In need of some small bedroom tips?

Those who have had a small bedroom will know the struggle of decorating a tiny space. You'll be glad to know that OnBuy have devised a list of 7 small bedroom tips to help you create a trendy bedroom that is optimised for space and comfort!

A Limited Colour Palette Is Essential

If you have a small bedroom, it's advised that you stick to a small and similar range of colours. For example, if you want a quirky room - why not go with a few shades of yellow and maybe orange. Just make sure the colours that you choose are few and complement each other's tones. Obviously. pick colours that you like - this is your space, after all!

In order to make your small room look bigger and brighter, neutral shades are highly recommended. Painting your walls white is a small bedroom idea that will make all the difference to your room's interior!

A Limited Colour Palette

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Let The Light In

If you want your small bedroom to look its best - let the light in. Natural light is needed in any room, especially in smaller ones as it makes them look fresher and less cramped. So, open those curtains or blinds and let the sun seep through! This is one of the most common small bedroom tips that all interior designers preach.

Add some cute fairy lights around your room so that light is available in all corners, making it look bigger and brighter. You could also opt for a tall light that doesn't take up much space but still adds some character to your sleeping space.

Let The Light In

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A Bold Staple Item

Incorporate a bold staple item in your small bedroom to make your small room pop. The focal point of your room will be the bold staple item, drawing your attention to that and not to the lack of space. An example of a small bedroom staple item could be a yellow pillow or a dark red duvet set. This step will work wonders for your small bedroom, especially if you've chosen a more neutral colour palette for your room, resulting in the bold item positively contrasting the base colours.

A Bold Item


Give your Room Some Length

One of the most important little bedroom tips, is to concentrate on making the room look taller (which will consequently make it look larger, just not in width.) There are a few ways you can create the illusion or draw attention to the height of your room.

Decorate a box room and make it look taller by adding a tall plant (such as a parlour palm) into the space. Not only with the tall plant elongate your room, but it will also brighten it and improve your mood.

Another small bedroom idea for making your bedroom look taller is to mount an image or painting, high up on your wall - making your space look much taller.

Also, due to your room's natural lack of space, you should take advantage of the space that you do have by putting storage higher up, like with this simple but stylish mounted storage shelf with baskets.

Simple And Minimal

When decorating and organising a smaller bedroom, you should keep it minimal. Building up clutter and hoarding items will not create the illusion that your room is bigger - on the contrary, your living space will look less fresh, breezy and spacious.

Clear out all clutter and items that don't need to be on show. Use storage space instead of having too many visible objects in your room. Keep things that only 'spark joy' - Marie Kondo's infamous mantra that certainly works!

Another key small bedroom suggestion is to purchase a bed with inbuilt storage. A sleeping alternative, for your small bedroom, is a sofa bed that can be pulled out when sleeping and serve as a sofa during the day. This creates a minimalist atmosphere because there is less furniture taking up your precious space as the sofa bed serves as a 2-in-1 item!

Simple And Minimal

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Save More Space

Another clever tiny room idea is to mount shelves and workstations to the wall. The shelves will enable you to display books and picture frames on them. Due to the shelves being high up, they will not take up any floor space compared to having a side table or a chest of drawers.

If you do need to take up floor space to store more items, why not opt for a corner display rack that will take a minimal amount of space from your room and make use of the corners in your room that are often neglected.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Our last essential tip when decorating a small room, is to include a long mirror. A mirror will create the impression that your room looks much larger than it actually is. It adds a necessary dimension to smaller rooms, especially if you position your mirror at the right angle for optimal results. We recommend that you place the mirror near your bedroom window to reflect the outdoors which will form a more open feel and reflect the natural light into your space.