How to Make the Perfect Bubble Bath in 5 Simple Steps

When it's been a long and strenuous day at work, we can all agree that there is nothing better than coming home, stripping off and running the perfect bath.

Unlike a straightforward shower, a lot of time and thought goes into drawing a bath, from making sure you get the right temperature to the length of time you stay in it. It has to be perfect.

We have created the ultimate guide which includes the best bubble bath tips to ensure you can submerge yourself into the ultimate state of relaxation and let the stresses you have slide down the drain once you're done.

1. Set The Mood

The first step to achieving the best bath ever is setting the mood. This step is a little bit flexible as everyone's preferences are different, but you need to choose the right playlist. Whether you decide to go for a bit of Adele or Post Malone is more up your street, the goal is to get you in the right frame of mind so your worries float away as you immerse into your perfect bath.

If neither of our suggested preferences float your boat, there is an array of music that you can choose from to ensure you have an amazing bubble bath.

The next step isn't essential but if you're wanting to achieve ambience, light a few scented candles and turn the lights off. Candles create the ultimate relaxation environment and will immediately alleviate a lot of your stress due to the fresh aromas.

Set The Mood


2. How To Run A Bath Perfectly

Ensure that you have enough time to thoroughly enjoy your bath. You should give yourself at least half an hour to an hour and make sure that you're not on a time limit - remember the purpose of having the perfect bath is to alleviate your stress, so you don't want to add onto that by rushing it.

Now, time to run the bath. You want to make sure that the water is not too hot - you need to find the perfect temperature, and again this is totally down to you.

As soon as you've found the temperature that's best suited to you, put the plug in and let it run - we would recommend a temperature between 30° and 40°C but again it's down to you.

Once the bath has reached about a quarter of the way full it's time to add some products. Whether you decide to go for some bubble bath, bath salts or essential oils, it won't matter - this is your bath and everybody's perception of perfect is different, so there isn't a right or wrong answer with whatever products you decide to go with.

Once it gets to around three quarters of the way full, turn the tap off and test the temperature of the water. If it's too hot, either add some cold water or leave it for around 10-15 minutes to cool down.

How To Run A Bath Perfectly


3. Make The Most Of Relaxing Bath Products

Now that you've got your relaxing bath music on, you need to add some relaxing bath products.

So, what to put in a bath to relax?

  • Bath bomb: You can never go wrong with a bath bomb! Drop it in and watch it fizz into an array of colours and scents. As well as looking aesthetically pleasing, most bath bombs include moisturising ingredients which will leave your skin feeling silky and smooth which is bound to make you feel indulged.
  • Face mask: Another of our relaxing bath tips is to stick on a face mask if you want to go all out - this will enhance the ultimate spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home.
  • Relaxing bath salts: Most bath salts contain magnesium which soaks into your skin and replenishes its magnesium levels - this can help you have a well-rested sleep once you decide to get out.

If you're really wanting to push the boat out, why not treat yourself to a glass of your favourite wine or drink of your choice? Nothing says winding down more than a nice long bath and a beverage.

Make The Most Of Relaxing Bath Products


4. It's Time to Get In!

Now that the bath has been drawn and you've carried out all of the pre-relaxation steps, it's finally time to get in! This step is pretty self-explanatory, so instead use another one of our relaxing bath tips: roll a small towel into a sausage like shape and place it behind your head to act as a cushion. Another way to aid the perfect bath is to use a nourishing body wash - most include stress relieving ingredients which are bound to make you feel replenished. This is an essential aspect to your bath so make sure you choose the right body wash. Another of our relaxing bath tips is to wash with a flannel - using a soft flannel as an alternative to your hands is a lot more relaxing and is gentle on your skin.

As mentioned earlier, take as much time as you need in the bath and don't put yourself on a time limit of when you should get out. Also make sure you go undisturbed - you may want to invest in a 'Do Not Disturb' sign to ensure this.

It's Time to Get In!


5. Post-Bath Necessities

Once you have taken all the necessary steps and followed all of our relaxing bath tips, it's finally time to get out. Just because the bath has come to an end doesn't mean the relaxation needs to stop there though. What you do afterwards is also going to contribute to your perfect bath.

Step out into a fresh towel, dry yourself off and wrap yourself in a fluffy bath robe. Who needs to go to a spa when you can have all of this from the comfort of your own home?

Post-Bath Necessities


This concludes our guide on how to achieve the perfect bubble bath. We hope that your stresses have been relieved and that you'll follow this guide whenever you feel like things are getting on top of you.