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How to save cash on (almost) everything this Christmas!

Published 31st October 2022
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Christmas is great, but pinching pennies in January is no one's idea of fun... Don't worry, though - we're here to help you rein(deer) in your spending!

With advice on key shopping dates, energy-saving swaps and more, these tips will help you cut costs on almost everything this festive season - from the run-up to the big day and beyond! 

Woman with shopping bags during Christmas

How to save money on Christmas gifts

Ahh, presents - we love to give them and get them, but the cost? That's something none of us likes!

When it comes to gifts, knowing how, when and where to find the best deals is the key to saving money, and here's how you do it:

  1. 1. Take The 'No Spend Weekend' Challenge

    It's so easy to spend money at the weekend - a coffee here, a takeaway there... it all adds up! From now until the big day, set aside some time to do the 'No Spend' challenge, and instead of forking out, make the most of free activities. You'll be surprised at how much you can save!
  2. 2. Don't Leave It To The Last Minute!

    Prices often spike in the run-up to Christmas, so try to get in there before they do! You don't need to be a September shopper to find the best deals - in fact, there's one big day coming up that you'll want to mark on your calendars...
  3. 3. Get Your Gifts On Black Friday

    Black Friday is one of the biggest sales days of the year, and it just so happens to be right before December. Kicking off on the last Friday of November, you're sure to find amazing deals on the most popular tech, toys and more!

Keen to avoid the Black Friday madness? Find amazing products from the comfort of your sofa with OnBuy! Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming deals - you won't want to miss out!

  1. 4. Sign Up To Our Emails

    Every week, we send emails to our subscribers with access to the hottest products, deals, and a few extra surprises, to help you find all the things you want at prices you'll love!

Head to our Popular Products page to sign up! Finding gifts as special as they are has never been easier!

Yummy leftovers

How to save on Christmas food

Arguably one of the best (yet most expensive!) parts of Christmas, food and drink are a real highlight over the festive period. But grazing on all that grub can add up very quickly!

Don't worry, though! You can still enjoy your favourites while cutting costs with these simple tips:

  1. 1. Shop Online And Compare Prices

    Shopping in-store around Christmas time is super tempting, but don't give in! Instead, make a list, check it twice(!), then see what you can find online. Not only will you be able to compare prices, you can also buy in bulk and save money, too!
  1. 2. Share The Load

    Save on the Christmas Day food spend by asking your guests to bring some dishes of their own. Whether it's veggies, a pud or the main event itself, sharing the load will really help to put your mind (and purse) at rest this year.
  2. 3. Make The Most Of Your Leftovers

    The best part of hosting is being able to scoff all the leftovers, and you can bet there'll be LOADS to get through. Store everything properly to keep it fresher for longer, whip up a Boxing Day feast, or freeze it in time for New Year. Delicious!
Person counting coins as they budget

How to save on your energy bills

If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that Christmas = cost. That cash has to come from somewhere, and with rising energy prices, it's harder than ever to save... but not impossible! 

By making a few simple changes, you can easily slash your bills. Here's how:

  1. 1. Put Food Colouring In Your Toilet

    Okay, hear us out... Leaky loos are secret money snatchers that can hike your water bills up to over £6,000 a year, if not fixed! To find out if your toilet is a culprit, pop a few drops of food colouring into the cistern and leave it for a few hours, without flushing. If the water in the pan changes colour, it's time to get someone out to fix it... but don't worry, many water companies will do this for free!
  2. 2. Switch Off Energy Vampires

    There's nothing supernatural about these suckers - they're electric devices that drain power, even when they're not being used! Switch them off or unplug them, and you could save hundreds on your energy bills each year. Here are the top vampire appliances you should hunt out:
  • A Hi-Fi system on standby can cost up to £73 per year
  • A streaming box on standby can cost up to £73 per year
  • A laptop charger (not in use) can cost up to £60 per year
    1. 3. Say 'Bye' To Your Boiler

      Did you know that turning your thermostat down by just 1°C can save you around £100 a year? That's a huge saving! So, instead of running up your heating bill every time you feel chilly, try these low-cost swaps:
    Schallen Deluxe Heated Blanket
    Electric Blankets

    Nothing says 'Christmas' like snuggling up under a blanket, especially when there's a feel-good festive movie on the go. With an electric model, not only will you keep nice and toasty, you'll save money on your energy bills, too! 

    Trespass hot water bottle
    Hot Water Bottles

    From tucking into bed to chilling on the sofa, a hot water bottle can help to warm you up almost instantly. Cheap to buy and even cheaper to heat (about 6p for a full kettle), they're great for cutting costs. 

    Warmies sloth hand warmer

    Hand Warmers

    Our hands are often first to feel the cold, so grab a reusable hand warmer to fight the chill from its source! Choose from rechargeable electric models or microwaveable alternatives for an affordable way to stay warm. 

    Senna oversized hoodie

    Oversized Blanket Hoodies

    Definitely worth the hype, hooded blankets are ultra-cosy, super-soft and seriously snug! Warm enough as a layer on their own, or great over PJs, they'll keep you toasty without the thermostat!

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