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What To Buy: Everything You'll Need For Your New Home

Published 21st July 2021
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Moving into a new home can be incredibly daunting, chaotic, and all-round disastrous if you fail to prepare properly! Luckily, regardless of whether you’re a first time homeowner or you’ve just moved out of your parent’s place into rented accommodation, there’s a few new home essential items that can make upping sticks a breeze rather than a blunder - and we’re here to help!

From household necessities like scissors and batteries that always seem to slip under the radar in the midst of a packing frenzy to gizmos and gadgets that simply make the moving experience an awful lot easier, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 picks and products that you won’t want to relocate without. Featuring fuss-free slow cookers that ensure meal times are quick and easy alongside tool kits that always come in handy when you’re on the move, you’ll be pleased you paid our new home checklist a visit!

Get that fresh, new home feeling | 4pk e-Cloth General Purpose Cloths

general purpose cloths

You’ve signed on the dotted line, picked up the keys, and packed all your treasured belongings into cardboard boxes, but what if your new home isn’t quite up to your particular cleaning standards? With this 4pk of general purpose cleaning cloths, you can tackle an array of unpleasant messes including build-ups of grease, dirt, and bacteria to ensure your new home is clean and clear before you even start unloading your personal items. 

Often the excitement of owning your own home or renting a place with your pals can make you overlook the practical necessities of cleaning. However, it’s an important part of the process and is much easier to clean the area before you start moving in your belongings and covering large sections of the floor. These multi-purpose and chemical-free cleaning cloths can be used for everything from removing grease from your cooker hob to polishing mirrors - all you need is water to activate their gentle cleaning powers!

For those minor emergencies | Scan SCAFAK2 General Purpose First Aid Kit

scan first aid kit

In the midst of moving home a whole range of unfortunate accidents can occur, so it’s best to be prepared with a reassuring first aid kit! That’s right, all kinds of bumps, scrapes, and bruises can happen over a day of heavy lifting and moving delicate belongings which is why you won’t want to move home without this general purpose first aid kit from Scan

Chock-full with bandages, surgical gloves, dressings, wipes, and assorted plasters, this kit is sure to come in handy not just on moving day, but also later in life. The aforementioned first aid necessities are neatly packaged into a compact box constructed from durable polypropylene. It also comes complete with a wall hanging bracket, giving you the option to hang it in a convenient place right at your fingertips in your brand new pad! 

Turn to blackout curtains for peace & privacy | Grey Eyelet Blackout Curtains

blackout curtains

A homely touch you won’t want to forget about, the right pair of curtains or drapes can transform a house into a home in an instant. Not only do they create a cosy feeling in your new place, but blackout curtains and blinds also eliminate natural light from seeping into your home to give you a more peaceful night’s rest. Particularly important for new homes that lead directly out onto the street, blackout curtains also provide you with plenty of privacy to keep prying eyes off your living areas.

Regardless of whether you opt for ready-made options or custom blackout curtains, they can be the key to settling into your new home by introducing an element of both peace and privacy. This pair of grey eyelet blackout curtains, for example, are made from an innovative triple-weave fabric that effectively blocks out 90% of sunlight and features a common eyelet curtain header, allowing you to install them with ease using nothing more than a curtain pole. Finished in a gorgeous neutral grey tone, they fit seamlessly into any modern living space!

Let there be light | 2pk Philips E27 11W LED Light Bulbs - Warm White

philips e27 bulbs

For when you need to shed some light on your moving situation, you can't go wrong with this two pack of LED light bulbs from household name Philips. Boasting E27 (edison screw) bases, they’re one of the most common light fitting sizes alongside the B22 alternative, so they’re a great backup if you’re not sure which size or style will slip seamlessly into your new home’s light fittings. Plus, they have a wonderful warm white colour temperature which makes them ideal for installing in relaxing rooms like the living room or bedroom.

Best of all, this pack of energy-saving light bulbs uses LED technology which is much better for the environment when compared to wasteful halogen and incandescent bulbs! Indeed, LEDs use just a fraction of the energy that these traditional alternatives greedily consume to achieve the same brightness levels and they’re more cost-effective in the long run thanks to their generous lifespans! As a result, it’s well worth opting for LED lighting where possible to make your home as energy-saving and eco-friendly as possible.

Get ultra-organised | 19-Pocket Expanding A4 Organiser

file pocket organiser

Are you struggling to find the perfect place to store all your important moving documents? Look no further than this A4 organiser folder! A pragmatic choice for renters and buyers alike, this expanding organiser has 19 pockets that allow you to separate and organise a range of crucial paperwork for your new place. Regardless of whether you need a section for your contract or a compartment for your renter’s checklist, this sleek case makes the perfect moving companion.

It even boasts a convenient handle, allowing you to keep it by your side at all times - an especially useful feature if you’re always misplacing your belongings! With 19 different compartments, there’s plenty of space for other vital documents including your passport, birth certificate, bank statements and any other sensitive paperwork you want to keep close to your person. Alternatively, if you think the black design will get lost amongst your mountain of moving boxes, why not opt for a brighter, more eye-catching colour such as postbox red, vibrant green, or baby blue? The choice is yours!

Pick up an extension lead for effortless power | Masterplug 4-Gang 3m Long Extension Lead

4 gang extension lead

With so many gadgets and gizmos becoming part and parcel of a modern life, there’s no household essential that's more important than an extension lead! Giving you the ability to plug four separate electrical appliances into one outlet, this 4-gang extension lead from Masterplug comes in handy in places like the bedroom, home office, and even your living room where you’re likely to have items such as a gaming console, television, and lamp all competing for access to the nearest power socket.

This particular extension lead is manufactured to British Standards BS1363-2 for your peace of mind and can even be mounted on your wall for the utmost convenience. Regardless of whether you’re blitzing your new pad with the vacuum cleaner or plugging in your printer, you won’t want to forget this new home necessity. 

Don’t forget an essential tool kit | 82pc Hand Tool Kit

hand tool kit

No matter how careful you are when it comes to moving your items of furniture into your new digs, there’s sure to be a few bumps and scrapes along the way. Ensure you’re prepared for any DIY emergency (or disaster) with this terrifically handy tool kit! Containing 82 individual components including screwdrivers, pliers, electrical tape, and even an allen wrench, this set can save you both time and money on a range of easy fixes around your home.

From tightening a screw on your dining room table to accurately measuring areas of your home to figure out where you can position your furniture, there’s no end of common household tasks you can accomplish with a helping hand from this kit. Not to mention, once the hustle and bustle of moving home has passed, it can be used for all kinds of useful applications including home maintenance purposes or even crafting!

Other DIY new home essentials such as compact step ladders, electric drills, and hammers can make hanging a family picture or simply changing a lightbulb an effortless household task. Plus, the attractive price tag on this comprehensive tool kit set doesn’t hurt either, so why not save yourself some money and opt for a convenient and practical tool set in time for the big move?

Snap up a slow cooker for stress-free meals | Swan 200W Purple 3.5L Retro Slow Cooker

swan slow cooker 3.5l

Is there anything more frustrating than trying to whip up a delicious meal with half your cooking equipment unattainably packed away under piles of moving boxes? We don’t think so! Thankfully, investing in a slow cooker is an easy solution that’ll not only require minimal cooking appliances and utensils, but will also save time that’s normally spent slaving away in the kitchen, allowing you to concentrate on bringing order to your new home.

This contemporary slow cooker creation from household appliance behemoth Swan, for example, has a generous 3.5L capacity and three different settings (low, high, and auto) to gently cook a variety of slow cooker meals without burning or overcooking the mouth-watering ingredients within. Suitable for baking as well as producing delectable dinner dishes like stews, soups, curries, and tender joints of meat, a slow cooker takes the pressure off dinner times as it requires both minimal meal time prep and attention throughout the day.

Stock up on those bathroom essentials | 45pk Little Duck So Soft 3 Ply White Toilet Roll - 5x9 Rolls

little duck toilet roll

How could we neglect to include the ultimate bathroom essential on our new home checklist? An item that many a first-time university student has forgotten to take with them, toilet paper is perhaps one of the most important items you’ll want in your new digs. This huge pack of toilet paper from Little Duck boasts five separate packs each including nine toilet rolls - giving you a grand total of 45 toilet rolls for a wonderfully affordable price!

However, these aren’t any old toilet rolls - oh no! The luxurious 3-ply structure (meaning there are three layers of paper) is sumptuously soft against your intimate areas to ensure you feel clean, comfortable, and refreshed after every bathroom break. A vital yet often overlooked home essential, you really can’t go wrong with this value pack of toilet paper. 

Solidify your entertainment options | LG BP350 Black Blu-Ray & DVD Player

lg blu ray player

When moving into a new pad, it can sometimes take weeks to schedule a suitable appointment for your TV and/or internet provider to get your devices up and running online. To prevent frustration or boredom setting in while you wait, we recommend snapping up an entertainment system that doesn’t rely on an internet connection. Indeed, whether you opt for a DVD player or a handheld gaming console, there’s a wide variety of gadgets that can function just fine without Wi-Fi.

One of our favourite entertainment solutions is the LG BP350 Black Blu-Ray and DVD Player which allows you to watch your favourite Blu-Ray movies and TV series in incredible HD detail. Boasting user-friendly controls and a sleek and elegant exterior, this contemporary DVD player provides you with endless entertainment options - all that’s left to do is to top up your current CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray collections!

Best of all, once your Wi-Fi signal is finally set up, you can wirelessly connect this fantastic LG creation to multi-room speakers, giving you the ability to enjoy stunning CD and USB audio all throughout your new home. Plus, a DVD player (just like this attractive model!) is great for entertaining the whole family at once - especially little ones - allowing you to unpack in peace as they watch their favourite characters on screen.

Remember to keep your cool!

lady smelling candle to stay calm

Moving home is often considered to be one of the most stressful moments of your life, so it’s vital that you take some time away from the action to centre yourself and adopt a calm attitude. The right activity will depend on your personality and time constraints, but we recommend taking plenty of tea breaks, deep breathing, and chatting with a friend or family member to take your mind off the demanding task of furnishing your new home. 

If you haven’t yet made the big move, be sure to check out our prepping and packing tips beforehand to make the whole process even smoother. With these resources and our vast selection of homeware must-haves at your disposal, getting ready for your upcoming relocation date needn’t be difficult. Buckle up, your new and exciting adventure awaits! 

The information in this blog is correct at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.

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