular hair trends to dominate this season’s style is the inimitable charm of curtain bangs (or fringes, for the more Anglicized among us!). If recent hordes of celebs (Hailey Bieber, JLo, Ariana Grande, and Gigi Hadid, to name just a few) are anything to go by, this look is shaping up to be the it cut of 2021. Super low-maintenance and flattering on pretty much everyone, it’s a fail-safe way to zhuzh up your locks before summer.

First popularised in the 1960s by timeless beauties such as Brigitte Bardot, curtain bangs have recently made a storming reappearance. Unlike traditional varieties, this trim features a middle parting or small strands that fall on either side of your face, creating (yep, you’ve guessed it) the illusion of closing curtains. Because of this, they’re a chic and easy way to switch up your style in an instant, and are versatile enough to suit every type of hair, from short curls to long and luscious locks. 

To create the classic wavy look so often associated with this aesthetic (think Jessica Alba), it’s all about the volume. For this, you’ll need: a blow dryer or hot air brush, rollers, and your favourite mousse. To start, apply the mousse all over, concentrating on your roots, and blow to about 80% dry, lifting the ends up as you go. Then, section out your fringe, round brushing it up and away from your forehead. As a pro tip, give the bangs a final blast of extra heat and set them in a roller. Leave for two-three minutes, to allow them to set and cool, then remove to see perfectly-shaped curtains framing your fabulous face.

Nailing the nail art

nail art

‘Good nails will often solve a lot of problems.’ 

- Anonymous

With manicures often reflecting our inner moods and feelings, 2021’s most popular sets are sure to be straight winners. From seventies-inspired swiggles to striking swirls, shapes that feel natural to fresh and modern falsies, there really is no end to the combinations you can create. While an earthy colour palette plays into the retro vintage vibe, a crisp black and white pattern could truly finish your look with charming elegance and sophistication, so explore the possibilities today! Pamper, protect and polish your way to a sensational seasonal revamp… we promise it’ll be worth it.

For perfectly painted nails, you must first choose a shade. This can literally be anything, so don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild. Whether they’re intended to reflect your mood, match your outfit, or simply echo your personality, coloured nails have a plethora of advantages, and suit absolutely everyone. When choosing a place to prep, make sure you find a clean, stable surface in a well-lit room (study desks and kitchen tables fit this purpose brilliantly), as unbalanced countertops can lead to streaking and an uneven finish. Once you’ve filed and applied a base coat, it’s time to get inventive. Rub the bottle of your chosen colour(s) between your hands for 25-30 seconds to warm and mix the contents, and then you’re good to go!

If understated chic is to your liking, it may be time to trial the humble French manicure. Over the past year, this classic option has gone from polarising to a red-carpet staple, and it’s not very hard to see why. 2021 nail artists have frequently been seen to dress up this traditional look, with everything from glitter to funky cartoon mushrooms dominating the nails of celebs and girls-next-door combined. Though it’s probably best to leave more intricate projects to the pros, you can easily achieve the same aesthetic from the comfort of your home. Try these handy pens as a one-stop shortcut to salon-quality styles or these convenient embellishments to help the process run smoothly.

Claw clips

hair clips

‘Accessories are like vitamins to fashion – as such, you should use them liberally.’ 

- Anna Dello Russo

Hair fasteners of every kind – butterfly, barrettes, pearl encrusted included – have been trending all year long, but expect to see even more claw clips in summer ’21. Adored by fashion-conscious A-listers like Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Kaia Gerber, they’re the textbook way to hide hair that hasn’t been snipped or styled in months. While simpler versions like this standard tortoise-shell model are very much in vogue at the moment, there’s certainly no harm in opting for a more elaborate option. Perfect for daily Zoom meetings and dressy summer evenings alike, they’re the trendy hair accessory you didn’t know you needed!

Prepare to boss all things beauty

boss makeup

‘Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself, inside and out.’ 

- Audrey Hepburn

We hope you’ve enjoyed this foray into all things beauty-related. Should you require more information on the latest tips and trends or simply need some extra inspiration from a variety of handy sources, why not explore our extensive online shelves? Packed full of everything from bath sets to bronzer, there really is no end to OnBuy’s health and beauty selection. 

If general cosmetics are your preference though, be sure to check out our assortment of fantastic products and accessories. Whether it’s serums and steamers you need to maintain the natural radiance of your skin, or perhaps some brushes and bags to complete your classy collection, we certainly have you covered. Browse the full range today and be prepared for a total transformation!

The information in this blog is correct at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.

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