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Blissful Bank Holiday: Treat Yourself To Some TLC With Our Complete Self-care Checklist

Published 16th August 2021
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With the August Bank Holiday just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning your schedule… and some hard-earned self-care treats are a fantastic place to start! 

Despite our hopes for a relaxing break, we all know how quickly the summer can turn into a cluster of chaos, and yet we never seem to learn from our previous mistakes. A weekend hosting friends here, a couple of the kids’ sleepovers there and, guess what, before you’ve even had the chance to colour your hair or indulge in an uninterrupted bath, it’s time to start the daily school runs again! Sound familiar? Well, this year is going to be different, and OnBuy is on-hand to help. 

Nothing says tranquility and stress relief quite like a long weekend of ‘me time’, so try your best to carve out some empower hours amid all the demanding activities (heaven knows you deserve it!) and make the most of your break. We’d love for you to come away from this blog feeling thoroughly prepped and primed for a blissful bank holiday like never before, safe in the knowledge that we have all the products you’ll need to enjoy it. So, get ready to strap on those spa headbands and start ticking off the self-care checklist. There’s truly nothing better than some seasonal TLC!

Friday night: Foam, froth, and fizz

bath with candles

Question: what was once considered a luxury but has now become part of our everyday routines? Yep, you’ve guessed it… baths! The ultimate pampering location, these pools of peacefulness can be an absolute life-saver at the end of a long day at work (and especially on the eve of a bank holiday weekend), but how can you make them even more indulgent and pleasurable? Side note: a squeeze of shower gel simply isn’t going to make the cut! 

Well, you can start by creating your own zen atmosphere. Complete with all the accessories, boujee products, and sweet-smelling additives we’ve come to know and expect from high-end spas and hotels, it won’t be long before your bathroom looks like a haven of rest and escapism, no matter how big your towel and tub! Take a journey through our #bathfluencer-worthy list of essentials below, to level-up your lathering in no time.

  • Adding your additives: Harness the power of a good soak by upgrading your bath additives. Whether you’re a fan of colourful bombs, oils, bubbles, or mineral salts, the key lies with scent. This is incredibly personal, and you’ll probably find that your body is drawn to what it needs most, or the ingredients required to help your mind relax. Deeply nourishing examples include naturally-sedating vetiver, calming camomile, and soothing sandalwood.
  • Light a candle: Is there truly anything better than the smell of a candle? Part of the tranquil quality of a spa is the scent that envelops you as soon as you enter the room, and your bathroom should be no different. As with essential oils, go for models with hints of lavender and camomile, to help you drift off before bedtime. 
  • Brush up on your brushes: Using a bath sponge or brush is a sure-fire way to elevate your bathing experience, and these embellishments shouldn’t be overlooked as some of the most important items on your checklist, particularly if you suffer with sensitive skin. Stocking everything from loofahs to long-handled sweepers (to help reach the base of your back), we have an exfoliator to suit each penchant and preference.
  • The indispensable extras: So what about the bubbles… and no, we’re not referring to the effervescents! Champagne makes a wonderful addition to bath time, and can help to boost your mood after a hard day at the office. Be sure to cosy up in a soft robe afterwards, too. 

Saturday: A spotlight on skincare


Skin is the largest organ of the body, and it certainly deserves to be treated with the utmost care and attention, especially during the summer. If you’re prone to feeling stressed out over the bank holiday weekend, try some new pamper techniques on the Saturday, and give your skincare an overhaul. 

Skin that’s parched can feel really tight and uncomfortable throughout the day, which certainly isn’t the aim of the game here! Dehydration and dryness can often result in angry and reddened results (we’re talking flare-ups of rosacea and eczema here), leading to unwanted pimples and discolouration in the most visible of places. If you can, try to adopt a moisturising routine that can be maintained across the year, so break-outs can be kept at bay. Try our list of rejuvenating indulgences below…

  • Spoil yourself with a facial: A proper at-home facial will likely form the centrepiece of your spa-worthy session, and OnBuy’s best skincare luxuries offer pampering and performance in one. A fragrant balm face cleanser will melt away all your stresses (as well as dirt, oil, and grime) in one simple application, and can be followed by a gentle exfoliator, to ensure your face is prepped for the main event. If you have dry skin, opt for a super creamy mask that’s rich in hydrating extracts, be it plant oils, shea butter, or hyaluronic acid. This Liz Earle moisturiser is fantastic. If your skin tends to feel dull, consider a charcoal-steeped sheet mask, that can soon help to reinstate your skin’s natural radiance. 
  • Become a master of massage: If you’re looking to tackle a specific skin concern, it’s probably a good idea to start exploring the wealth of domestic facial tools and gadgets on our wide-ranging shelves. Jade rollers feel wonderful when traversed over your serum of choice, and can help to cool you down when taken fresh from the fridge, too – bonus! 
  • Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise: Try and replicate that sumptuous post-spa feeling with a rich body moisturiser, used as part of your daily routine. Clinique, Elizabeth Arden, Avon, and Garnier are perhaps the most popular brands for comprehensive care.

Sunday: Set up a spa day

spa day

Having bathed and suitably supplemented your skin, it’s now time for your dedicated spa day. Despite the absence of masseuses, a dream-worthy lounger, and an endless supply of fruit, you’ll be able to curate your very own health resort in next to no time and, best of all, there’ll be no hefty cost at the end of it! Ice-cold water and a fresh towel, madame? Oooo, yes please!

  • Set the mood: Subtle background noise can truly help you to relax into your surroundings, and place a different perspective on the rooms you recognise within your home. Silence invites your brain to fill itself with cluttered and disordered thoughts about the days ahead, so invest in a selection of calming music to keep the bedlam at bay. You don’t want anything too overpowering, so maybe explore spa melodies on a variety of online streaming services, where you should be able to find plenty of ready-made playlists to tune in (or out, should we say) to. Tracks with no fixed rhythm tend to be the most effective.
  • Quieten your mind: To keep your space as peaceful as possible, it’s best to begin unwinding with a fruit or herbal tea around half an hour before your planned treatments. Sit quietly for a while, without your phone or distractions, and maybe even give guided meditation a go. You never know… it could be your new favourite pastime! 
  • Embrace the massage, maestro: If your partner is an absolute rookie when it comes to reflexology, or you’re simply keen to try light self-manipulation, it might be worth investing in a state-of-the-art massage gun. Used to target your neck, back, and feet specifically, these electric devices are the key to nixing your niggles away. If you’re looking for that extra splash of extravagance, add some creams and lotions to the mix. 

Monday: Me time motivation

hair drops

To best combat stress before heading back to work tomorrow, spend the last day of your weekend focussing on all your favourite ‘me time’ treats, whether that be makeup planning, mindfulness, or just some well-deserved TV time. We’ve included some of our favourite Monday activities below…

  • Last-minute hair care: We often blow off a hair mask in favour of other weekly rituals and beauty plans, but we should actually be embracing the time they take to sink in. Not only will your hair thank you for the nourishment, but it will also give your mind the opportunity to switch off too. There’s a tonic for every concern, so whether your colour is fading, or you have straw-like split ends that are crying out for a hint of moisture, there’s a mask out there for you. Simply apply the treatment, grab a book, and relax. That’s it… the hard work is over!
  • Yoga exercises: Yoga can be a brilliant way to detox before the working week begins, so consider purchasing a mat, towel, and block to encourage your body into those fab-feeling positions. If your downward dog is leaving a lot to be desired, invest in some belts and straps
  • Nail care: If, like most people, you never feel fully dressed without a gorgeous set of painted nails, now is the perfect time to practise your mani-pedi skills. Start by moisturising your hands and feet, clipping and filing your nails to the desired length, then painting them with your most-loved colour and top coat (FYI, pastel lilac and mint shades are forecast to be big this season). Pens, dotting tools, and UV lamps can all be used to salon-ify your therapy.
  • Organisation: Though this may not sound like the most exciting task to complete on a day off, sometimes a reorganisation or tidy can help to order your thoughts. Throw away all the beauty products you never use, making space for new tonics and treatments.

Escape the buzz and bustle this bank holiday

lady relaxing on sofa

And there you have it: OnBuy’s top tips and self-care ideas for a thoroughly blissful break this coming bank holiday. Congratulations for reaching this milestone, by the way… we understand that six-week school holidays can be super stressful and difficult to plan (especially when you’re armed with a clan of fun-loving tots and teenagers), but you must safeguard your own sanity too, and at-home spa breaks truly are a fantastic way to reboot and recharge. In any case, you’re sure to be on top form after a spot of stillness and serenity, so your little ones will thank you in the long run too – bonus!

Should you require more information on all the peaceful products OnBuy has to offer, it’s certainly worth browsing our extensive blog and buyer’s guide resources. Packed full of handy tips, tricks, and advice on all the self-care essentials we have to offer, they’re your one-stop-shop when it comes to treating and TLC combined. Desperate to find the perfect fake tan for that sun-kissed glow this summer? Our handbook has everything you’ll need. Require some advice on current beauty trends, nail fashions, and hair dye hacks you simply must try at home? These pieces were made for you! 

We understand that the world of beauty can sometimes seem endless and daunting, particularly when you’re a nail art novice or tinting trainee. But, with our support and endless list of products, it won’t be long before you’re a dab hand at hair care and highlighters combined. Dive into our collection today, and beautify your bank holiday weekend this summer (literally!). We promise it’ll be worth every second.

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