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Baby Aspirators & Baby Decongesters

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Babies' immune systems haven't built up resistance to germs yet, so if your little one has caught their first cold - don't worry! Find something to give them relief here - we've got a range of baby aspirators and decongesters that'll have them feeling better in no time. Read More >
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About Baby Aspirators & Baby Decongesters

Getting a cold is tough on your little one - they're feeling rough and uncomfortable, and they can't do anything about it! Babies especially struggle with blocked noses because they breathe solely through their nose at first, and as they haven't yet learned to clear their own nose of mucus yet this can lead to them not sleeping properly and finding it tough to feed. 

Find your little one some relief with our range of baby aspirators and decongesters. A nasal aspirator or nasal decongester works like a mini vacuum and will draw the nasties out of your tot's nose, meaning no more stuffy noses and hopefully a peaceful night's sleep for you both! Aspirators and decongesters come in different styles, too - bulb, suction, and electric - browse our selection to find one that works for you and your little one.