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Genius heatwave hacks you'll wish you knew sooner!

Published 12th July 2022
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Tired of sticky, sleepless nights? Looking for ways to keep cool that actually work?

Don't sweat it - try these quick, easy and even cost-effective tips to beat the heat this summer! 

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Want to make your fan work even better?

With these simple tricks, it's a breeze

  1. Create your own air-con with ice
  2. Fill a bowl with ice and place it in front of your fan. As the ice melts, the fan will blow cooler air toward you. Cheaper than an AC unit and just as effective - perfect!

  3. Position your fan in front of an open window
  4. By doing this, your fan will circulate new, cooler air around the room, helping to keep the temperature down.

  5. Make a fan fort
  6. Our personal fave! Get inside a duvet cover, position your fan so it’s facing the opening and turn it on full whack. The cover will expand as air rushes in, creating your own cave of cool!

light duvet cover colour

Too hot to sleep?

It's time for a sheet swap! 

Check out these tips for choosing the best summer bedding:

  1. Switch to a low-tog duvet
  2. The lower the tog, the less insulating it is, so look for a summer duvet with a tog rating of 4.5 or less to keep cool at night.

  3. Ditch the dark duvet cover
  4. Light bedding will reflect sunlight during the day, leaving your bed cool and comfortable at night. White, beige and cream are all classic options, but if pops of colour are more your thing, give pastels a go!

  5. Choose the right materials
  6. For summer bedding, we recommend cotton duvet covers - especially moisture-wicking Egyptian cotton. Soft and snuggly yet light and breathable, it has everything you need for a great night’s sleep.

  7. Throw off those bed accessories
  8. As good as they look, accessories like throws can trap a lot of heat - something none of us needs help with right now!

  9. Try a cooling pad
  10. Slot one into your pillowcase for that cold-side-of-the-pillow feeling all night long!

Need to cool down fastMist your sheets with some water, pop them in a plastic bag and seal tight. Stick that in the freezer and take them out just before you go to bed. Seriously... It's a game-changer! 
lady installing LED light bulb

Hot home got you in a sweat?

With just a few simple changes, you can keep cool and even save on your energy bills!

Here are some of our favourite home swaps for summer:

  1. Go green with LED light bulbs
  2. Not only do LED bulbs create less heat than halogen, but they’re also more energy-efficient. A simple swap that can save you money – nice!

  3. Replace your artificial plants with real ones
  4. During transpiration (when plants ‘sweat’), moisture is evaporated, taking some of the heat with it. Fill your home with indoor plants, and enjoy an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to keep your home cool!

  5. Switch to blackout blinds
  6. Blackout blinds can reduce the amount of heat transfer from your windows by as much as 24%! For best results, shut your blinds and windows when the sun is at its highest point and keep them closed until night.

  7. Don’t use the oven; get outdoors instead!
  8. Using your oven is only going to make your home hotter, so why not take advantage of the sunshine with a BBQ? Bangers and BBQ accessories at the ready!

    Feelin' hot, hot, hot?

    From personal desk fans to paddling pools, find everything you need to keep cool all summer long - at prices that won't make you sweat! 

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